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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Torklift Safe Step Protective Step Riser Guard increases safety on steps

Safe Step Riser Guards
If you have small children with you in your RV, or if you are bringing pets along, open entry steps can sometimes be hazardous for them. Likewise if you or someone in your group is unsure of themselves on stairs, you will want to make sure your entry steps are as safe as possible. Getting caught in the open gaps can lead to accidents or injury, especially if the traction on the stairs is not ideal. Pets can also sometimes be unwilling to climb open stairs. The Safe Step Riser Guards from Torklift help alleviate that issue by providing a means to close that gap.
These protective Step Riser Guards attach to almost any type of scissor stairs, including Torklift Glow Steps. Because it uses Velcro, these guards can stay on the stairs even when they are not in use. The guards will simply fold up along with the stairs. This keeps you from having to think about adding or removing them every time you stop. The UV protection means they will stay resistant to fading or cracking in the sun. Made from vinyl, these risers are durable and long lasting, as well as simple to keep clean. The Safe Step Risers come in sets of 3 and are made here in the USA.
With the Safe Step Riser Guards, you will be able to keep your family and pets safe on scissor stairs. The guards will be able to catch anyone's feet as they enter or exit, preventing any problems.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BAL FastJack Kingpin Tripod Stabilizer easily provides support for your 5th Wheel

Travel Trailers such as 5th wheels that have a large overhang may need additional stability to provide adequate support. Like any other vehicle, it is prone to movement due to the suspension system. Besides the stabilizing jacks that are on the frame, there are other ways to keep your 5th Wheel from moving around. One such example is through the use of the FastJack Kingpin Tripod Stabilizer. This lightweight tripod stabilizer fits onto the kingpin and works well on any surface, including uneven ground.
The FastJack Tripod can be set between 40 and 60 inches to support your trailer. Set up only takes a few minutes. Each leg can be independently adjusted and tightened for a custom support system. Once the tripod is set up, it is a good idea to walk around inside the trailer, so the tripod can settle. When it has settled, check to make sure the tension on each leg is still sufficient. Make sure you do not apply too much tension to the tripod. Removal is just as simple as the set up, once the tension is released the tripod can slide off the kingpin.
This tripod helps to keep movement in your 5th Wheel down to a minimum, and works even in windy conditions. Having the extra support will also help to reduce stress on other parts of the trailer. It is collapsible for easy storage, and it comes already assembled so no time is wasted putting anything together. A padlock is included to keep the tripod secure on the kingpin. Keep in mind that the FastJack Tripod is not meant to be used for lifting or leveling the trailer.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray allows you to store heavy equipment

Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray
When needing to decide what to take along on a road trip, sometimes you may have to compromise and leave something behind. This is especially true in the case of larger, heavier objects that take up a lot of space. You also will want to reduce the risk of losing your equipment during transport. This is much more likely to occur when it is mounted in the rear of the trailer.
The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray is a must have for the RV’er on the go, and features a unique design that provides greater convenience. This cargo carrier for trailers easily supports up to 300 lbs allowing you to carry all of your heavy gear like generators, compressors, coolers and firewood.  The trailer tray mounts right on top of the A frame portion of the tongue extension giving you more choices on how and what to pack.  Because this trailer cargo carrier mounts up front, your tow vehicle's suspension guarantees a soft ride and your gear is less likely to end up on the road. The top platform is adjustable, in the event that you need to gain access to the propane tanks or anything else that would be beneath it. The front support becomes useful when needing to transport especially heavy objects.
Rather than having to make a difficult decision on what to take, this trailer tray gives you additional room to take more of what you want. This trailer tray is compatible with most A-Frame trailers and comes with all the hardware needed for installation.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The JTB Power System allows you to run your appliances freely

As we enter the height of summer, most of us will be experiencing the warmest temperatures of the year. With that in mind, now would be a bad time for a tripped breaker while camping, specifically while you are running your RV's air conditioners. Other times you may being trying to use something such as a microwave or hair dryer, only to be met with an unwelcome situation if a different appliance is running too. Using the JTB Power System, you are able to keep two appliances running at the same time, including dual air conditioners. It eliminates the worry of causing a circuit breaker to trip, and also reduces the need to shut off one appliance in order to operate another.
With this power system, also known as the JTB Power Solution, you can run a 50 amp RV in a 30 amp park. The system works automatically, so there is nothing that needs supervising. When the Power Solution is installed, there will be an added power cord that can plug into a 20 amp circuit or GFCI, while the power cord you already had is plugged into the 30 amp service. Installation does require you to be comfortable working with electricity, so keep this in mind when deciding whether to mount the unit yourself. It is compatible with almost any type of motor home, so you do not need to worry about it matching a certain make or model.
This power system allows you to take advantage of the power made available to you, whether it is 30 amp or 50 amp. Reduce the potential for electrical problems by having that additional safety margin. It will not require you to sacrifice one appliance to use another, nor will you have to go without air conditioning in the summer heat.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Atwood Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Atwood Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning with the Atwood Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm. This CO alarm is an updated version of the Atwood 32519. It works the same way, simply featuring a different design. The Fuel Cell technology used by the Atwood CO alarm ensures that the readings are more accurate, as it is less sensitive to other gases. If CO is detected, the alarm will sound, making sure that you and your family are made aware of possible danger. For added convenience, it can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Make sure that the detector is mounted in a place where you can easily read the display, and that it is not blocked by anything else. This detector is made to last for years before wearing out.

The real threat of carbon monoxide comes from the fact that it is odorless and invisible. It can come from a number of sources, most commonly from furnaces or other heaters, generators, or dryers that are not functioning properly. Unless you have a CO detector in place, chances are you will not be aware of it. Common symptoms of CO exposure include headaches, drowsiness and nausea, and is fatal in high amounts. It is important to remember to test CO alarms to make sure they are properly functioning. It is also a good idea to place them near sleeping areas in the case of an emergency during the night. Keep in mind that a CO detector does not take the place of a smoke / fire alarm.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System keeps your 5th Wheel stable

When you are out camping with your 5th Wheel, you want to make sure that the trailer remains stable once its parked. The solution obviously is to use a stabilizing jack system, but not all of them work the same way. Using the wrong system, or using one that does not give enough support will not improve the situation. In that event, your 5th wheel may not be very steady at all. JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System is engineered to ensure that your 5th wheel trailer remains in a sturdy and secure position.
This stabilizer system uses race car suspension technology and triangulation to keep your trailer in place. It only needs to be mounted once, as it is intended to be a permanent fixture. It attaches to the front and rear of the trailer to remove any type of swaying movement. Installation can be done yourself, or by a professional, depending on whatever you are comfortable with. Once mounted, the Strong Arm Jack system can not only remain stable from traffic inside, but also forces from outside, including moderate wind gusts. This also useful if you have pets or children, when there is potential for a lot of interior movement. If people are going to be going in and out of the trailer repeatedly, using this system will ensure that you do not feel it.
Note that this particular product is made for larger trailers with 58" between the front landing gear. Also be aware that if the trailer is sitting on loose ground, the jacks may loosen up as the trailer settles.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Outdoors Unlimited Stainless Steel Grill adds versatility

There are of course several different styles of grilling, each with its own characteristics. Gas grills come with several benefits, including maintaining a constant temperature. The process is faster, since the heat can be easily turned on or off. The amount of heat is simple to control, ensuring that your meal is prepared properly. This can be helpful if you are cooking for people with more individualized tastes. Cleaning up afterward can also be easier compared to other types of grills. When you are away from home, having a reliable way to prepare food is important. Likewise, you may not wish to have your options limited by employing a grill that can only be operated one way.

Using the Outdoors Unlimited RV Gas Grill will provide you with more options when needing to prepare food during your next camping trip. This grill will work not only as sidekick mounted to your RV, but also doubles as a tabletop grill. The large handles increase the portability and make it easier to transport, freeing up space as needed. This versatility is achieved through the use of the mounting bracket, which can be adjusted into a stand so the grill can sit on a table if necessary.
The stainless steel construction of the grill makes it a durable piece of equipment, while also providing a stylish, modern design. The large grilling surface can accommodate a group, while the included warming tray and cooking rack can help you prepare meat or vegetables the way you prefer. A separate hose kit is available that will connect the grill to your RV.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Camco RV Door Accessories prevent costly damage

Entering and exiting your RV is not rocket science, of course, but there are several products available that reduce the amount of inconveniences. Two RV Door accessories from Camco in particular provide for a smoother operation and help you avoid certain types of damage to your motorhome.
Camco Screen Door Push Bar
I have heard of instances where someone has accidentally put their hand through a screen door, not realizing the screen would not hold up.The RV Screen Door Push Bar can prevent that type of damage caused to your screen. It can be installed at any height, so you can mount it at whatever position works best for you. The push bar can be used to open or close the door, and it creates a more substantial door handle. The width can be adjusted to fit the size of your door, and the mounting hardware comes with it. Using the push bar will also prevent the expense of having to get the screen repaired or replaced. This cross bar can even used for compatible home screen doors to reduce the same risk.
Camco RV Awning Door Roller Ball
When an awning extends over an RV door, there is potential that it could tear, should the corner of the door come in contact with it. The RV Awning Door Roller Ball solves that problem by creating a rounded 'contact point'. The Roller Ball can attach to the outside of your RV door and will rotate to follow the motion of the door, so there is less friction. This roller ball works for doors with both sharp or rounded corners and also comes with the needed hardware. Just like the Push Bar, the Roller Ball reduces the chance of needing to repair or replace an awning because of a tear.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SaveAJack Quick Release Jack Saver

Keeping your stabilizing jacks attached to your RV while driving can present a problem. They can impede ground clearance, which is an issue especially when the terrain is uneven. This can cause damage to your jacks, even to the point where they will not work. You may not even be aware of it if damage is caused, being met with an unpleasant surprise when you attempt to use them. The SaveAJack Quick Release Jack Saver allows the stabilizing scissor jacks to be removed when not in use, so they do not have to stay connected to your motorhome.
The SaveAJack uses a two bracket system that attaches to your RV's frame, so the jack is attached to the bracket through the use of cotter pins. This way your stabilizing jack can be installed or removed quickly and easily. It is made to work with almost any type scissor jack and fits any RV that has a 2" wide frame. All the hardware needed for installation is also included. Using the SaveAJack system decreases the impeded clearance space of several inches down to less than one inch. The brackets themselves are made from steel, so they stay durable.
SaveAJack eliminates the potential of having your stabilizing jacks coming in contact with the ground while driving. As the name suggests, SaveAJack extends the useful life of the jack, because they can now be stowed separately. The jacks stay protected when going over ground that is not level, including driveways. This saves you the time and expense of potential replacement as well.