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Monday, June 20, 2022

All About Garnet SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems


SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems don’t just have a great pun in the name (try forgetting that play on sea level, why don’t you); they’re also invaluable instruments for monitoring the current levels of the various liquid tanks in your RV.

In this post we’re going to peel back some of the layers and take a closer look at Garnet SeeLevel tank Monitoring Systems; what they do, how they do it, what benefits they offer, and why their technology is superior.

What Is a Tank Monitoring System?
Most RVs have a freshwater tank, a gray water tank (wastewater from the shower, sink, laundry, etc.), a black water tank (sewage), and an LPG tank. Some of them have a galley tank as well, which contains gray water from the kitchen (galley). At any given time, each of these tanks will contain a certain amount of material, which will vary based on use or total volume.

A tank monitoring system is a system that tells you how much volume is left in each of these tanks. Some RV setups have monitors for all 4 water tanks, others for only 3 of the water holding tanks, and others yet only for black water. (Monitoring black water is crucial because it dictates when you need to take your waste tank to be drained).

Originally, RV tank monitoring systems were installed by cutting into the walls of the tanks and installing internal tank sensors that could take various readings to give a remote estimation of the remaining volume, but some modern tank monitoring systems (like SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems) use external sensors.

Do I Need a Tank Monitoring System?
Although a SeeLevel Tank Monitoring system can be extremely useful, it’s not necessarily imperative if you camp at a location with full hook-ups where you will not need to rely heavily on the contents of your water tanks and LPG tanks for daily living and amenities. If you’re connected to water or sewer hook-ups, and don’t need to use your tanks, a monitoring system is not as important.

However, if you dry camp, away from campsite hook-up services, a tank monitoring system becomes much more valuable. This is because your water tanks and LPG tank can only contain so much and can limit your time spent on site. A tank monitoring system can help you predict and budget water usage, helping you plan when you will need to fill up your fresh water tank, or to drain your gray or black water tanks.

External Sensors for the Win!
Some RV tank monitoring systems use internal sensors as detailed above to give a reading on the contents of a holding tank. However, despite their widespread use, internal sensors can fall prey to a number of different shortcomings.

Notable, they are difficult to install and it can be expensive and time-consuming to do so. However, the biggest problem arises from the fact that internal sensors must physically contact the contents of your tanks.

Over time, interior sensors (especially in gray and black water tanks, which contain a lot of solid matter) can become obstructed by debris. As a result, they are often prone to giving inaccurate readings.

Consequently, some companies have developed exterior tank monitors to overcome these shortcomings. SeeLevel is one of them; SeeLevel’s Tank Monitoring Systems use external sensing technology that eliminates common problems associated with debris buildup.

Known affectionately as “The Gauge That Works,” SeeLevel’s systems use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate percentage-based readings on RV tanks, and are some of the most accurate, comprehensive monitors on the market.

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Display, Components, Features, Wiring

While the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems will vary in terms of specific features and functionality, including how many tanks they can monitor, they share a few features in common.

They all use a convenient monitoring panel that displays the percentage of your holding tanks (fresh, gray, black, and galley water tanks). This panel receives information from the sender (sensors) via a simple two-conductor wire (senders are wired in parallel). Once installed and wired, the system is easy to use; simply press the button to a corresponding tank to receive an accurate reading. Holding two buttons at once will prompt access to diagnostic functions. (More information can be found in the instructions on each of the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System product pages).

The senders consist of flexible, adhesive circuit boards that are directly mounted to the outside of the holding tank. They must be cut to size before mounting to the tank and auto-calibrate themselves once mounted. In addition to providing accurate readings of tank content levels, the senders can diagnose issues such as a buildup of sludge inside the tank, or if the sender is damaged and needs to be addressed.

Can They Be Monitoring Remotely?
Some SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems are Bluetooth compatible and do not require you to be in front of the panel to access tank readings or diagnostic information. Using an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, users can access tank-level information from up to 30 feet away (Bluetooth-equipped models only).

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System Is Right for Me?

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System is right for you will depend on your unique needs, as well as how many tanks you wish to monitor. We offer 2, 3, and 4 tank systems, as well as Bluetooth enabled systems. We also sell separate monitors that can be used as a second console for use with an established system.

Most of these systems:

●Offer accurate tank level readings for up to 4 tanks (plus battery voltage).
●Are compatible with pre-existing LPG tank connections/sensors.
●Require a 12-volt connector (drain is less than 200mA).
●Come with a monitor, senders, display mounting hardware, and a pigtail (plus, they use common industry connectors).

For more information please consult the system specifics via the link above or contact our customer service team.

Questions? Contact Us!
Luckily, more of these Garnet SeeLevel Systems offer very similar functionality (it varies mainly in the number of tanks it allows to be monitored), so choosing one will more or less depend on the number and configuration of your tanks.

However, if you have any questions about the SeeLevel Systems we sell on our website, you’d like help choosing one, or you need to know more about product specifications, you can reach out to us directly for help. Get in touch with us by phone (or text us) at 866-332-7881.

Friday, June 17, 2022

15 Cool Summertime RV Accessories You Need!

RV accessories


Summer is here and that means that it’s time to hit the open road with friends and family! While doing so, you’re likely to make countless stops along the way. However, with the almost never-ending blistering heat, all of your stops and even while you’re driving can feel pretty brutal more often than not.

Cue cool summertime RV accessories. With the right accessories at the ready, you can make every moment of your summer road trip significantly more tolerable and enjoyable for you, your family, and even new friends! Let’s take a look at our list of 15 cool summertime RV accessories to make your RV really ready for the summer.

1.Magnetic Glove Holder
Let’s be frank: no one enjoys emptying the black tank. Alas, that grueling task needs to be accomplished. When doing so, don’t let your precious gloves go missing in your time of need! With the help of a convenient magnetic glove holder, these can be easier to locate, as you can place it on the utility bay.

2.Outdoor Mat
When you settle into a campground or site, you are wont to wander about your area, set up some chairs, grill, and overall enjoy the great outdoors! We invite you and encourage you to do so, but do so responsibly. That’s what an RV outdoor mat can do– provide you with a convenient place to “hang out” outside your RV while protecting the grass from damage.

These mats not only keep the grass from being trampled or smooshed, but allows it to still receive sunlight and proper airflow to keep it healthy!

Why not pair up your outdoor awning mat with an actual awning? RV awnings are surprisingly affordable all the while offering you a comfortable place to sit and relax outside without having to bake under the sun! There are numerous options available, all varying in sizes, colors, patterns, and beyond.

4.Odor Eliminator

RV accessories

It’s no secret that the summer can lead to an increase in – ahem – sweat and odor. And, whether or not you have an air conditioner in your RV, that odor can build up and become surprisingly pungent– especially in your bathroom! Yuck.

That is why we highly recommend hanging an odor eliminator in your RV. These can be used in your refrigerator, cabinets, and near your trash can as well, but are also powerful in eliminating sweat odor as well. Wherever you feel is the stinkiest, hang an odor eliminator nearby and breathe easier once again!

5.Propane Fire Pit
Is there anything more symbolic of summer evenings that a crackling campfire, surrounded by good friends, family, and laughter? We sure don’t think so. But, not every place you go to during your summer road trip allows open fires. In comes a propane fire pit to the rescue. These items can easily supply you with a homemade fire without the mess, illegal maneuvers, and they simply look “cool!”

6.Mosquito Repellant Shield
While you enjoy your nighttime campfire, you know there is one type of small insect that can quickly ruin the entire experience: the dreaded mosquito. Instead of ducking and running for cover in your RV, simply set up a mosquito repellant shield! These shields will effectively keep mosquitoes away and for longer. Take that, citronella candles!

7.Outdoor Chairs\

RV accessories

Enjoying the great outdoors outside your RV certainly includes lounging and unwinding. Why not do so in comfortable outdoor chairs? There are countless types of outdoor chairs that you can choose to equip your outdoor space with, such as reclining chairs, travel chairs, folding director’s chairs, and so many more! Browse our outdoor chairs to find the one that you’d feel the most at peace with during your R&R.

8.Outdoor Games
When you don’t want to lay back outside and would rather play some games with friends (and likely with a cold beverage in your hand), you should have an enviable stock of outdoor games available. These games include (but of course are not limited to) cornhole, ladder ball, pickleball, giant Jenga, and even board games. Road trips are all about having fun, after all!

9.Outdoor Trash Can
You’ll likely accumulate some trash during your festivities outside your RV. Make it easy on everyone (especially yourself) when it comes time to cleaning up your mess. Have an outdoor trash can open and available so all guests and your fellow traveling companions know just where to put their garbage! Plus, it’s easy to fold up and store for later use.

Hot dogs and hamburgers anyone? Having a grill is one of the most important accessories you can have in your RV! With a personal grill, you can turn your on-the-road cooking game up several notches!

11.Personal Misting Fan
Unfortunately, you can’t really take a handheld air conditioner with you every where you go (yet!). However, we do now have personal misting fans at the ready– and we highly recommend you stock up on these incredible inventions! These battery-powered, handheld devices can provide you with an enjoyable breeze when you need it– and cool mist to really cool you off!

12.Window Covers
Blocking out the sun from entering your RV’s windows is one of the greatest moves you can make because this will drastically reduce the temperature inside it! And who doesn’t want that in the heat of the summer? Simply set up some good ol’ dependable window covers and your RV will be cool again– as will you. Phew!

13.Bluetooth Speaker
Whilst sitting outside, you’ll likely want to pump up the jams! Have a bluetooth speaker of your choice at the ready so you can play your desired music without running your RV’s battery or relying on the weak speaker of your smartphone to do so.

14.Outdoor Lighting

RV accessories

Set the mood just right with some outdoor lighting, too! String some string lights where you so please and you’ll almost never want to leave the area!

15.Folding Table
Last but certainly not least, a folding table! Where are you going to eat or play cards when you are enjoying the great outdoors? That is why you should have a folding table ready to rumble whenever you are!

Is your RV set up with all the perfect RV accessories for summertime? If not, head on over to our selection here at RVupgrades.com! We have an impressive selection for all rig drivers out there– and not just accessories, either! Check us out and upgrade your RV to your dream RV today!

Thursday, June 2, 2022

RV Stabilizer Jacks vs Leveling Jacks: What’s the Difference?

While some may argue that RV stabilizer jacks are the same as leveling jacks, they aren’t the same and are important for different reasons.

The purpose of leveling jacks is to lift a part of an RV to the same level as the remainder of the RV, so that you may have a more enjoyable camping experience.

However, apart from enjoying your trip, you have more reasons to get them. You'll face a lot of problems without leveling jacks and leveling blocks. For starters, an RV that is not level puts undue strain on its frame as well as everything inside.

When fixtures, such as furniture, are not level, they will be taxed. Consider the stresses that will be imposed on a cabinet door's hinges if it is not level. Maintaining a level RV is also important if your RV has an absorption refrigerator. You can permanently harm a fridge if you operate it off-level.

Stabilizing your RV is your next priority after leveling it. Stabilizing jacks or other stabilizers can help to extend the life of your camper.

When compared to a balanced and stabilized RV, a camper that is allowed to rock and sway with the movements of the people within will face more stress. Stabilizing jacks keep your RV steady. They aren't designed to carry the weight of an RV, and should never be used to level an RV. Instead, they should be used to limit the amount of movement the RV endures.

Stabilizer jacks are metal arms designed to extend from the frame to the ground. Your jacks should be retracted into the frame when you're on the road and extended to the ground when you're parked.

There are several types of stabilizer jacks you can choose from.

Types of RV Stabilizer Jacks
If you have the necessary tools, stabilizing an RV is simple. There are different types of stabilizer jacks available on the market. Below are the different kinds to help you pick one that's right for you.

Electric stabilizers work with just a push of a button and come in a variety of designs. These jacks are usually highly powerful and function well with an auto-leveling system. They are heavy duty and are capable of supporting nearly 5,000 pounds.

They're also usually portable. You just set them up, and their electronics will raise and stabilize your rig without you lifting a finger.

The biggest disadvantages are its price as well as the risk of running out of battery and manually retracting the jacks yourself.

Hydraulic stabilizer jacks are frequently used in large RVs. These hydraulic systems can hold a significant amount of weight. Some have a capacity to hold 7500 lb vehicles. So, you'll find them on larger, heavier fifth wheels, travel trailers, and haulers.

These jacks pressurize the hydraulic system that supports the RV with hydraulic fluid. One of its disadvantages is that they are a little complicated, and repairs typically necessitate the services of a highly qualified professional.

Pipe-mounted stabilizers are one of the most common types of stabilizers.

Their cost is reasonable but they are almost always manual and can be difficult to set up effectively.

Because of their ease of use and low price, these jacks are a preferred choice of many RV campers. A good scissor jack can also support a lot of weight, which makes them a little costly.

Depending on the manufacturer, these stabilizers can support up to 10,000 pounds. However, they must be permanently put on your setup.

These types of jacks are standard on most contemporary RVs and come pre-installed.

Tripod jack stabilizers are one of the most cost-effective types. They are set up on three legs to ensure that your setup will be stable.

Tripod jacks, however, aren't usually designed to support more than 500 pounds each jack. They normally require a pad or other flat support from underneath so that the slender legs don't sink into the soft ground if you go off the beaten path camping.

If you don't have a particularly heavy RV, these inexpensive and simple-to-use tripod jacks can be a good choice.

Many stabilizing products are permanently attached, so you'll have one fewer thing to set up or store. While scissor jacks are attached to the RV's frame, they can be easily repaired or replaced by removing a few bolts. Permanent hydraulic and electric stabilizer jacks are more complicated to remove or repair, requiring more time and resources.

Before you go shopping, it's important to understand the different types of RV stabilizers you can choose from. Ask us if you're not sure which RV stabilizer jacks are best for your vehicle.

Have a look at our selection of stabilizing jacks from top brands. We offer low shipping and free shipping for orders of $99 and more.