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Friday, November 11, 2022

The Simplified Buyer's Guide to Trailer Tongue Jacks

Imagine you and your family are all packed up and ready to hit the road in your cargo trailer camper. A trailer hitch has been installed on the back of your pickup, so you believe you are prepared to begin towing the camper.

Your plans are derailed when you realize you don't know how to raise the trailer so its connector can attach to the hitch of your truck. A smaller trailer could be manageable to hoist by oneself, but a cargo trailer camper is another story. You'll have to jack it over the trailer hitch since you can't raise it.

A tongue jack is useful for this purpose. Because most vehicles' standard jacks aren't strong enough to support the weight of a camper, this piece of towing gear is essential.

It is necessary to utilize trailer tongue jacks to lift and steady a trailer before it can be hitched to a vehicle. It's just one of the many hitch add-ons that can make towing a breeze.

Tongue jacks are designed to fit onto the trailer's tongue, the protruding front beam that links the trailer to the towing vehicle. Jacks have metal bases or wheels and are fastened to the beam from which they extend.

Essentially, each trailer tongue jack in our stock has a crank that engages internal gears and extends from a metal cylinder. The trailer is lifted off the ground by the shaft so that it may be safely connected to the tow truck.

How to Hook Up and Disengage a Trailer Camper to Your Truck

When hooking up or detaching your trailer, your first concern should always be for your safety. You should always pay extra close attention when hitching. You might ruin your trailer beyond repair if you mess up. If you do it well, you won't have to worry about anything as you move forward.

How To Hook It Up

In order to begin hitching your vehicles together, you must first make sure the hitch lock has been removed, if present. Then, you may use the Trailer Tongue Jack to raise the front of the trailer by positioning the receiver latch in the vertical open position.   If the trailer shifts while being hoisted, the hoisting must be halted and the wheel chocks examined.

The next step is to have the camper trailer and tow vehicle properly lined up, insert the locking pin, and then lock it.

Before you can secure your hitch ball within the receiver and close the receiver latch, your travel trailer must be lowered. When you're done, you may take out the jack blocks and lower the jack.

Before you hit the road, hook up the trailer's brake and light wires so your car can communicate with the trailer. Once you've done that, you may disconnect the wheel chocks and attach the safety chains.

Techniques for Disengaging

Ensure that the wheel chocks are securely fastened to the travel trailer's sides. Make sure the Trailer Tongue Jack is set up on level ground before you attempt to use it again. Use the jack to return the trailer's front end to an elevated position.

It is necessary to disconnect the emergency brake controller, safety chains, and brake cable.

The next step is to lower the trailer until you know it is resting partially on the vehicle pulling it. After that, you may free the hitch ball by lifting the ball receiver latch. If your trailer isn't sitting flush on the hitch ball, you'll need to use your tongue jack to get it off the ground.

After releasing your trailer camper, move your towing car ahead and raise the trailer using the trailer jack to level it off.

RVUpgrades' Best Trailer Tongue Jacks

Suspension Pro SP3500 Electric Trailer Tongue Jack

Towing a trailer requires a strong tongue jack, so be sure to keep one in your trunk. It's great to know that Suspension Pro is available to make it possible to hitch a trailer of any size to a truck without requiring a gang of helpers.

When it comes to attaching trailers of modest weight, our Suspension Pro SP3500 Electric Tongue Jack is ideal. High-strength, self-lubricating drive screws and nuts, powered by an electric motor, provide trouble-free operation.

The SP3500 Electric Tongue Jack is a sturdy piece of equipment that provides consumers with a stress-free hitching experience. It can survive in any climate thanks to its weatherproof and UV-resistant coating. This means you can put your worries regarding storage space to rest.

Bulldog 500200 Powered A-Frame Trailer Tongue Jack

No one ever wants their camper to roll away while they're boondocking. When not in use, the Bulldog Powered A-Frame Trailer Jack will keep your receiver-style trailer firmly planted on the ground.

This electric trailer jack has a 4,000-pound lifting capability and may be utilized for both commercial and agricultural purposes. There is a manual override and a crank in case the power goes out, so the jack may still be used.

.We have a great selection of high-quality trailer tongue jacks available right here in our store, as well as all of the other tools and accessories you need for a successful trip in your RV. Take a look around and you will see why we are the go-to place online for RV supplies!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Most Unique RV Parks in the US to Visit


bike carriers

RVing has become more and more popular over the past few years as an increase in couples, families, and solo travelers have been craving adventure and an escape. We all know the lifestyle RVs provide, allowing a lot more freedom than the usual city apartment or house in the suburbs. You are free to explore the country without hesitation, which means you may want to start looking for unique RV parks to visit across the United States.

There are a ton of RV parks out there, but some are more unique than others. Take a look at some of these one-of-a-kind RV parks before planning your next adventure.

The Most Unique RV Parks in the United States

RV parks are often quite simple — they provide you with a plot of land and amenities, allowing you to enjoy the simplicity and peacefulness of nature or spend time socializing with other RV travelers around you. But some RV parks are not satisfied just being a place to stay. These are RV parks that want to provide you with a bit extra, making it a unique experience like no other.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park

bike carriers

This kid-friendly RV park is perfect for families looking for a special experience. There are 79 Jellystone Park campgrounds located in 30 states, so you’re bound to find one that meets your travel needs. So what makes this RV park stand out? This vibrant and colorful park is also home to a bunch of attractions and entertainment, essentially becoming a private water park and campground for RVers. You’ll find obstacle courses, playgrounds, water slides, and ongoing activities like laser tag and scavenger hunts.

On top of all the entertainment, this campground is highly convenient. Everything you’d ever need is available in the park, most of it at a general store. This includes groceries, camping gear, ice, alcohol, propane, and RV parts. There are also laundry facilities, showers, cable TV, WiFi, and anything else you’d need to be comfortable.

Cherry Hill Park

Located in College Park, this RV park is all about convenience to Washington DC — it’s only 12 miles or so from the National Mall. Cherry Hill Park even has its own bus that you can book for a tour so you won’t even have to drive yourself to the city. If you’re looking to check out museums, historical landmarks, and iconic monuments in the nation’s capital, this is the RV park for you.

But even if you’re not in Washington DC, there’s a lot to do right at the RV park! This area is perfect for outdoorsy people. It has over 40 miles of biking and hiking trails — so make sure you have bike carriers installed on your RV! There is also a fishing pond, outdoor fitness area, a pool, a playground for kids, and more. This creates the perfect balance between city exploring and outdoor recreation, making Cherry Hill Park one of the best RV parks in the DC area.

Dark Sky Campground

bike carriers

This RV park is an oasis in the middle of the Utah desert, creating a unique experience for RV travelers that want a change in scenery. Camping in the desert gives you a stunning landscape full of red rocks and clear, starry skies that will take your breath away. This campground is spread far apart, giving your RV plenty of space so you can enjoy the peacefulness of isolation while also being part of a community of campers.

Dark Sky Campground may be in the middle of the desert but there’s still plenty to do. There’s a zipline, a water bar, and plenty of space for four-wheeling. Drive up with RV bike carriers equipped so you can take your dirt bike off road as well! If you are willing to take a drive, you can drive an hour or two to get to the Grand Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, and Zion National Park.

If you go to this RV park during certain times of the year, you can experience an abundance of exciting events:

  • July 4th Celebration
  • Kanab Music Festival
  • Pioneer Day Fireworks
  • Hammerfest
  • Marathon
  • Western Legends Heritage
  • Kane County Fair
  • Sighthound Shivoo
  • Wheels up Kanab (Kanab Xgames)
  • Halloween event and Trunk or Treat
  • K-Town Turkey Trot 5K
  • Christmas Light Parade
  • Polar Express Experience

Ingalls Homestead

This RV park will have you feeling immersed in history away from modern day things. It can be hard to snag an RV site here so definitely book ahead of time. But you can also rent a covered wagon, bunkhouse, or tent camp on the open prairie. You’ll definitely feel like you’re in the 1800s when you go on a covered wagon ride, take hay twisting lessons, build old-school dolls, and drive a pony cart.

Located in South Dakota, this charming RV park is like traveling back in time. You can even wash clothes on a washboard or make a jump rope. But it’s not all old-school here. You can also enjoy a pool, hot tub, dog park, and yes — an actual laundry facility if you don’t want to use the washboard.

Miami Everglades

bike carriers

This resort-like RV park is the perfect getaway for older people that want an escape from, well, everything. Miami Beach is just 30 minutes away but there’s plenty of activities at the resort itself. All the RV pads are close together so you’ll feel like you’re in a fun, festive community but you may want a bike to get around to the rest of the park, since it’s a little far away. We have a collection of bike racks and carriers that will make it easy to bring multiple bicycles with you, making the trip as luxurious, fun, and relaxing as possible.

So where can you bike to? There’s a ton of activities all around the resort to check out! There’s an 18-hole mini golf course, shuffleboarding, volleyball, horseshoes, pickleball, quilting, music, ping pong, bingo, movie nights, potlucks, and card nights. There’s even daily exercise in the clubhouse, water aerobics, happy hour on the pool’s deck, and a relaxing, flat biking trail.

Did you enjoy our suggestions? If you’re ready to head out on an excursion to one of these sites, make sure you come prepared. Browse our online store for everything you need, from essential RV accessories, to appliances, hitches, jacks, and more.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

FAQs Regarding the Use of RV Slide-Out Stabilizing Jacks

slide-out stabilizer jacks

We are huge fans of RVs with slide-outs. An RV with a slide out, also called a slide, can provide you with additional usable space inside.

They may be found in almost every sort of recreational vehicle on the market today, from motorhomes to campers to fifth wheels to cargo movers. RV slides weren't present in the early motorhomes, but nowadays they're an expected amenity for most campers.

But slide-outs don't always appear to be as safe as they should be. If your RV doesn't look like it can support the added weight of a slide-out, you can always purchase one of our slide-out stabilizer jacks to make things more stable.

How Do RV Stabilizing Jacks Work?

RV slide-out jacks are meant to provide extra support and safety when your slides are completely extended. In cases where the space is used regularly or where a lot of equipment is kept, these can be absolute lifesavers. Once these lovely additions are put in place, there will be no more jiggling or shaking.

Indeed, many travelers consider a slide-out to be among the finest amenities available for their motorhomes. It's hard to overstate the importance of a slide-out when it comes to the overall comfort of an RV or camper.

The average RV slide-out only adds a few feet in length, while the most luxurious RVs can have as much as three. When setting up camp for an extended period of time, the extra room is highly welcomed. When properly equipped, even a modest recreational vehicle (RV) may feel more like home.

For those who live in their recreational vehicles year-round, accessories like slide-out stabilizers are an absolute must. These ingenious devices are made to fit beneath the slide-outs of your RV and give them a helping hand.

This is especially true when camping in windy places or in areas where the ground isn’t perfectly level, which is more common than you might think.

When Should You Use Slide-Out Stabilizer Jacks?

If you haven't seen many slide-out stabilizers on your camping trips, it may not come as a huge surprise to learn that they aren't usually required. On the other hand, depending on your setup, you could find them to be quite helpful and essential.

For older RVs, however, especially those with pop-outs or manual slides, slide-out stabilizers are frequently essential. Slide-out stabilizer jacks are something to think about if your vintage rig has manual pop-outs; whether or not you need them is highly rig-specific, however.

If your slide-out is wobbly, you may rest easy knowing that you can secure it with the help of a slide-out stabilizer jack. We recommend Husky Towing Adjustable RV Slide-Out Stabilizer Jacks if any of the points above describes your circumstance. Each jack can hold up to 5,000 pounds. Therefore, regardless of the goings-on in your slide-out, you should have it covered.

It's not uncommon for regular living spaces or even bedrooms to be situated in a slide-out, making them an integral component of your RV. It's in the best interest of any RV owner to make sure these regions are properly fortified.

Slide-out stabilizers are something to consider if you've ever gone camping in an older rig and been uneasy about the state of your slide-out because it was tilting or crooked. In the event that the stabilizer is utilized and configured appropriately, it can increase the lifespan of your slide-out and simply ensure that your RV is being properly maintained.

Protect your pop-outs from the tremors caused by strong winds and other environmental factors with the help of slide-out stabilizers. If you install a stabilizer, you'll feel far less movement in your RV during these times, which might improve your travel experience.

What Are the Best RV Slide-Out Stabilizer Jacks?

slide-out stabilizer jacks

For new RV owners looking for a reliable solution to the problem of unstable slide-out areas, the Husky 81079 Slide-Out Adjustable Jacks are a great option. Two high-quality steel RV stabilizer jacks are included in this package.

Aside from the jacks' use, their aesthetic design is also noteworthy. The 81079 was created by Husky with a chic zinc finish and powder coat, which lends it a particular elegance. As a result, the jacks don't seem or feel cheap, especially when compared to competing versions.

As they require nothing in the way of instruction, these RV accessories are perfect for first-timers. The piece's slide-out construction means it may be used without any additional preparation or installation.

This RV stabilization system is compatible with a wide variety of accessories, including x-chock wheel stabilizers. Additionally, it reduces the common side-to-side vibrations of camper trailers when used in conjunction with other stabilizing technologies.

RV experts agree that a slide-out stabilizer is a must-have if the slides will be used to store furniture or serve as an extra room. Inevitably, the slide-out will droop under the weight of the load, so the stabilizer is there to prevent that from happening.

Be sure to check out the rest of our store if you are looking for other RV accessories, tools, and appliances!

Monday, August 29, 2022

5 Top Portable RV Waste Tanks [with Features]

Portable RV waste tanks are a lifesaver for campers parked on sites without direct sewer connections.

Basically, they serve as temporary reservoirs for wastewater, and they can be removed and emptied at dump stations, without needing to move your entire camper.

Portable RV waste totes can be a big time-saver for those who camp at sites without sewer hookups for extended stays. Chances are you’ll fill your black water tanks more than once over the course of a couple of weeks.

With portable tanks, you won’t need to move the whole rig when it’s time to dump them out - that way, you can dump your RV without moving it.

Check out our portable tanks like these top 5 options from our website.

Thetford 40951 4-Wheel Titan Tote Portable Waste Holding Tank (27-Gallon)

The Thetford 40951 4-Wheel Titan Tote Portable Waste Holding Tank is loaded up with features, all of which improve its ergonomics, ease of use, and practicality.

This tank features a large capacity with a built-in hose that stays connected for easy, sanitary use. It also features a low fill height, streamlining emptying.

It features a 90-degree elbow for superior control while emptying, and horizontal emptying capabilities, so there’s no need to tip the tank to dump it.

It also features integrated side handles, a ladder hook, heavy-duty wheels, a sturdy tow handle, and a large wash-out port for easy cleaning.

And, at 27 gallons, it’s one of the larger options out there, making it ideal for extended camping trips.

Barker 30844 42-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank

The Barker 30844 42-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank is the largest capacity portable RV waste tank, but it’s not just great because of its size.

It features an extra-sturdy, seamless design, thanks to its construction from blow-molded polyethylene. This creates an extremely durable, leak-proof design.

Thanks to its pneumatic wheels with axle bearings and grease fittings, swiveling double front wheel configuration, and steel tow handle, it is smooth-rolling and easy to maneuver and tow.

It also features a bobber gauge to prevent potential spills, as well as a 3” waste valve for easy, quick, efficient dumping.

It’s also made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 2-year warranty - so this smooth-rolling, large-capacity portable RV tank is a sure buy.

Barker 28191 16-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank

Need a slightly smaller, more manageable option that is still highly durable and easy to maneuver and tow? The Barker 28191 16-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank may be the perfect choice for you.

This model has a lot of the same features that make the previous Barker a sure bet. It also features blow-molded polyethylene construction, as well as durable, resilient, zinc-plated steel and aluminum hardware.

Towing is easy, thanks to the durable rubber wheels and a swiveling front double wheel system. Even with a full tank, moving and positioning this portable tank is a cinch.

It comes completely assembled, is easy to control, tow, and manipulate, and has everything you need to make dumping a breeze, including 2 bayonet hose adapters, clamps, and 5 feet of 3” sewer hose, along with 3” and ¾” caps.

Thetford 40501 SmartTote2 18-Gallon Portable Waste Holding Tank

The Thetford 40501 SmartTote2 18-Gallon Portable Waste Holding Tank is another great option and one of the most popular models on our website.

While it may be smaller than some of the aforementioned options, it features front leveling support and a molded-in handle as well as a number of other features that make it fairly easy and straightforward to use.

For instance, it also features an AutoStop Level Gauge and Vent that prevent overfilling and eliminate guessing. It also features a “PermaStore” sewer hose that stays connected to the bottom of the tank, helping to eliminate spills.

The tank is easy to attach to both the RV and to the dump station. Simply extend and connect, then return to the cradle when finished, for storage or transport. It’s easy and mess-free.

It features a low-profile design as well as smooth-rolling, rugged rubber wheels that make maneuvering, positioning, and transport easier - nice traits to have for any portable RV waste tank.

Barker 28508 15-Gallon Tote Along for Folding Tent Campers

Looking for a smaller portable RV waste tank for shorter trips? Or perhaps you need something that can fit into a space-restricted environment? Enter the Barker 28508 15-Gallon Tote Along - specifically designed for folding tent campers, and ideal in situations where you just don’t have a lot of space.

This Barker portable RV waste tank might be small in size and low in profile, but it is anything but small on features!

It requires minimal ground clearance and is designed to fit right under tent campers and other RVs - but its design features blow-molded polyethylene construction that is just as tough and durable as several of the other portable tanks on this list.

Moreover, it has an integrated handle and smooth-rolling wheels that make it easy to take it to the dump station when needed and it can be pulled by hand or towed behind a vehicle via the integrated tow bracket.

It also features a 3” bayonet cap and straight adapter as well as a 3” by 5’ sewer hose with a clamp for easy dumping - like the other portable RV waste tanks featured here, it allows you to empty your RV’s black tanks without having to move your whole rig.

Adding to the convenience, this portable waste water tank comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use from the very second you get it.

Questions About These or Other Portable RV Waste Holding Tanks?

Not seeing a solution that works for you among these top picks? While these are some of the most popular portable RV waste tanks on our website (and represent some of the largest and smallest models) we carry others.

Simply follow the link above to see our full collection of RV portable waste tanks and get in touch with us at 866-332-7881 if you have any questions or would like special recommendations.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Travel Trailer Accessories Everyone Should Consider


RV accessories

Every RV camping trip teaches you something new about what travel trailer accessories you'll need and won't need, so it's impossible to be completely prepared. That’s why we’ve prepared this resource guide for RV camping to make things easier for you.

First-time campers may experience a sense of fulfillment when they set out on their first trip. But once you get to the camping ground, you might realize you should have brought a few things to make your journey go more smoothly.

As a newbie to RV camping, this list of important travel trailer accessories should help you get started in the right direction.

What Essentials Should a Trailer Traveler Have?

Depending on the type of recreational vehicle, specific equipment may be required. There are, however, a slew of necessities that are common to all RVs. Freshwater hoses and tank treatment are among the most common examples of these items.

Accessories for a Travel Trailer You Must Have

1. RV Sewer Hose

If you're going to have to remove wastewater tanks and dispose of them, make sure you have the right tools for the job. You MUST have an RV sewer hose that is of high quality and fits snugly.

RV accessories

A few things to keep in mind when purchasing a sewer hose.To begin, think about the hose's overall length. A popular choice among our returning customers is the Camco 39741 RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose Kit - 20'.

As long as your trailer's bumper is wide enough, you should be fine. Keeping this hose elsewhere is a bad idea.

2. RV Porch Motion Sensor Light

RV trips necessitate adequate lighting on the outside of the vehicle. In addition to serving as a safety feature, it enables you to make use of your outdoor space during the evening hours.

RV accessories

Preventing slips and falls is easier with the proper lighting provided by a well-designed porch light. A sense of security is provided by motion sensor lights at night because they illuminate whenever somebody gets close to your travel trailer.

We have the Star Light 016-SL2000 Smart Light Round Motion Porch Light, which emits bright, clear light. This model has a 60-second timeout following the most recent motion detection. Furthermore, the light is also turned off by a daylight sensor during the day, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary usage.

Avoid the mistake of not providing enough lighting for your RV's porch and exterior. With motion sensor lights, you have an easy and cost effective solution.

3. Fresh Water Hose

When it comes to purchasing a fresh water hose, water quality is the most important factor to keep in mind. This is one item that is pretty much a necessity for RV owners but if you are a first time buyer it might not be something you would have thought of off the top of your head.

RV accessories

We carry an Apex NeverKink RV Fresh Water Hose that complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. It also has anti-kink technology, which makes any loops inevitably straighten and stops your hose from kinking, tugging, or tangling.

4. Water Pressure Regulator

Before connecting your RV's or camper's water line to any water faucet, you must first install an RV pressure regulator in order to ensure proper water pressure. If you don't use a regulator, you run the risk of damaging your RV's water system, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, by overpressurizing it.

RV accessories

Protect your RV from overly high water pressure by installing one of these water pressure regulators or gauges. You can avoid costly repairs to your RV plumbing and hoses by using the Camco RV Brass Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge, for instance.

Additionally, it is factory-pre-set at 40 to 50 PSI. The water from the hose carrying non-fresh water cannot flow backwards due to the vacuum breaker. A natural vacuum can suck water from fresh water into recycled water, which is not what you want.

5. RV Outdoor Mat

You should consider purchasing a large outdoor RV mat if you don't already have one, if you want to make the most of the outdoor spaces around your RV.

RV accessories

One of the main reasons to pick up one of these mats is simply that you never know what kind of terrain you will be dealing with right outside of your RV. You might be lucky enough to park outside a nice patch of grass, but you will most likely be dealing with various dirt lots, which can make setting up chairs and other items a hassle.

When it comes to preventing sand and dirt from getting into your RV, these mats are an absolute must have. You can set up your grill station on it or use it as a surface for exercising without having to remove your shoes.

It is possible to use these RV reversible outdoor mats both indoors and outdoors, which makes them ideal for any situation. In just a few seconds, they can transform any look into something completely new and different.

The Camco Outdoor Mat that we have is a chevron-patterned outdoor mat that is lightweight, mold and mildew resistant, reversible, and easy to clean. This is ideal for placing near your RV, campsite, patio, and more! It folds up quickly and takes up very little space when it's not in use.

6. RV Windshield Cover with Mirror Cut-Outs

Aside from providing much-needed privacy, RV Windshield Covers are an excellent means of guarding your vehicle against weather-related damage.

RV accessories

When it comes to RVs, one of the weather-related issues that can be the most damaging is extreme heat. When your recreational vehicle is subjected to direct sunlight, and the high temperatures that it generates, the components made of plastic, such as furniture items, appliance handles, and ventilation systems can be negatively affected.

This may present a challenge for you regardless of whether or not you are currently utilizing the RV.

RV front window sun shades shield your camper from harmful UV rays while also reducing the temperature inside. It's possible to keep your motorhome's inside a little cooler by deflecting the sun's heat.

It's a dream come true if you’ve ever experienced the inside of an RV that’s been sitting in the sun all afternoon.

You'll be able to keep the sun out of your Chevy Class C RV for instance, thanks to the ADCO 2409 windshield cover. Installation is a breeze thanks to the straps that are used for the top fix and the magnetic fastenings that are used for the bottom fix.

We recommend taking a look through our entire selection to find a cover that fits your specific RV so you can beat the heat while enjoying your RV.

Get the Right Travel Trailer Accessories Here at RVupgrades

You've probably already realized that there are some accessories for camping travel trailers that you simply cannot go without. There’s also a bunch you might want just for the quality of life upgrade! Either way, you’re in the right place.

Browse through our entire selection of RV accessories and other items to find everything you need to enjoy your RV to the fullest.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

3 "Must-Have" RV Accessories You Need Today

A new RV or trailer that isn't fully furnished with necessities and "must haves" can benefit greatly from adding RV accessories to make your life simpler and more enjoyable.

If you have just bought a travel trailer or camper, you should think about the necessary RV accessories you will need in order to properly maintain your vehicle as well as have a safe and comfortable time while you are utilizing your RV.

The following list includes some of the essential motorhome accessories and RV tools that everyone should have, which are all available right here at RVupgrades.

Wheel Chocks

RV Accessories

To prevent your RV or travel trailer from rolling away, wheel chocks are required. You can rely on your parking brakes to keep your vehicle in a stable position, but they are not a long-term solution. When coupled with chocks, they have a much lower failure rate.

You can use RV wheel chocks to keep your tires in place while you're on the road. You have a wide selection to choose from because they come in a variety of materials and sizes. Despite the fact that there are numerous options, they all have the same fundamental function—preventing harm or damage.

With their low price and straightforward design, these Camco wheel chocks are an excellent choice for those on a budget. Durable and weatherproof, these RV wheel chocks feature UV inhibitors and are made of hard plastic for long-lasting service.

These wheel chocks, which are primarily made for re-hitching, will also function, provided they fit properly.  They are also perfect for smaller cars due to their lightweight design. A word of caution: these wheel chocks won't work on ultra-small trailers.

Fresh Water Hose

RV Accessories

If you've ever wondered what it takes to keep your RV's taps, shower heads, and toilets stocked with clean water while you're on the road, you've come to the right place.

When looking for the best one, you want an RV drinking water hose to last for a long time. To put it another way, you're going to be moving this hose around as you set up and pack up your campsite.

The last thing on your mind while camping is figuring out how to untangle your water supply's hose. Look for hoses with a kink-free design on the market. Take more time to enjoy the great outdoors rather than spend time untangling hoses.

Apex NeverKink is the best kink-resistant hose on the market today.

This hose does not contain any lead and satisfies all of the regulatory requirements necessary to be suitable for human consumption. In addition to that, it has a Grip-Tite coupling that prevents water from leaking out of your faucet attachment.

RV Accessories

Slide-Out Stabilizer Jacks

Slide-out stabilizer jacks provide additional support and stability when they are fully extended. They can be a lifesaver if you use the space frequently or keep a lot of gear and supplies there. Your home will no longer shake or swing when these are in place.

As a matter of fact, many RVers believe that RV slide-out stabilizer jacks are an essential part of any proper RV setup.

With a slide out, you can give your RV or motorhome a luxurious feel. Although most slide-out stabilizer jacks only add a few extra feet to your existing living space, the most luxurious RVs can have as many as three additional extension jacks.

You'll appreciate the extra room if you're going to be camping for an extended period of time. Even a modest motorhome can be upgraded to one that is more homey and inviting.


Stabilizers like our Stromberg Carlson Jack In A Box Slide Out Stabilizer Jacks are among the best in their category. It weighs only 12 pounds, making it an extremely portable option.

It reaches a height of 20 inches to a maximum of 34 inches above the ground. To get the most use out of them, you should slide them under the support bar that is located close to the slide out room's exterior wall.

A small handle on the support is parallel to the vertical portion of the jack and folds up for storage. The handlebar can rotate all the way around the stabilizer bar.

To prevent your RV from tipping over while you're on the go, pick up this convenient two-pack slide-out stabilizer jacks. Invest in one today and rest easy knowing that your trailer is properly secured.

It doesn't matter what kind of RV you have, there are some things you absolutely need to keep your rig running smoothly and safely. As it stands, these are only three examples out of many. Check out our selection of RV accessories to learn more about the essential gear that every RV, trailer, or other type of motor home should carry.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Are You An RV Owner? You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch

weight distribution hitch

RV and camper owners are independent souls who like to travel in an unconventional way. They don't like depending on others for transportation or lodging, and they love to travel at their own pace. However, it also means that they have to take safety into their own hands to make sure their adventures always have a happy ending.

One of the most essential pieces of equipment every pull-behind camper owner should have is a weight distribution hitch.

Some people find that, when they connect their weight-carrying hitch to the hitch receiver at the back of their truck, and then couple it with their camper, their truck tends to point towards the sky and the rear axle gets crushed by the weight of their RV. This is usually a head-scratcher for many as they don´t understand why this can happen when they're not even near their truck´s tow capacity limit.

Towing your camper in this condition can be extremely dangerous as your front wheels lose grip and no longer have the same steering or braking capacity. Undistributed weight can also cause a lot of swaying and scary situations on the road. Additionally, you will notice your tires wear out unevenly. This means you need to get a weight distribution hitch.

What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch is a carrying hitch that uses adjustable spring bars to distribute excess tongue weight to level your front axle back to its ideal position.

It is basically a lever that moves further rearward into the trailer frame and uses that levering power to crank down the front axle. The end result is that both the front tires and the rear tires of your truck will be carrying a more equalized weight when towing, eliminating that saggy look we get when using regular weight-carrying hitches. This eliminates a host of problems such as unpredictable handling, uneven tire wear, and trailer sway.

Most vehicle manufacturers are aware of the advantages of weight distribution hitches, so they all recommend one if you have a half-ton truck or smaller, especially when towing over 5000 pounds of trailer weight.

Of course, there are many out there who tow more than five thousand pounds with their regular hitch, and they think they don´t have a problem. However, we must remember that we´re not alone on the road and we need to drive safely to protect others too. Moreover, having your headlights pointing upwards severely decreases visibility. Plus, having to change rear tires more often is never a good thing, and watching your rear wheels sagging on the bump stops is not a good look. So, it is always better to move some of that weight to the front axle and keep things even when in transit.

Of course, there are a lot of options that help distribute that weight and give you more peace of mind while traveling with the family. There are two kinds of weight distribution hitches:

Round Bar Hitches

The spring bars are what make the leveraging effect possible. They go under the trailer and are attached to the trailer frame with a link chain. Round bar hitches have round spring l-shaped bars that move freely, allowing the truck to take turns.

Trunnion Bar Hitches

The spring bars of these weight distribution systems are square-shaped, and they run parallel with the trailer frame. They can carry slightly heavier loads, and provide a bit more ground clearance when compared to round bar hitches.

Bear in mind that, while a weight distribution hitch will make it easier to carry heavy loads, they do not grant your truck higher carrying capacity. They only allow you to load your truck to its maximum weight safely. In general, your towing system is only able to carry as much as your lowest-rated component. This means that you need to check your truck´s carrying capacity and your hitch carrying capacity and check which one is lowest before coupling them to your RV or trailer.

Where can I buy a weight distribution hitch?

Weight distribution hitches are not normally bought compulsively. They´re an investment and only a handful of distributors have them in stock at all times. Fortunately for you, we have the weight distribution hitch you need right here at RVUpgrades.com. We specialize in accessories and supplies for RV owners and are official Husky Weight Distribution Hitch distributors. We offer both round bar and trunnion bar options and have a lot of options to accommodate most trailer sizes and trucks. Moreover, we offer fast shipping options and returns are never a hassle.

If you have any questions about our products, contact our knowledgeable customer support center. They are able to answer all your RV-related questions and offer thoughtful solutions for any problem. Get your Husky weight distribution hitch from our store today.

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All About Garnet SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems


SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems don’t just have a great pun in the name (try forgetting that play on sea level, why don’t you); they’re also invaluable instruments for monitoring the current levels of the various liquid tanks in your RV.

In this post we’re going to peel back some of the layers and take a closer look at Garnet SeeLevel tank Monitoring Systems; what they do, how they do it, what benefits they offer, and why their technology is superior.

What Is a Tank Monitoring System?
Most RVs have a freshwater tank, a gray water tank (wastewater from the shower, sink, laundry, etc.), a black water tank (sewage), and an LPG tank. Some of them have a galley tank as well, which contains gray water from the kitchen (galley). At any given time, each of these tanks will contain a certain amount of material, which will vary based on use or total volume.

A tank monitoring system is a system that tells you how much volume is left in each of these tanks. Some RV setups have monitors for all 4 water tanks, others for only 3 of the water holding tanks, and others yet only for black water. (Monitoring black water is crucial because it dictates when you need to take your waste tank to be drained).

Originally, RV tank monitoring systems were installed by cutting into the walls of the tanks and installing internal tank sensors that could take various readings to give a remote estimation of the remaining volume, but some modern tank monitoring systems (like SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems) use external sensors.

Do I Need a Tank Monitoring System?
Although a SeeLevel Tank Monitoring system can be extremely useful, it’s not necessarily imperative if you camp at a location with full hook-ups where you will not need to rely heavily on the contents of your water tanks and LPG tanks for daily living and amenities. If you’re connected to water or sewer hook-ups, and don’t need to use your tanks, a monitoring system is not as important.

However, if you dry camp, away from campsite hook-up services, a tank monitoring system becomes much more valuable. This is because your water tanks and LPG tank can only contain so much and can limit your time spent on site. A tank monitoring system can help you predict and budget water usage, helping you plan when you will need to fill up your fresh water tank, or to drain your gray or black water tanks.

External Sensors for the Win!
Some RV tank monitoring systems use internal sensors as detailed above to give a reading on the contents of a holding tank. However, despite their widespread use, internal sensors can fall prey to a number of different shortcomings.

Notable, they are difficult to install and it can be expensive and time-consuming to do so. However, the biggest problem arises from the fact that internal sensors must physically contact the contents of your tanks.

Over time, interior sensors (especially in gray and black water tanks, which contain a lot of solid matter) can become obstructed by debris. As a result, they are often prone to giving inaccurate readings.

Consequently, some companies have developed exterior tank monitors to overcome these shortcomings. SeeLevel is one of them; SeeLevel’s Tank Monitoring Systems use external sensing technology that eliminates common problems associated with debris buildup.

Known affectionately as “The Gauge That Works,” SeeLevel’s systems use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate percentage-based readings on RV tanks, and are some of the most accurate, comprehensive monitors on the market.

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Display, Components, Features, Wiring

While the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems will vary in terms of specific features and functionality, including how many tanks they can monitor, they share a few features in common.

They all use a convenient monitoring panel that displays the percentage of your holding tanks (fresh, gray, black, and galley water tanks). This panel receives information from the sender (sensors) via a simple two-conductor wire (senders are wired in parallel). Once installed and wired, the system is easy to use; simply press the button to a corresponding tank to receive an accurate reading. Holding two buttons at once will prompt access to diagnostic functions. (More information can be found in the instructions on each of the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System product pages).

The senders consist of flexible, adhesive circuit boards that are directly mounted to the outside of the holding tank. They must be cut to size before mounting to the tank and auto-calibrate themselves once mounted. In addition to providing accurate readings of tank content levels, the senders can diagnose issues such as a buildup of sludge inside the tank, or if the sender is damaged and needs to be addressed.

Can They Be Monitoring Remotely?
Some SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems are Bluetooth compatible and do not require you to be in front of the panel to access tank readings or diagnostic information. Using an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, users can access tank-level information from up to 30 feet away (Bluetooth-equipped models only).

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System Is Right for Me?

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System is right for you will depend on your unique needs, as well as how many tanks you wish to monitor. We offer 2, 3, and 4 tank systems, as well as Bluetooth enabled systems. We also sell separate monitors that can be used as a second console for use with an established system.

Most of these systems:

●Offer accurate tank level readings for up to 4 tanks (plus battery voltage).
●Are compatible with pre-existing LPG tank connections/sensors.
●Require a 12-volt connector (drain is less than 200mA).
●Come with a monitor, senders, display mounting hardware, and a pigtail (plus, they use common industry connectors).

For more information please consult the system specifics via the link above or contact our customer service team.

Questions? Contact Us!
Luckily, more of these Garnet SeeLevel Systems offer very similar functionality (it varies mainly in the number of tanks it allows to be monitored), so choosing one will more or less depend on the number and configuration of your tanks.

However, if you have any questions about the SeeLevel Systems we sell on our website, you’d like help choosing one, or you need to know more about product specifications, you can reach out to us directly for help. Get in touch with us by phone (or text us) at 866-332-7881.

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15 Cool Summertime RV Accessories You Need!

RV accessories


Summer is here and that means that it’s time to hit the open road with friends and family! While doing so, you’re likely to make countless stops along the way. However, with the almost never-ending blistering heat, all of your stops and even while you’re driving can feel pretty brutal more often than not.

Cue cool summertime RV accessories. With the right accessories at the ready, you can make every moment of your summer road trip significantly more tolerable and enjoyable for you, your family, and even new friends! Let’s take a look at our list of 15 cool summertime RV accessories to make your RV really ready for the summer.

1.Magnetic Glove Holder
Let’s be frank: no one enjoys emptying the black tank. Alas, that grueling task needs to be accomplished. When doing so, don’t let your precious gloves go missing in your time of need! With the help of a convenient magnetic glove holder, these can be easier to locate, as you can place it on the utility bay.

2.Outdoor Mat
When you settle into a campground or site, you are wont to wander about your area, set up some chairs, grill, and overall enjoy the great outdoors! We invite you and encourage you to do so, but do so responsibly. That’s what an RV outdoor mat can do– provide you with a convenient place to “hang out” outside your RV while protecting the grass from damage.

These mats not only keep the grass from being trampled or smooshed, but allows it to still receive sunlight and proper airflow to keep it healthy!

Why not pair up your outdoor awning mat with an actual awning? RV awnings are surprisingly affordable all the while offering you a comfortable place to sit and relax outside without having to bake under the sun! There are numerous options available, all varying in sizes, colors, patterns, and beyond.

4.Odor Eliminator

RV accessories

It’s no secret that the summer can lead to an increase in – ahem – sweat and odor. And, whether or not you have an air conditioner in your RV, that odor can build up and become surprisingly pungent– especially in your bathroom! Yuck.

That is why we highly recommend hanging an odor eliminator in your RV. These can be used in your refrigerator, cabinets, and near your trash can as well, but are also powerful in eliminating sweat odor as well. Wherever you feel is the stinkiest, hang an odor eliminator nearby and breathe easier once again!

5.Propane Fire Pit
Is there anything more symbolic of summer evenings that a crackling campfire, surrounded by good friends, family, and laughter? We sure don’t think so. But, not every place you go to during your summer road trip allows open fires. In comes a propane fire pit to the rescue. These items can easily supply you with a homemade fire without the mess, illegal maneuvers, and they simply look “cool!”

6.Mosquito Repellant Shield
While you enjoy your nighttime campfire, you know there is one type of small insect that can quickly ruin the entire experience: the dreaded mosquito. Instead of ducking and running for cover in your RV, simply set up a mosquito repellant shield! These shields will effectively keep mosquitoes away and for longer. Take that, citronella candles!

7.Outdoor Chairs\

RV accessories

Enjoying the great outdoors outside your RV certainly includes lounging and unwinding. Why not do so in comfortable outdoor chairs? There are countless types of outdoor chairs that you can choose to equip your outdoor space with, such as reclining chairs, travel chairs, folding director’s chairs, and so many more! Browse our outdoor chairs to find the one that you’d feel the most at peace with during your R&R.

8.Outdoor Games
When you don’t want to lay back outside and would rather play some games with friends (and likely with a cold beverage in your hand), you should have an enviable stock of outdoor games available. These games include (but of course are not limited to) cornhole, ladder ball, pickleball, giant Jenga, and even board games. Road trips are all about having fun, after all!

9.Outdoor Trash Can
You’ll likely accumulate some trash during your festivities outside your RV. Make it easy on everyone (especially yourself) when it comes time to cleaning up your mess. Have an outdoor trash can open and available so all guests and your fellow traveling companions know just where to put their garbage! Plus, it’s easy to fold up and store for later use.

Hot dogs and hamburgers anyone? Having a grill is one of the most important accessories you can have in your RV! With a personal grill, you can turn your on-the-road cooking game up several notches!

11.Personal Misting Fan
Unfortunately, you can’t really take a handheld air conditioner with you every where you go (yet!). However, we do now have personal misting fans at the ready– and we highly recommend you stock up on these incredible inventions! These battery-powered, handheld devices can provide you with an enjoyable breeze when you need it– and cool mist to really cool you off!

12.Window Covers
Blocking out the sun from entering your RV’s windows is one of the greatest moves you can make because this will drastically reduce the temperature inside it! And who doesn’t want that in the heat of the summer? Simply set up some good ol’ dependable window covers and your RV will be cool again– as will you. Phew!

13.Bluetooth Speaker
Whilst sitting outside, you’ll likely want to pump up the jams! Have a bluetooth speaker of your choice at the ready so you can play your desired music without running your RV’s battery or relying on the weak speaker of your smartphone to do so.

14.Outdoor Lighting

RV accessories

Set the mood just right with some outdoor lighting, too! String some string lights where you so please and you’ll almost never want to leave the area!

15.Folding Table
Last but certainly not least, a folding table! Where are you going to eat or play cards when you are enjoying the great outdoors? That is why you should have a folding table ready to rumble whenever you are!

Is your RV set up with all the perfect RV accessories for summertime? If not, head on over to our selection here at RVupgrades.com! We have an impressive selection for all rig drivers out there– and not just accessories, either! Check us out and upgrade your RV to your dream RV today!

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RV Stabilizer Jacks vs Leveling Jacks: What’s the Difference?

While some may argue that RV stabilizer jacks are the same as leveling jacks, they aren’t the same and are important for different reasons.

The purpose of leveling jacks is to lift a part of an RV to the same level as the remainder of the RV, so that you may have a more enjoyable camping experience.

However, apart from enjoying your trip, you have more reasons to get them. You'll face a lot of problems without leveling jacks and leveling blocks. For starters, an RV that is not level puts undue strain on its frame as well as everything inside.

When fixtures, such as furniture, are not level, they will be taxed. Consider the stresses that will be imposed on a cabinet door's hinges if it is not level. Maintaining a level RV is also important if your RV has an absorption refrigerator. You can permanently harm a fridge if you operate it off-level.

Stabilizing your RV is your next priority after leveling it. Stabilizing jacks or other stabilizers can help to extend the life of your camper.

When compared to a balanced and stabilized RV, a camper that is allowed to rock and sway with the movements of the people within will face more stress. Stabilizing jacks keep your RV steady. They aren't designed to carry the weight of an RV, and should never be used to level an RV. Instead, they should be used to limit the amount of movement the RV endures.

Stabilizer jacks are metal arms designed to extend from the frame to the ground. Your jacks should be retracted into the frame when you're on the road and extended to the ground when you're parked.

There are several types of stabilizer jacks you can choose from.

Types of RV Stabilizer Jacks
If you have the necessary tools, stabilizing an RV is simple. There are different types of stabilizer jacks available on the market. Below are the different kinds to help you pick one that's right for you.

Electric stabilizers work with just a push of a button and come in a variety of designs. These jacks are usually highly powerful and function well with an auto-leveling system. They are heavy duty and are capable of supporting nearly 5,000 pounds.

They're also usually portable. You just set them up, and their electronics will raise and stabilize your rig without you lifting a finger.

The biggest disadvantages are its price as well as the risk of running out of battery and manually retracting the jacks yourself.

Hydraulic stabilizer jacks are frequently used in large RVs. These hydraulic systems can hold a significant amount of weight. Some have a capacity to hold 7500 lb vehicles. So, you'll find them on larger, heavier fifth wheels, travel trailers, and haulers.

These jacks pressurize the hydraulic system that supports the RV with hydraulic fluid. One of its disadvantages is that they are a little complicated, and repairs typically necessitate the services of a highly qualified professional.

Pipe-mounted stabilizers are one of the most common types of stabilizers.

Their cost is reasonable but they are almost always manual and can be difficult to set up effectively.

Because of their ease of use and low price, these jacks are a preferred choice of many RV campers. A good scissor jack can also support a lot of weight, which makes them a little costly.

Depending on the manufacturer, these stabilizers can support up to 10,000 pounds. However, they must be permanently put on your setup.

These types of jacks are standard on most contemporary RVs and come pre-installed.

Tripod jack stabilizers are one of the most cost-effective types. They are set up on three legs to ensure that your setup will be stable.

Tripod jacks, however, aren't usually designed to support more than 500 pounds each jack. They normally require a pad or other flat support from underneath so that the slender legs don't sink into the soft ground if you go off the beaten path camping.

If you don't have a particularly heavy RV, these inexpensive and simple-to-use tripod jacks can be a good choice.

Many stabilizing products are permanently attached, so you'll have one fewer thing to set up or store. While scissor jacks are attached to the RV's frame, they can be easily repaired or replaced by removing a few bolts. Permanent hydraulic and electric stabilizer jacks are more complicated to remove or repair, requiring more time and resources.

Before you go shopping, it's important to understand the different types of RV stabilizers you can choose from. Ask us if you're not sure which RV stabilizer jacks are best for your vehicle.

Have a look at our selection of stabilizing jacks from top brands. We offer low shipping and free shipping for orders of $99 and more.

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Best Towing Mirrors for Each Towing Mirror Type

If you want to increase road safety, you'll need a good set of towing mirrors. Because these mirrors produce a full-sized image of distant objects, they allow you to see a far broader area than a standard side mirror would. With mirrors, you’ll have a larger field of vision, minimizing blind spots on the road.

Without a doubt, mirrors will improve visibility and make towing safer. Finding the right mirror for your vehicle might not be easy, though.

With the market full of different options, choosing mirrors can be difficult and time-consuming. We hope this list will help you narrow down your choices and help you find the right mirrors for you and your vehicle.

Types of Towing Mirrors

Manual mirrors, as the name implies, do not have any power adjustments and must be moved manually. They don't have any wiring, which makes installation considerably easier.

They're replacement mirrors for your vehicle's factory pair, and they're usually less expensive than powered towing mirror sets.

K-Source 80930 Snap & Zap Exterior Mirrors

Our pick for the best manual mirror is K-Source 80930. This mirror from K Source snaps on over your current side view mirrors, extending your vision when towing. They won't impair your existing mirrors' view while improving your visibility behind the vehicle. For installation on certain vehicle applications, the mirrors come in a range of forms and sizes.

Powered mirrors are one of the most expensive options available, but they are also one of the most practical types of mirrors. They resemble manual mirrors in appearance, but they contain electronics and have two or three cables protruding from their bases. These wires connect to the power mirror switch via the vehicle's door wiring.

You may adjust them with the press of a button, exactly like many factory side mirrors. Because you'll have to connect some cables to your vehicle, installing a power mirror, whether as a replacement or an upgrade, can be a little more difficult than the installation of manual mirrors.

SCITOO Chrome Power Heated Tow Mirrors in Pair

This mirror features a heated defrost mode which ensures that it performs admirably even in cloudy or icy conditions. It also features a function that turns on an indicator light to keep you safe while driving. You'll have superior visibility when parking and changing lanes thanks to the broad viewing angle.

This mirror also uses manual and telescoping extensions for the best viewing angle. You can also adjust the angle with just a push of a button. They install easily on the passenger side and driver's side.

Drivers who have larger vehicles or trailers frequently choose these. Telescopic mirrors can be extended to provide a better view behind the vehicle. They can be retracted into their regular position for a slimmer profile when not in use.

Telescoping mirrors may have the same features as non-telescopic mirrors, such as power, manual, LED signal puddle light, turn signal light, running light, folding, and so on, but they are larger and provide more view.

Physical human strength is required to extend the manual telescopic mirrors. The motorized ones, on the other hand, allow you to remain in the comfort of your truck while extending the mirrors outward by pressing a button.

If a truck already has two mirrors but needs a little more visibility for whatever it's pulling, telescopic mirrors can be a great enhancement. Truck towing mirror extensions help improve its appearance by making it appear larger.

ECCPP Side View Mirrors

This telescopic mirror is perfect for big towing vehicles. The glass can be slanted at a 90-degree angle which makes it ideal for every trailing size.

Universal clip-on mirrors are ideal for those who only tow on occasions. These mirrors are a low-cost solution that attaches to your standard mirrors. However, because they are clip-on, they lack several of the functions found on other mirrors. Depending on how well they clip on the current mirror, they also vibrate more than other solutions.

Also, when it comes to complementing the aesthetic of your vehicle, clip-on mirrors aren't the finest option, but they do the job.

Dometic DM-2912 Milenco Grand Aero3 Clamp-On Mirrors

This Dometic twin pack clip-on mirror is designed to provide you with a clear view while towing. Install these chrome safety glasses on your current mirrors, including curved ones, and you'll have a flawless and vibration-free vision past your caravan at all times.

They are equipped with the most up-to-date pedestrian safety features to help prevent accidents. They also provide a heavy-duty performance in high winds.

We hope this helped you decide on what towing mirrors to get. Browse through our online store for more products. You can also give us a call at 866-332-7881 if you need assistance with any of our RV parts and accessories products.