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Friday, December 28, 2012

SMI Air Force One Brake System

Air Force One Brake System
The SMI Air Force One Brake System is a major advancement in towed vehicle proportional braking technology.  With its user friendly features and ability to fit every towed vehicle without modification, the Air force one brake system has become the smallest, most effective braking system available on the market today.

Since the SMI Air Force One operating unit is installed under the hood and a small actuator is mounted on the brake pedal arm of the towed vehicle, the device stays out of the way. Attach the coiled air hose and vehicle lighting cable between the RV and the towed vehicle and you are ready to tow.  There is no set up and no adjusting necessary. The SMI AFO allows your towed vehicle to brake as naturally as if it were being driven.

Using the RV’s air brake supply creates proportionate braking for your towed vehicle, which is more ideal than progressive braking. Air Force One works on uneven ground as well as inclines. Using your RV's brakes will activate the brakes for your towed vehicle. Progressive braking is activated when it senses your vehicle slowing down.

The SMI Air Force One Brake is the only system that offers and includes coach protection for the air supply in the event of separation. With Total Coach Protection, the coach’s air supply is sealed off to allow the coach to stop normally. At the same time the coach is protected, the breakaway system on the car activates the towed-vehicle’s brakes.

Air Force One also includes a coach notification light. This light is activated directly by the towed’s brake-light switch. Any time the brakes are applied in the towed vehicle, the light is on and can be seen in the backup camera monitor.

For more information on the Air Force One Brake System, Click Here

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