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Friday, March 28, 2014

What to Consider When a Buying Motorcycle Carrier

motorcycle carrierHave you reached a point in your RV lifestyle where you want to start bringing your motorcycle along for the ride? Well, in order to make that dream come true, you’ll want to think about investing in a motorcycle carrier. It is one of a few key RV accessories that can make transporting other vehicles possible. The decision to buy one shouldn't be taken lightly, there are a number of factors to consider before clicking the buy button.
#1: Weight Limit
One of the initial things that will need to be considered before making a purchase is the combined weight of your bike and the motorcycle carrier. It will need to be compatible with your motorhome’s hitch, suspension system and frame. Otherwise, the extra weight could cause damage to your RV’s structure. If you find that the weight will be too much for the motorcycle carrier to handle, you may want to consider investing in a cargo hauler, toy hauler or tow trailer instead. They have their own pros and cons but that’s a conversation for another day.
#2: Tie-Downs
It is also crucial to give some consideration to the tie-downs that you’ll be using with the motorcycle carrier. After all, low quality ratchet type straps can come loose in transit. And the last thing that you want is your motorcycle hitting the road without you, right? It’s also worth mentioning that certain tie-downs can scratch the motorcycle or motorhome’s paint job. Therefore, you’ll want to keep that in mind too. Products that may help support the motorcycle in transit are Master Lock Ratchet Straps, cam buckle straps, soft loops and biker bars.
#3: Mounting Position
After you make your RV accessories purchase, put some careful deliberation into the mounting process too. Start by selecting an area that can safely accommodate the extra weight and won’t negatively impact the motorhome’s handling. In some instances, that may mean mounting the motorcycle carrier at the front of the RV instead of the back.
In addition to those considerations, you’ll want to make sure that the weight of the bike is evenly distributed across the entire length of motorcycle carrier at all times. That’s because shifting weight during transport can put undue pressure onto the motorhome’s undercarriage and cause stress fractures. As such, it may require the welder to use other RV accessories in a way that can best accommodate your bike’s unique configuration.
For more information about motorcycle carriers and what to look for when buying one, please contact us at (866) 332-7881. We keep a variety of top brand motorcycle carriers and related parts in stock, including Blue Ox and Versa-Haul.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Camco Tipsy Stix Beverage Holder

When you are on a camping trip or even just entertaining outdoors, deciding what to do with food and beverage can be a problem. If bowls of food or beverage glasses are set on the ground they are susceptible to whatever bugs and insects may be crawling around. Not to mention there is a high potential of them being knocked over. It can prove to be a nuisance if you end up constantly holding your food or beverage in your hands. The Camco Tipsy Stix Beverage and Bowl Holder solves this issue by giving you a place to set bowls or glasses high enough off the ground.

The Camco Tipsy Stix Beverage Holder has three sections that can hold two different beverages as well as a snack bowl. Your snacks or drinks are kept at a high level from the ground, but still places them within easy reach. The two beverage holders are able to accommodate almost any type of glass, from large drink cups to wine glasses. Using this beverage holder saves you from having to constantly hold onto your drinks and reduces the risk of anything getting spilled. The beverage holder stakes into the ground and features a base plate to keep it steady. It is made from carbon plated steel, and the holders can be mounted two different ways to suit your needs.

During your next camping trip, barbeque or picnic, the Camco Tipsy Stix Beverage and Bowl Holder will make eating and drinking outside much easier. Keeping snacks or drinks off the ground is also especially helpful when there are children and pets around. Using the Camco Tipsy Stix proves to be a much better solution than setting things on the ground or keeping them in your hands.

For more information on the Camco Tipsy Stix, Click Here

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Make Your RV's Entry Steps Safer

rv entry stepHow many times have you come back to your trailer or RV after a long day taking in the sights only to trip on your own RV entry steps? These steps are often made from black metal and can be difficult to see in a dark campground. Instead of putting your safety at risk every time you go in and out of the RV, consider these tips to make your steps safer for everyone.
Glow in the Dark Step Tread
The best way to fight against tripping over your own steps in the dark is with glow in the dark step tread. This tread securely adheres to your existing steps and contains a strip that collects light energy during the day, transforming it into a glowing strip when it's dark so you can always see where your steps are and reduce the risk of injuries in the dark.
Anti-Slip Strips
Another common problem many RVers experience is slippery steps. Sand can build up on the steps or they can become wet and slick if the conditions are right. Adding rough textured anti-slip strips can offer the traction you require to safely move up and down your steps, regardless of the conditions outside.
Step Stabilizer
As your RV gets older, the RV entry steps may become unstable, which can pose a greater risk of falls and injuries. If your trailer or RV steps move easily as you get in and out of your camper, it may be time to consider a step stabilizer. This stabilizer jack works in much the same way as the jacks located in the four corners of your trailer to keep it steady while you walk around inside. It gives your steps the stability you need to stay safe and secure.
Getting in and out of your RV should be a relatively safe process, just like walking in and out of your own home. However, camping can add some level of risk due to frequent coming and going after dark, wet surfaces, sand and other debris, and even unstable steps. Thankfully, a number of products can make your rv entry steps safer, allowing you to decrease the risk of injury while you are trying to enjoy yourself on your vacation.
If you are looking for these or other items, contact us. We carry all the products you need to make your RV experience safe and fun!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Advent Air Flash Freeze Ducted Ceiling Assembly

With the arrival of spring, the warm summer months are not far away. It is a good time to start preparing your RV for the heat so your summertime camping trips will be more enjoyable. You also want to make sure you have adequate ventilation for keeping the inside of your motorhome cool. To that end, the Advent Air Flash Freeze Ducted Ceiling Assembly will make your RV interior more comfortable when traveling in hot weather.

The Advent Air Flash Freeze Ducted Ceiling Assembly will be able to keep cold air coming into your RV. It works with any Advent Air A/C unit and will fit into a standard vent opening. This ceiling assembly features curved vents so it will not take away from the aesthetic appearance of the interior. Having a ceiling vent will help cool the RV more efficiently, as the cooler air will tend to sink downward. The kit includes a digital thermostat and digital relay, so you are able to adjust the inside temperature as you need it. This ceiling assembly is versatile enough to work with other Advent Air thermostats as well, so you don’t need to worry about having to replace parts of your system.

Using the Advent Air Flash Freeze Ducted Ceiling Assembly will provide you with more relaxed surroundings. Its ability to fill your RV with cold air will make traveling in hot weather go that much easier. It will be able to help your Advent Air A/C ceiling unit keep the RV cool enough for everyone.

For more information on the Advent Air Ceiling Assembly, Click Here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Keep your RV clean this summer with a RV Central Vacuum Systems

It is a good idea to vacuum the carpet inside your RV on a regular basis; however, until now it meant dragging around a big household vacuum or using a worthless portable. Today, with Dirt Devil and InterVac RV central vacuum systems, it is easier than ever to keep your recreational vehicle clean, and here are some reasons why you should consider installing one.
Take up less space
Perhaps the biggest reason for installing a central vacuum system is the fact that they take up very little space. You’ll be able to ditch your upright vacuum cleaner and use the storage space for other items that are more important.
Cleans More Quickly
Since central vacuum systems include a very long hose which will reach from one end of your RV to the other, vacuuming is completed in less time. 
Keeps Allergies at Bay
When traveling, you may find that certain areas have more pollen than others, which means you will need to vacuum more frequently in order to keep your allergies at bay. If you travel with pets, you’ll find this vacuum especially handy, since you can sweep up dog and cat hair easily. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip more as well.
Fit any Size Motor Home
No matter how big or small your RV is, there is a central vacuum system that is just right. These units are also easy to install, and can be expected to last for years once they are purchased. Here at the RV Upgrade Store, we have a huge selection of central vacuum systems in stock. Contact us today to find out more about the choices we have available.

Friday, March 21, 2014

From Leaking Roofs to Vents, Eternabond RV Leak Repair Kits Can Stop the Drip

Our RVs can take us anywhere. But less than perfect road conditions, continuous use, and other environmental factors can cause roof and vent leaks. An RV roof leak can be a nuisance; in some cases it can pose serious risks to other components in the vehicle. When deciding which repair products will work best, consider Eternabond RV Leak Repair.  Eternabond has a reputation for developing best leak repair products on the market. 

Vent and Skylight Leak Repair & Installation 
Vents and skylights are great for air circulation and offer the opportunity for additional natural light throughout the vehicle. When installing these it is important to get the job done right the first time. But even when installed correctly, overtime these welcome additions can become a serious hassle due to excessive leaking. 
The Eternabond 60007 StickNBond Roof Vent Installation Kit works great for vent and small skylight installation. This kit installs your vents using a simple peal and stick method; effectively eliminating the mess that sometimes occurs when applying regular sealant with a paint brush. This kit is field tested by the best RV manufacturers in the business, and has UV coatings within the sealant to resist breakdown for over 19 years. 
Roof Leaks & Maintenance
Just like all the major components in your RV, your roof seams require maintenance. Each year your roof seems should be checked and resealed to prevent cracks that can cause leaks. 
Eternabond RST Roofseal Tape comes in a variety of colors to match your RV. Eternabond uses their patented primer-seal technology to make installing this permanent sealing tape a breeze. Simply clean the area of any rust, dust, or other contaminants using a suitable prep solution and install the tape. This tape is designed to withstand temperatures from -20 to 250 degrees F. The special UV coating has been field tested to last for over 19 years without breaking down.
For more information on Eternabond Leak Repair products, please visit RV Upgrades.com. We offer a huge selection of RV accessories and repair products perfect for getting - and keeping - your RV on the road this season.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

EternaBond RoofSeal Sealant Tape

Roof seams on your RV need routine maintenance to prevent leaks and other types of damage. Using a sealant tape such as EternaBond RoofSeal will save you time and effort, as well as prevent costly repairs. RoofSeal tape is made to provide a simple solution to roof repair and is useful as a type of preventative maintenance. It is ideal for RV roof repair to due to the fact that it is UV stable, so it can last in areas that receive a lot of sun.

EternaBond RoofSeal uses MicroSealant Technology in the adhesive. MicroSealants are able to fuse with many different types of materials under varying conditions. The bond created by the MicroSealant adhesive is waterproof and air tight, staying strong even under adverse weather conditions. EternaBond RoofSeal in particular is also extremely flexible, due to its very high elongation factor. This allows it to easily adapt to surrounding conditions as they change. It also features simple installation, so applying it can be a less time consuming process. It is recommended that some minor surface prep be done beforehand, to make sure the surface is clean and dry before laying down the tape.

EternaBond RoofSeal is available in four different colors to best match your motorhome, including black, white, tan and gray. It comes in varying widths to fit the size of the repair job. Applying RoofSeal to your RV will save you from having to check roof seams for leaks every year, as it creates a seal that is permanent. It will not only come in handy for RV roofing, but for other roofs and repair jobs as well.

For more information on EternaBond RoofSeal, Click Here

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

WiFiRanger Sky Signal Booster

Signal quality and wireless reception can vary greatly at RV parks and campgrounds, which can be a hassle when you’re out and still need to stay connected. Working off a wireless network can also cause security issues, especially when using a network is unfamiliar. The WiFiRanger Sky is a signal booster that has a range of 2500 ft and can create the convenience of working off a wireless network, while still being secure.

The WiFiRanger Sky is able to give a strong signal to different devices at the same time, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. Security features include a built-in firewall for the public network, as well as encryption for the private network that is created between personal devices. All WiFi capable devices can work off the network using just one login, saving time and effort. The Sky can be mounted on an RV roof, as it is able to stand up to varying weather conditions as well as the general stresses of being on the road. It features an internal antenna that is kept safe from outside elements by the surrounding case.

Using the WiFiRanger Sky is simple to operate and easy to learn. It will provide you with faster surfing and higher data transference rates, due to the stronger signal. This makes it easier to download files or stream audio/video files. Higher security creates less of a risk as you browse. The Sky signal booster will also save you from having to create a hotspot from a mobile device.

For more information on the WiFiRanger Sky, Click Here


Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Benefits of the Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch

Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch
Photo from of F150online.com
When it comes to towing, weight distribution/sway control is one of the most important components you must add to your trailer hitch. These systems make it safer and more enjoyable to tow a trailer without the risk of sway or potential lose of control.  One of the best options available is the Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch which offers 4 points of sway control along with just the right amount of weight distribution to keep you and your family safe while on your RV adventures.
Equal Weight Distribution
When you hook your trailer to your hitch on your tow vehicle, the weight of the trailer can sometimes cause the rear end to sag. This sag limits the amount of suspension travel as well as removes weight from the front wheels of your tow vehicle causing unsafe driving conditions.  The Equal-i-zer hitch uses spring bars to apply leverage to either side of the hitch system which evenly distributes the trailer tongue weight towards the front of the tow vehicle.  This levels the vehicle out and keeps those front wheels planted to the ground for proper control.
Four-Point Sway Control
An even bigger issues in the towing of a trailer is sway.  Sway can be caused by side winds, trucks or buses passing along side and rough, uneven roads.  As sway begins the driver will try to correct by steering the opposite way that the trailer is pushing.  This causes the trailer to whip back in the opposite directions which if not brought under control can end in a jack knife or rollover condition. The Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch prevents back and forth swaying by using 4 steel on steel pressure points that control the sway before it starts, keeping the trailer straight and true. It will not eliminate all swaying but does minimize it for safer driving conditions.
One System Does It All
The Equal-i-zer system provides both weight distribution and sway control all in one hitch. With the purchase of some of the other hitches, you must either go without the sway control or purchase an add-on device to perform this function. While the Equal-i-zer may cost more, it is worth the price when you consider all its functions.
If you are considering the purchase of a trailer or your having trouble with towing with your current hitch, it may be time to consider the Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch. This trailer hitch add-on can reduce the amount of sway you experience and keeps your trailer and vehicle straight to reduce the risks associated with towing a trailer. 
If you are interested in purchasing this or other tow bar products, contact us. We carry a variety of options to best meet your needs.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

LSL Products Battery Compartment Vent Fan

When charging or equalizing a battery, it is imperative that gases like hydrogen and oxygen are not permitted to collect inside an enclosed area around the battery. This can become a dangerous safety hazard because these gases can cause an explosion if left unchecked. The LSL Products Battery Compartment Vent Fan takes away that danger by releasing the gases outside. This way harmful fumes do not build up inside your battery compartment.

The LSL Products Battery Compartment Vent Fan consists of the exhaust fan and fan controller. When the controller senses the battery bank voltage is high enough to start producing gases, the fan comes on by itself. It shuts off on its own when the voltage goes back down to a safer level, saving power. There are preset levels to control when the fan comes on or goes off, or settings can be programmed for a more customized process. It features a failure alarm in the event that the fan has a malfunction and is unable to run, while the design allows it to be fitted into smaller areas. Between charges, the fan comes on for 5 minutes every 24 hours to clear out any gases that may have collected, adding further to the safety factor.

This vent fan is compatible with batteries that take almost any kind of charge, including solar, generator or AC mains. It can be used with all the typical battery voltages, such as 12, 24 or 48V. Made in the USA, the LSL Products Battery Compartment Vent Fan also comes with a 1 year warranty.

For more information on the LSL Products Vent Fan, Click Here

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Are Towing Mirrors Really Necessary?

trailer towing mirrors
A setup that would benefit from towing mirrors
So you just picked up your first camping trailer, which is a major purchase, and now the budget is limited on accessories needed.  Depending on whether you have friends or family who are campers probably depends on how long that list of RV accessories has become.  While convenience items are always more attractive to have, you really need to look at some of the safety items first such as towing mirrors.  Since some vehicles, specifically larger pickup trucks that are designed with towing in mind, come with larger mirrors that extend further away from the vehicle, many smaller vehicles that are equipped for towing do not have these larger mirrors. In this situation, it is important to evaluate the need to add towing mirrors. These mirrors can provide the visibility you require without making permanent changes to your towing vehicle. But do you really need to purchase these special mirrors for your situation?
Safer Driving Conditions
If your visibility is reduced due to the size of your trailer versus the size of your vehicle, the addition of towing mirrors is always recommended. When driving on the freeway or in other city environments, it is imperative to have a clear view before you change lanes, turn corners or enter or leave a parking lot. Most standard vehicle mirrors will not show you as much area as specialty mirrors. However, it is important to remember that even specialty mirrors will still have blind spots.
Check State Laws
Many states have laws about the use of towing mirrors on tow vehicles. When you purchase your trailer, do your research so you know what the laws are in your state. However, if you intend to travel to other areas of the country, it is also important to check the laws in the areas to which you will travel. In most cases, it is simply better to buy the mirrors so you don't find yourself in a situation where you don't have what you need. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a ticket you could have avoided.
Determining Need
In some situations, your tow vehicle may already have mirrors that don't need to be extended based on your trailer size. Before you go, it is important to complete an easy check to determine if you need the mirrors.
  1. Measure from the inside of the driver's side mirror to the inside of the passenger side mirror through the vehicle.
  2. Measure from the outside of one mirror to the outside of the other.
  3. Measure the width of your trailer. Be sure to include any elements, such as the awning rails, that protrude from the side in your measurements.
If your trailer width is less than the first measurement, you don't need mirrors. However, if it is between the two measurements or greater than the second measurement, you are more likely to need mirror extensions.
Towing mirrors may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can be one that makes your driving conditions safer. In some situations, it may even be illegal to tow a trailer without installing them on your vehicle. The good news is you don't have to spend a lot on purchasing these mirrors, and many of them are temporary additions to your vehicle that can be added and removed without damage.
If you are looking for towing mirrors to add to your tow vehicle, visit our tow mirror section or contact us. We offer a great selection of mirrors so you can find the right options for your vehicle and trailer.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Biocide Systems RV Shocker Odor Eliminator

If there is odor build up in your RV from such sources as food, mold or mildew, gasoline or other objects, there are of course ways to get rid of the smell. Scented candles and sprays will certainly mask the smell until the candle burns out or the spray dissipates. Aerosol odor eliminating sprays may rid the area of the aroma, but can be harmful to the environment. The Biocide Systems RV Shocker Odor Eliminator provides an environmentally friendly way to get rid of odors, rather than just covering them up.

The Biocide Systems RV Shocker Odor Eliminator is not complicated to use and comes with almost all the necessary ingredients. Simply shake the micro-generator pouch and remove it from the outer envelope, add water to it and then leave it alone. It uses chlorine dioxide to create a vapor that fills the space without harming the materials it may come in contact with. A single RV Shocker can cover RV interiors up to 400 sq. ft., while larger motorhomes may need two. It is completely biodegradable and can get rid of odors in just 5 hours, while particularly strong odors will be gone in under a day.

Using the Biocide Systems RV Shocker Odor Eliminator provides a safe, easy way to remove foul smells from the air. Because it does not use harsh chemicals, there is no residue to clean up afterwards. Other versions for cars or interior rooms are also available and the products are made here in the USA.

For more information on the Biocide Systems Odor Eliminator, Click Here

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Choosing the right Outdoor Chair for your RV Adventures

folding outdoor chairHaving the right camping chair while spending time sitting outside relaxing, enjoying a cozy fire or just visiting with friends, makes all the difference while RV'ing.  As such, you’ll need to bring a few outdoor chairs along on your adventures. There are a number of different chairs that are perfect for RVing, and the right one for you will depend on a number of different factors.  Chair size, weight, comfort factor, and weight rating are all things to consider when selecting the right outdoor chair.
Folding canvas chairs are a good choice for many RV'ers, because they are lightweight and take up very little room in your storage compartments.  Folding chairs feature a durable canvas seating material and can be slid between other stored items very easily. Folding outdoor chairs are also great for the kids since they come in a variety of different sizes to match different body heights. One thing to consider with these chair are that they do not offer great support for those with back problems.  And lower quality chairs tend to only have one or two seasons of use in them.
Directors chairs are similar to the standard folding chair with their canvas seating material but are structurally more sturdy. Although they do not fold as compactly they do generally last longer and even have rocker options.  Many of the outdoor director chairs offer a side table which makes eating around a campfire a little more convenient.
If the park you’re staying at has picnic tables, you may want to have a few “bleacher seats” on hand. These chairs consist of a cushioned seat with a short back, and are designed to sit on top of a bench or set of bleachers. Many times the picnic tables provided at your campsite have seen better days and having a bleacher seat makes them usable. They also provide support for the spine, and are therefore ideal if you suffer from back problems of any kind.
For something a bit more comfortable, look no further than a zero gravity recliner that allows you to kick back and rest your eyes under a shade tree during the afternoon or view the stars in the evening.  With such features as padded armrest, a pillow for your head and neck and lock in place positioning, you will feel like your staying at a high end resort in this chair.  These reclining chairs lay flat when folded but tend to be wide and can take up a quite a bit of storage space which is something to consider before purchasing. 
There’s no doubt that the right outdoor chair is essential for any trip in your RV. To find just the right chair for your next outing, visit our outdoor chair section on our website.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why You Should Consider RV Surge Protection

RV Surge Protection
A powerful lightning strike in the grand canyon
Let's face it, the likely hood of your RV getting hit by lightning is pretty slim and not the main reason you should consider getting an RV surge protector.  Depending on the entry point of the lightning a surge protector may not even save many of those high end electronics.  Now it's not to say that you won't have a run in with mother nature, just ask Andy Baird (Zapped), but the reality is that the power you plug your RV into will pose a much bigger threat than lightning ever will.
Unreliable Campground Power
There are many reasons why you should approach a campgrounds power pedestal with caution. Plain and simple most smaller campgrounds just don't have the money to upgrade their infrastructure to handle the demands of today's power hungry RV's.  Combine that with sometimes inexperienced help do maintenance and a plugging in could end in disaster. That's why we always recommend the full featured RV surge protectors when customers ask for advice.  If you read Andy's blog you can see that if you do run into electrical issues, the expense and hassle to correct them far out ways the cost of a full featured surge protector. 
Full Protection
When we mention full protection, what exactly are we talking about?  So there are a number electrical issues that are just waiting to attack your RV, they include:
  • High / low voltage protection: Whenever source power falls below 104 Volts, or rise above 132 volts the surge protector automatically shut down power to the RV. 
  • Surge protection: This feature provides full surge protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection: If source power is a reverse polarity condition, the system will not allow power to the RV.
  • Open neutral protection: If the source has an open neutral condition the system will not allow power to the RV.
  • Open ground protection: If source power has an open ground condition the system will not allow power to the RV.
  • AC Frequency Protection: If source power frequency deviants +/- 9 hertz from 60 cycles per second the system will shut down power.
  • Accidental 220V protection: If 220 volts are detected when plugging into source power the system will not allow power to the RV.
Eliminate Certain Repair Costs
Many RV's now have multiple televisions, DVD's and Blu-Ray players. They may also take a laptop computer with them or use smartphones that need to be plugged in to charge. In addition to these electronics, your refrigerator, air conditioner and lights all work on electricity when you are plugged in at a campground. If you don't use a surge protector, any of these elements could be damaged, needing repair or replacement.
Full featured RV surge protectors will keep your RV safe in the face of unreliable campground power, saving you from costly repairs or insurance deductibles. Protecting the electrical items in your RV will ensure everything works well when you need it and help you protect your investment.
If you are looking for quality RV surge protection, contact us. We are your source for all RV accessories.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Camping Accessories: Vented Wok Opens Up a World of Options

When most campers think of campfire veggies, ears of corn and potatoes come to mind. That’s all well and good. However, there is a world beyond those campground chef staples. The best way to reach it is to invest in camping accessories such as non-stick vented woks and baskets.
When shopping for campfire accessories capable of grilling veggies to perfection, there are several things that you should look for. For starters, the basket should be non-stick and able to withstand direct heat. You’ll also want to select one with high sides and small, even holes. Otherwise, you could end up losing ingredients or having the veggies cook unevenly.
We have found that the Mr. Bar B.Q. Non-Stick Wok is just the right size and quality for this purpose.  It is dishwasher safe, 3 inches deep and 12" inches all around. So it should hold enough grilled veggies for a family of five. To use it effectively, place it onto a grate and have potholders handy. They’ll help you keep the vented wok from sliding around while you stir the veggies.
You’ll also want to prepare your veggies properly. We’d suggest placing them into a re-sealable bag with some marinade and letting it sit overnight. The list of good marinade choices includes Italian salad dressing, sesame oil, soy sauce, olive oil and red wine vinegar. As long as the dressing is oil based, it will keep the veggies from initially sticking to the wok’s hot surface and help add flavor.
Once your campfire is hot and ready, put the vented grilling wok directly onto the grates and let it get hot. Next, add the veggies to the wok along with any additional seasonings that your family may enjoy. You might even want to sprinkle them with some cheese. If you do want to go with the cheese option though, don’t add it until the end. Failure to do so could result in a hot, cheesy mess.
After the veggies are in the vented wok, let them cook to the desired consistency. You’ll most likely have to stir or toss them around in the process. When they are perfectly cooked, scoop them onto a plate with the rest of your campfire foods, serve and enjoy. To learn more about non-stick grilling woks and other camping trailer accessories, please contact us at (866) 332-7881.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Camco Power Hook Awning Tensioner System

When the sun is strong most people enjoy having the awnings on their RV extended to they can create shade while still enjoying the nicer weather. However if it gets windy, the wind can get caught in an awning that is too loose, making it flap around in the breeze. Attempting to anchor the awning with stakes can sometimes be a hassle. The Camco Power Hook Awning Tensioner takes away that issue by making sure the awning is tight, while still being simple to install.

The Camco Power Hook Awning Tensioner uses a system of straps, springs and clasps to pull on the awning roller until it is taut. This keeps the awning from moving around in the wind and creating undesirable background noise. The awning stays tight without getting loose and sagging down. Light rain runs off more easily, rather than collecting in the middle and causing the awning to sag. The nylon material on the straps is made to be durable and UV resistant. Requiring no tools to set up, it can also be removed when not in use.

Using the Camco Power Hook Awning Tensioner will provide you with a simple way to keep your awning securely tightened. There will be no more searching for a way to secure your awning to the ground. It works with electric as well as manually operated awnings. Screen rooms can stay in place while using this system, further adding to its convenience.

For more information on the Camco Awning Tensioner System, Click Here


Monday, March 3, 2014

Cool Camper Accessories for St. Patrick’s Day Road Trips

Cool camping accessoriesSt. Patrick’s Day is a great time to take a road trip. You may have been cooped up inside all winter and it's a time when the weather as begun to break for most of the country.  So why not load up the pop-up or RV and head to an Irish themed campground with your family and friends? If you do decide to go, don’t forget to take at least one of these cool, St. Patrick’s Day approved, camper accessories along:
Kuma Stow-n-Go Charcoal Grill
Did you know that corn beef, boiled potatoes and cabbage can easily be prepared at a campsite? It’s true. To make some for the whole family, you’ll need the Kuma Stow-n-Go Charcoal Grill. It’s large enough to cook corn beef, potatoes and cabbage for a family of five. Recipes for campsite corn beef dinners are readily available online.
Mr. Bar-B-Q Beer Can Chicken Roaster
If you don’t want to put corn beef onto your camping trip’s menu, what about Irish beer can chicken? With the Mr. Bar-B-Q Beer Can Chicken Roaster in tow, it’s so easy to make one over a roaring campfire or grill. Beers to consider are a spicy Beamish Stout and sweet Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale.
kelty folding coolerKelty Folding Coolers
Speaking of Irish beer, remember to pack the Kelty Folding Cooler as well. It comes with their own built-in cup holders and folds flat for easy storage. Use each one to hold 36 cans of Ireland’s finest, cold brews. Just make sure to bring a mix of ales, lagers and stouts.
Irish Fun & Games
A few Irish games would make a great addition to your St. Patty’s weekend camping trailer accessories list too. So consider packing a Prime Products Roll-Up Magnet Dart Board, Fundex Hot Potato Splash Game, Jobar Four Deck Card Shufflers and enough playing cards to play Irish Switch or Irish Don.
Irish Decorations
Let’s face it. A St. Patrick’s Day campsite wouldn't be complete without at least one Irish decoration. So why not pack camping trailer accessories to help you sport your love of the Emerald Isle? Ones that come to our mind are flag pole kits by Adjust-a-Brush, Camco, Annin and Flagpole Buddy. We also like Camco Party Lights. They feature miniature beer bottles and beer mugs. Therefore, you may want to set them up around your Kelty Folding Coolers or run a string along the trailer’s awning.
For a look at these and other camping trailer accessories that can help make your St. Patrick’s Day complete, please contact us at (866) 332-7881 or visit www.rvupgradestore.com, we have all the camping essentials you need for an Erin Go Bragh good time.