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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Key RV Accessories That Can Improve Your Life on the Open Road

Road trips are a classic American experience that many families hope to undertake someday.  Whether you dream of driving the winding roads of Yosemite National Park or crossing through the wide expanses of the Painted Desert, road trips involve a lot of downtime together.  Even the most patient and cooperative family can come under the effects of cabin fever if the challenges of the road build up.  The good news, though, is that a few key RV accessories can help stave off cabin fever and make things genuinely pleasurable while on the road.  This article is devoted to highlighting just which accessories are likely to improve your life, save you headaches, and make you even more excited to hit the road and see all the wonders America has to offer!

1.  A Good Stereo SystemNearly every RV is going to have a stereo system of some type.  Radios and stereo systems have become one of the most ubiquitous RV accessories, but not all stereo systems are created equal. Many built-in stereo systems contain older technology, especially if you own an older or used RV.  CDs are not only lower quality in sound than modern audio storage technology, but they can be lost, damaged, and are a hassle to change on the road. 

Building a good stereo system with aux or USB inputs means that you can have access to your entire digital library of music including services like Spotify and Apple Music, both of which keep tunes fresh and allow for all of your passengers to listen to songs they like.  Even slightly customized stereo systems allow for better quality sound on the road.

2.  Blu-Ray Player and Mount 
Giving your passengers the ability to watch movies on the road can make long driving days pass quickly and in a fun manner, especially if you have children along for the ride.  Keeping kids and passengers occupied means less distraction and fatigue for the driver and a more comfortable ride for the passengers.  A Blu-Ray player also has the added benefit of being usable while stationary as well.  Nothing is quite like a movie night after a day of swimming in the cool waters of one of America’s beautiful national parks. 

3.  Phone Mount or Clip 
Nearly everyone uses a smartphone for multiple purposes on the road, whether for listening to music or for locating a nearby stop for lunch.  With proper use, using a smartphone for navigation and as a radio substitute is perfectly safe.  However, many drivers simply put their phone in their lap or cup holder, which is distracting and potentially very unsafe!  Getting a proper mount or clip for your smartphone is not only helpful and stress-relieving but can also be a great improvement to the safety of travel for you and your passengers. 

4.  First Aid Kit 
When traveling on the road, having a compact and organized first aid kit can make a major difference in the case of a minor accident.  Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and bumps are a fact of life, whether you’re on the road or not.  A properly stocked first aid kit can help ensure that a minor injury doesn’t become a major one.

First aid is especially important if you’re traveling in rural or wilderness areas, where you might be a long distance from a pharmacy or clinic.  Even a small cut while cooking could become a major discomfort or inconvenience if you don’t have any bandages or antibiotic ointment on hand.

Be sure to include a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol in your first aid kit.  Being able to quickly clean minor cuts and scrapes can prevent an infection that could really ruin a trip. 

5.  Outdoor Seating Set 
Two of the most iconic RV road trip experiences you can have are night-time outdoor stargazing and fireside socializing.  Both of these are not very enjoyable if you don’t have the proper seating accessories.  Compact and comfortable chairs and outdoor seating, therefore, is one of the most important RV accessories you can have.

Not only are outdoor chairs important for enabling iconic RV trip experiences, but having good outdoor chairs can save you money in the long run, especially in summer.  Instead of running your AC constantly during a summer trip stop, you can simply take your chairs outdoors and enjoy the breeze together as a family.

Before you go on any road trip, be sure to get these key RV accessories.  Not only will they make your life easier, but they’ll make you and your passengers much happier as well.  When you’re ready to load out your RV with the accessories it needs, be sure to come visit us at www.rvupgrades.com!  We have fantastic prices on all of your RV needs!

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