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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Motorhome Accessories You May Need to Cook While Traveling

Whether you use your motor home for an occasional weekend trip or you spend the majority of your time traveling in it, you still have to eat three meals a day. Eating out is okay occasionally, but doing it too often can kill your budget in a hurry. It can also have a long-term effect on your health that could keep you from traveling as much as you would like. A better solution is to find motor home accessories for your kitchen that allow you to eat homemade meals as often as possible.
Popular Kitchen Products for Motor homes

Pancakes are an easy meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that everyone seems to like. However, making them usually requires a large mixing bowl that you may not have space for while traveling. You can simplify the job with a pancake batter dispenser that is small enough to hold in your hand. Another bonus is that the dispenser automatically measures the right amount of batter so you don't end up with pancakes that are too thick or too thin.
Everybody needs their vegetables, but when in a small camper or RV, steaming them on the stove top can make it very humid and uncomfortable inside. The Jobar Microwave Steamer allows you to steam them in your microwave, which is also faster. This product can also be used to steam shellfish and much more.
A microwave pressure cooker allows you to lock in the natural flavor of your food with the convenience of faster cooking. Since it holds up to 10 cups, you can prepare a meal for your entire family and then have more time to sit down and enjoy it.
RVupgrades.com carries a complete line of kitchen accessories for your motorhome. Please contact us to learn more about our products and competitive pricing. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

RV Central Vacuum Systems keep your Vehicle in Tip-Top Shape

The carpet inside your RV needs vacuumed on a regular basis; however, until now it was quite a cumbersome chore to do this. Today, RV central vacuum systems make it easier than ever to keep your recreational vehicle clean, and here are some reasons why you should consider installing one.
Take up less space
Perhaps the biggest reason for installing a central vacuum system is the fact that they take up very little space. You’ll be able to ditch your upright vacuum cleaner and use the storage space for other items that are more important.
Fast Clean Up
With a central vacuum system you will never have to wait to clean up messes, until you get home from your trip. If someone tracks mud or dirt you can vacuum it up right on the spot or if you spilled something in the kitchen, sweep it up.  
Keeps Allergies at Bay
When traveling, you may find that certain areas have more pollen than others, which means you will need to vacuum more frequently in order to keep your allergies at bay. If you travel with pets, you’ll find this vacuum especially handy, since you can sweep up dog and cat hair easily. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip more as well.
Fit any Size Motor Home
No matter how big or small your RV is, the Dirt Devil CV1500 central vacuum system will work perfectly for inside your RV. These units are also easy to install, and can be expected to last for many years once they are purchased. We also carry all the replacement parts for the system. Contact us today if you have any questions about a RV Central Vacuum System.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Motorhome Supplies For Efficient Cleaning

As the temperatures start to warm up and your children begin the countdown until summer vacation, its time to start preparing your RV, motorhome or camper for a summer on the open road.
Without fail, every May when it is time to spring clean your motorhome, you begin to kick yourself for not leaving it in more pristine shape after your last trip.
It is much easier to clean as you go and keep things in great shape, when you add a few essential cleaning and care items to the motor home supplies you keep your camper, RV or motor home stocked with as you travel. 
You want to be sure that any cleaning supplies you use inside your motor home are safe for the fabrics and interior. This fabric and vinyl cleaner will help you clean up little spills, smudges and stains as you travel and you won't have to worry if it will damage the vinyl, rubber, plastic or fabric surfaces inside your motor home.
Consider using a fabric guard for your outdoor furniture and awnings. Fabric guard will create a stain resistant barrier that will cut down on your cleaning time. You can even use it on your carpets.
Another great investment to make sure you spend more time enjoying your motor home than you do cleaning it, is a cover that will protect your motor home while you're not using it or while it is stored away for the winter.
We carry many different cleaners for every mess you need to clean up in your RV. For more information on all of the supplies and accessories that will make your next road trip spectacular, browse our site and if you have any questions, please contact us.   

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Extra Ways to Power Your Vehicle with RV Accessories

Regardless of whether you’re planning on adventuring over the winter or planning for adventures for the summer, it’s a good idea to check out some RV accessories you could use for getting power on the road easier. Here are a couple of ideas. 
RV Solar Kit
A good solar kit suitable for an RV will have a solar panel for starters. Ideally, it should be capable of helping to provide energy for your 12 volt battery. The kit should be lightweight and small in size so you can easily fit it wherever you want to in your vehicle, and move it around as needed.
It also helps if the kit you get also comes with adapters for using it with 6 volt batteries as well as a USB adapter so you can hook it up to any type of device that uses a USB port such as a phone or tablet.
Chances are good that you’ll be heading to sunny locales with your RV, so a solar kit is going to go a long way to making your power needs easier when you’re on the move. Check out our Zamp Solar Products that have everything you need to power your RV. 
Portable Generators
Another good way to get electricity to where it needs to go on a much bigger scale is with an inverter generator. The amount you need will depend on what you’re running in your RV, but a 1000 watt generator can often help power devices such as computers, TVs and audio devices. We carry a wide selection with different sizes and wattage. 
For more information about getting energy for your RV, please feel free to contact us today.