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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Keep Your Camper Cleaner With This RV Secret

There is nothing better than taking your RV or camper on a big adventure. Couples and families choose every year to drive to their favorite local destination and camp out, while others head off across the entire country (sometimes even venturing into Canada or Mexico). While all of this driving is the reason behind buying your RV in the first place, it sure gets dusty and dirty along the way.
As well, the spacious interior of your camper can start to feel small and crowded in those hours between a day’s driving and bedtime. Often, your family members or pets spent most of the day relaxing in the back of the RV, perhaps playing some games and getting out for rest stops, but once you park for the evening, it is time to stretch your legs and spend a bit of time outside. It can be difficult to find a clean, safe space to do this when you are living out of your RV.

A great solution before you set out on this year’s big adventure, whether that is a weekend or the entire season, is adding RV patio mats to your camper. These mats can help alleviate a lot of the stresses and discomforts about traveling in your RV, and in such a simplistic way. 

A Much Cleaner Solution As you traverse your state, or the entire United States, your family and friends are likely to track a bit of everything from the outside into your RV. This can lead to a quite a bit of frustration as you try to keep your temporary home clean and comfortable.  As well, just this foot traffic can ruin the carpet you have installed throughout your RV, which is a frustration to clean or replace. 

RV patio mats are a great way to keep the shoes, clothes, and kids that track dirt through your RV outside. You can park your RV and have a designated outdoor space setup in minutes. This is the perfect place to entertain or sit around with friends and family. Plus, it has the added benefit of keeping all of those dirty footprints on this single carpet.

As you roll out an RV patio mat for the afternoon or evening, it can become the designated spot for kids to take off their shoes or even leave dirty t-shirts. It is here that pet’s paws can be cleaned or dried off, and if you are traveling with a group, it is a great space to have everyone over for dinner without ten sets of feet making their way through your inside living space. In this way, RV patio mats are great for catching the daily dirt and grime that would otherwise make its way into your RV sanctuary and ruin your installed carpet.

RV patio mats are designed with passionate outdoor people in mind. Manufacturers know that people who like RV trips, also like to fish, hike, and explore. Therefore, the mats outside your camper must be able to handle and withstand all of the dirt that comes with these outdoor pursuits. Luckily, manufacturers made RV patio mats to handle constant foot traffic, the setup and takedown of folding furniture, and even the presence of pets. The mats are designed to collect all of the dirt and fur that you do not want inside, without being ruined. Most mats are even designed to withstand harsh natural elements, such as rain and wind without needing to be replaced. 

Creating More Space
In addition to keeping a lot of the dirt and dust from being tracked into your camper, RV patio mats are a great way to create more space as you travel. While we all love the beauty of an open road and the time for thought as you drive from one camping spot to the next, an RV can become confining. No one wants to end a day of driving by sitting in another, small space. However, at campsites and RV parks, it can be tough to find areas for recreation. With these large mats rolled up in your RV, you can create space to relax everywhere you go.

The mats can unroll outside your camper for creation of an easy outdoor space. Put up a few chairs or a folding table, and suddenly the space just outside your RV is ready for outdoor dining, playing cards, or kicking back for a few beers at the end of the day. There is no need to stay cramped inside, when you have a mobile patio packed inside your mobile home.

If you are ready to upgrade your RV experience by keeping it cleaner and adding to your useable space on the road, it is time to buy an RV patio mat. A range of durable mats are available online at RV upgrades, visit our store today!

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