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Friday, June 5, 2015

Protect Your RV with New Locks

When people think of rv accessories, they often only think about the things that are obvious.  They think about what will be nice to have outdoors or ways to have better water pressure.  Those things are nice to have and upgrading them is great but a lot of people disregard the basics.  For instance a good quality security lock that will give you a piece of mind, that your stuff will be safe when your away from your home on wheels. 
Many RVs share the same lock sets and keys.  Within a single model of a brand, there may only be a dozen different door locks.  Even across many brands, the outdoor compartments share keys that are the same or so similar that many of your neighbors in the campground can probably get into your RV. We may wish that things were still the same as a couple of decades ago when no one worried about that but times are different now.  You don't really know the other people in the campground, even if you're friendly with them.  
For your safety and the protection of your expensive RV and belongings, you should change out the factory locks to something different.  While you're thinking about safety, you can also think about convenience.  Electric door locks can be the solution that keeps your RV protected.  Any replacement lock could keep your items safe but the advantage of electric key-less locks over key locks is that you'll never be locked out again.  You'll never have to try to figure out where to put keys at the pool or worry about losing them in an amusement park.  You can get key-less combination locks to fit your storage compartments too.  
We carry many different kinds of RV locksContact us to find the right ones to keep your RV safe. 

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