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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

4 Outdoor Accessories Your RV Needs

When you live in your own RV or motorhome, you know what it takes to have the optimal synergy of comfort and safety: a lot. There are a number of precautionary measures you need to take to ensure that you are safe in and around your RV.

You need to consider a host of scenarios and have everything you need in case they do come to fruition. This is why having items like the correct propane tanks, LP fittings, tow bars, and other such parts and accessories is so vital. They provide you with necessary safety measures so you-- and those around you-- aren’t in danger.

 As important as safety measures are to take, once they are taken, it doesn’t mean that your job is finished in terms of stocking your RV or motorhome. You need to properly accessorize it as well! This is where you can really have fun in interior and exterior design to best match your style and personality.

 Because at some point or another you will want to enjoy the outdoors right outside your front door, you should seriously consider your comfort there, too. That is why you need to add several key parts to your mobile abode’s exterior: an awning, RV patio mats, outdoor chairs, and outdoor tables.

1.   An Awning

When you live in an RV or motorhome and often change location, you know that the weather can change at the drop of a hat. It can be a cloudless sky, but then you can see foreboding clouds in your side mirrors.

 Once you find a place to park, you need to be properly shielded from the elements while you sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors. You certainly don’t want to be outside and get drenched by the rain or cooked by the blistering sun! That’s where an awning comes in extremely handy.

 At RVupgrades, we have plenty of awnings for you to choose from so you can properly equip your outdoor space with the perfect piece. We have regular awnings, awnings with attached dangling sunblocker panels, and “add a room”s. Yes, you can even add an easy-to-set-up-and-dismantle extra room to your RV.

 Adding this piece to your Rv will allow you to enjoy both your outdoor space and RV all at once.

1.   RV Patio Mats

When you use an awning, you will be shielded from the elements. However, this can drastically reduce the health of the grass beneath you. The grass will be starved of sunlight and rain, but also you could ruin the grass by continually stepping all over it!

 Not only that but you could even be bothered by the grass and dirt beneath your awning, which could either be drudged into your clean home or even deter you from enjoying the outdoors altogether.

 None of the aforementioned scenarios are enjoyable for anybody. That is where RV patio mats come in to save the day. They can properly protect the grass from under you by providing air circulation and sometimes even sunlight, but also save your feet from gravel, rocks, dirt, and mud. Plus, keep your interior safe from any unwanted tracked nastiness.

 We have a wide range of these RV patio mats that come in varying sizes and designs. Plus, they are all easy to roll out and take away. You can truly improve your outdoor experience with the addition of one of these mats/rugs!

1.   Outdoor Chairs

When you set up your awning and your patio mat, are you intending on simply standing around and that’s it? Most certainly not! That’s why you should most definitely include outdoor chairs. This way, you and any of your guests can lounge around atop the patio mat and underneath the awning.

 We have plenty of perfect outdoor chairs to choose from that can perfect your outdoor space. We offer everything from simple foldable chairs to foldable rocking chairs! 

2.   Outdoor Tables

Amongst your awning, patio mat, and chairs, you should have an outdoor table as well. An outdoor table can provide you with the optimal comfortability you deserve in your outdoor area. This is because, while you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you should have a specific place for putting your various belongings.

 With an outdoor table, you and your guests can place your drinks, food, plates, silverware, playing cards, citronella candles, and other smaller items. Without a table, your items will be all over the place! For seamless enjoyment for all those involved, we highly recommend the use of a table specifically designed for the outdoors.

Are you ready to take your RV’s outdoor space to the next level with the help of items like awnings, RV patio mats, outdoor chairs, and outdoor tables? Then have a look at our outdoor living section to make sure you have everything you need! Give us a call at 866-332-7881 if you have any questions.