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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hitting the Road with Two Wheels: Choosing the Right RV Bike Carrier


Right RV Bike Carrier

For many RV enthusiasts, adventure doesn't stop at the campsite. Exploring new destinations often takes them beyond the reach of their four-wheeled home, where bicycles become trusty and critical companions. But how do you bring your bikes along for the ride?

RV bike carriers offer the perfect solution, allowing you to seamlessly integrate cycling adventures into your RV travels. However, with various mounting options available, choosing the right RV bike carrier can feel a little overwhelming. This guide delves into the three most popular mounting options – hitch-mounted, bumper-mounted, and ladder-mounted carriers – helping you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Hitch-Mounted RV Bike Carriers: The All-Around Champion

Hitch-mounted RV bike carriers are widely considered the most popular and versatile option. They attach directly to your RV's receiver hitch, offering several advantages:

  • High weight capacity: Hitch-mounted carriers typically boast the highest weight capacity, easily accommodating multiple bikes, including heavier e-bikes.
  • Stability and security: Mounted directly to the frame, they offer excellent stability and security, minimizing swaying or bouncing during travel.
  • Variety of styles and features: Available in various styles (platform, hanging), they cater to different needs. Some even offer features like tilting mechanisms for easy bike loading and unloading.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Hitch requirement: Ensure your RV has a compatible hitch and sufficient weight capacity to handle the carrier and bikes.
  • Potential ground clearance issues: Depending on the carrier and hitch height, ground clearance might be reduced, requiring caution on uneven terrain.
  • Installation: While generally straightforward, hitch installation might require additional tools or professional assistance.

Example: Imagine exploring picturesque coastal roads with your family. A hitch-mounted platform carrier would be a great choice, allowing you to securely transport multiple bikes and enjoy scenic coastal bike rides together.

Bumper-Mounted RV Bike Carriers: Convenience with Cautions

Bumper-mounted RV bike carriers attach directly to the RV's bumper, offering a seemingly convenient solution. However, they come with some limitations:

  • Lower weight capacity: Compared to hitch-mounted options, bumper-mounted carriers typically have a lower weight capacity, limiting them to lighter bikes.
  • Potential for RV damage: Improper installation or exceeding the weight limit can damage the RV's bumper.
  • Limited bike access: Loading and unloading bikes might be more challenging due to the carrier's position closer to the ground.

Example: If you're an occasional cyclist looking to carry a single lightweight bike for short, casual rides, a bumper-mounted carrier might suffice. However, it's crucial to ensure it's compatible with your RV's bumper and weight capacity.

Ladder-Mounted RV Bike Carriers: A Space-Saving Option

Ladder-mounted RV bike carriers attach directly to the RV's ladder, offering a space-saving solution for smaller RVs or those with limited storage options. However, they also have significant drawbacks:

  • Limited weight capacity: Similar to bumper-mounted options, they have a lower weight capacity, generally suitable for only one or two lightweight bikes.
  • Stability concerns: These carriers are often less stable than other options, especially when carrying multiple bikes or heavier bikes.
  • Potential ladder damage: Exceeding the weight limit or encountering rough roads can damage the RV's ladder.

Example: If you have a small RV with limited storage space and only plan to occasionally carry a single lightweight bike, a ladder-mounted carrier might be an option. However, use caution and ensure it's compatible with your RV's ladder and weight capacity.

Choosing the Perfect RV Bike Carrier

Ultimately, the ideal RV bike carrier depends on several factors:

  • Number and type of bikes: Consider the number of bikes you'll be carrying and their weight. Opt for a carrier with sufficient capacity.
  • RV type and features: Ensure the carrier is compatible with your RV's hitch or ladder and doesn't obstruct any essential features.
  • Your budget and desired features: Explore different options within your budget and consider features like ease of use, tilting mechanisms, and security features.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose the RV bike carrier that perfectly complements your RV and cycling adventures, allowing you to explore new destinations on two wheels and create lasting memories on your journey.

Enjoy Your RV Adventures with Top-of-the-Line Bike Carriers

Now that you have a clear understanding of different mounting options and crucial factors to consider, let's explore two specific RV bike carriers we have available here at RVupgrades:

Versatile and Expandable:

1. Let's Go Aero B00390 V-Lectric FAT PRO Two E-Bike Slideout Hitch Mount V-Rack:

This feature-packed hitch-mounted carrier from Let's Go Aero is ideal for RV enthusiasts who use e-bikes or a combination of regular and e-bikes. Here's why it stands out:

  • Versatile and Expandable: The V-Lectric PRO 3.0 accommodates a range of standard bikes and non-bulky e-bikes, thanks to its BlockHead™ quick-release adjustable wheel cradles. It's even expandable to carry up to four bikes with additional accessories.
  • RV Friendly: This carrier is approved for RV trailer use and features a sliding mechanism for easy access to rear hatches and Sprinter RV van doors.
  • Durable and Secure: Built with a heavy-duty TwinTube hitch platform and including two locks, this carrier ensures your bikes remain safe and secure during your travels.
  • Accommodates Various Bikes: The V-Lectric PRO 3.0 can handle bikes up to 72 inches in length with tires up to 4 inches wide.
Versatile and Expandable:

2. Swagman 80605 2 Position Bike Carrier, RV Bumper Platform:

For RV owners with limited space or who primarily use standard bikes, the Swagman 80605 is a bumper-mounted option worth considering:

  • Simple and Affordable: This easy-to-use and install carrier offers a budget-friendly solution for carrying up to two bikes or even extra gear on the corrosion-resistant rack.
  • Versatile and Supportive: The tire rails accommodate various bike sizes, while upright bars provide additional stability.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Swagman's limited lifetime warranty.

Both the Let's Go Aero V-Lectric and the Swagman RV Bumper Carrier are excellent options, but the ideal choice for you depends on your specific needs.

If heavy-duty construction, e-bike compatibility, and a slide-out feature are priorities, the Let's Go Aero V-Lectric might be the perfect fit. If you're looking for a simple, budget-friendly, and versatile option for regular bikes, the Swagman RV Bumper Carrier could be your perfect match.

Hit the Road with the Perfect RV Bike Carrier

At RVupgrades, we understand the importance of having the right equipment for your RV adventures. We offer a wide selection of RV bike carriers in various styles, capacities, and mounting options. Check out our catalog here on our website, and take the next step in your outdoor adventures.