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Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Fantastic Ways to Keep Odors at Bay in your RV

Have you ever gone RV'ing and encountered unpleasant odors lurking in your home on wheels? Perhaps the nose wrinkling odors sprung up after cooking a fish dinner or maybe forgetting to take out the garbage from the last trip which was several weeks ago. It could even be originating from an unruly black tank or a load of dirty clothes the kids hid under the sleeper sofa. Either way, there are fantastic products available that can help you get rid of the stink in a jiffy. Here’s a look at five RV Accessories that are our absolute favorites:
#1: Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Ventilator
Looking for an interior ventilation system that is powerful, versatile, durable and easy to operate? Then Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Ventilator may just be the ideal for your situation. It features a 10 speed fan that’s capable of circulating 900+ cubic feet of air per minute. As far as versatility goes, it can be used as an exhaust, intake or ceiling fan. We also happen to love the flush mounted keypad, removable insect screen and warranties that come along with it.
#2: Camco Cyclone RV Sewer Vent
If the stink is coming from your campers holding tank, Camco’s Cyclone RV Sewer Vent would a wise investment too make. What we like about the vent is that it is simple to install and requires no electricity. It operates on wind power instead. So it will remain an efficient and effective method of odor control no matter where you decide to park your RV.
For extra added odor protection, you may want to think about pairing the Cyclone RV Sewer Vent with Kronen Premium Holding Tank Treatment.  After trying so many different brands of black tank chemicals we have found Kronen's to be the most effective in eliminating odors and dissolving solids.  It utilizes a potent combination of nature's naturally occurring micro-organisms, that are engineered to break down and liquefy organic materials leaving you with a completely odorless liquid.

#3: Air Conditioner Filters
Replacing your RV’s air conditioner filters often can also aid in keeping odors generated by the presence of mildew, mold and dirt at a minimum. Allergy4 makes several great, anti-microbial filters that would be ideal for use with an RV system. Among them are products designed to be used with the Duo-Therm Brisk Air/Quick Cool and Coleman Mach Series air conditioners.
#4: Odor Eliminating Sprays/Canisters
Odor eliminating sprays and canisters are another set of products beloved by our RV parts supplier pros. Each one is designed to abolish scents from the air as well as fabrics. This includes odors generated by pets, cooking activities, holding tanks, clogged drains and garbage cans.

There are also products like the Fridge It Odor Eliminator and Camco RV Stainless Steel Trash Can that may help too. The eliminator gets placed inside of the refrigerator to prevent the transfer of food odors and gases. The trash can, on the other hand, features a secure lid and a removable insert that will help to keep garbage odors from wafting throughout the RV.
#5: HEPA RV Vacuum Bags
Last but not least, HEPA vacuum bags are worth investing in for your Dirt Devil CV1500 RV vacuum. Some disposable HEPA vacuum bags, like those made by Dirt Devil, can help remove smoke related particles that contribute towards odors. These replacement vacuum bags capture 99.97% of all particles .3 microns and smaller including common allergens and mold.
While our top 5 may cover some of the basic ways to eliminate odors in your RV, if you require help with specific odors check out this article on the 20 Most Common Odors and How to Remove Them Fast.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

15 Awesome RV Improvement Hacks

Here's 15 more awesome hacks to make your camping trips even better!
LED motion sensing lights for your cabinets-http://bit.ly/2dB9kr7
Refrigerator bars- http://bit.ly/2dvjf5z

How To Season Your Pie Iron

How To Season Your Pie Irons //RVUpgrades.com

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Top 10 RV Accessories According to RVupgrades.com Customers

Progressive Industries Rv Surge Protection-http://bit.ly/2cquzZR

Barker Portable Holding Tank-http://bit.ly/2d5JI5P

Jt's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System-http://bit.ly/2dfWdyL

Contoure Microwave Oven- http://bit.ly/2cIjOmF

Flowpur Water Softener- http://bit.ly/2d2RU4y

Flow-Rite Rv Battery Watering System-http://bit.ly/2deZycX

Dirt Devil Rv Central Vacuum-http://bit.ly/2ccoDqC

Blue Ox Kargard - http://bit.ly/2dfVi1y

Tst Tire Pressure Monitoring System-http://bit.ly/2dmEPEF

Remco Aquajet Water Pump-http://bit.ly/2cWr29s

Friday, September 23, 2016

Top 10 RV Accessories for 2016

Here’s the top RV accessories from www.rvupgrades.com, according to our customers! Which products do you find most handy? Links to all accessories below-
Progressive Industries Rv Surge Protection- http://bit.ly/2cquzZR
Barker Portable Holding Tank- http://bit.ly/2d5JI5P
Jt's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System- http://bit.ly/2dfWdyL
Contoure Microwave Oven- http://bit.ly/2cIjOmF
Flowpur Water Softener- http://bit.ly/2d2RU4y
Flow-Rite Rv Battery Watering System- http://bit.ly/2deZycX
Dirt Devil Rv Central Vacuum- http://bit.ly/2ccoDqC
Blue Ox Kargard - http://bit.ly/2dfVi1y
Tst Tire Pressure Monitoring System- http://bit.ly/2dmEPEF
Remco Aquajet Water Pump- http://bit.ly/2cWr29s

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Perfect Accessories for that New RV

You'll find everything you need for that new RV at RVupgrades.com https://www.rvupgradestore.com/

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 must have RV accessories

Here are a few awesome RV accessories you may have been missing out on! Links below!
Joey Chair - http://bit.ly/2cliYvT
Trash-Ease - http://bit.ly/2coMvXI
Dirt Devil Central Vacuum- http://bit.ly/2ccoDqC
Morshade Umbrella- http://bit.ly/2cp9eC2
Extend-a-line- http://bit.ly/2coMCmh
http://www.rvupgrades.com for more great parts & accessories!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Awesome RV Accessories

Going RV'ing? RVupgrades.com has everything you'll need!
Just some of the awesome stuff you can get at www.rvupgradestore.com for your next camping trip!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Favorite RV Hacks :: RVupgrades.com

Here are some easy ways to improve your RV’ing experience!

Self feeding campfire tutorial:http://bit.ly/1OuGNDp
Pie irons: http://bit.ly/2b4xnvB
LED lighting: http://bit.ly/2bwkr2E
Easy roof repair tape: http://bit.ly/2blt6V9

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Properly Winterizing your RV Water Pump and System to Avoid Freeze Damage

For many of us the camping season is over and it is time to winterize your RV water system, if you have not already done so. This is a big step in the process to getting your home on wheels perfectly set for winter storage. Properly winterizing and making sure that the fresh water tank is completely empty before closing up is very important if you don't want to walk into a disaster, when you finally take it out of storage in the spring. If by some chance you have a pipe or valve burst, or freeze damage to the water pump, we have all the replacement parts you need to get you back up and working again. Here is suggested step by step winterizing instructions to follow for protecting your RV water pump from freezing during the winter. 
Before we go into the steps here a few things you may need to do this job properly. On an average of 2 to 3 gallons of RV antifreeze is needed, depending on the type of system you have. Some newer RVs' come with a by-pass kit for the water heater already installed, but if not you will need one. You will need a water pump converter kit and basic tools for installation. Last you if you don't have a self cleaning system built in for your black water tank, you will need a wand to clean it out. Make sure you have these RV supplies, then follow these steps. 
  1. Drain the fresh water tank, then the grey and black tanks (clean out with wand if you don't have a built in cleaning system).
  2. Drain water heater by removing the drain plug and opening pressure relief valve. Important Note: Do not drain while under pressure or hot.
  3. Open all hot and cold faucets, and low point drain lines. Using the water pump can help drain out all the water, turn back off when done draining. 
  4. Once all water is drained, flushed the toilet a couple times to make sure there is no more water, then close all the faucet and drain lines.
  5. When getting ready to add the antifreeze the first thing you will want to do is set up the by-pass line for the water heater. The water heater does not have to be stored with antifreeze, by using the by-pass it will stop the antifreeze from entering the water heater and save you money.  
  6. Next you want to install the water pump converter kit, connect the tubing to the water pump inlet then into the jug of antifreeze and turn pump on to pressurize the system. 
  7. Open faucets slowly starting with the closest to the water pump and working your way to the furthest, open hot first, then cold, keeping valve open til you see the antifreeze color. Repeat this with all faucets and remember to include exterior water. Last flush the toilet as many times as it takes to have the antifreeze color in the toilet. 
  8. Turn off pump and open a faucet to release pressure, then to help protect the holding tank, pour 1 cup of antifreeze down each drain and flush some down the toilet. 
  9. Last turn off the electric heating element on your water heater, if the unit has one and make sure all faucets and valves are closed.
  10. Now your RV water pump and system is winterized.
  11. Check your RV owners manual for any other instructions or if you have an ice maker or washing machine.  
Shop RVupgrades.com today for all your RV water pump winterizing supplies. If by some chance your water pump froze during storage, check out our wide selection of RV water pumps, we have many that are a perfect replacement for your system.