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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The 8 Supplies You Need in Case of an RV Emergency

Road trips in your RV or camper can take you to some incredible destinations. From the Pacific Northwest to the beaches of Florida, you can see it all from a mobile home. While taking on the open road, you can also take in some of the most remote vistas of North America. Adventuring to remote destinations offers a glimpse of rural areas that many other people don’t have.

However, this leaves quite the dilemma if there is an accident or vehicle trouble while in these less populated areas or when driving overnight. To ensure you are always safe on the road and ready for anything, we’ve come up with the eight camper supplies to keep on-hand at all times.

#1: Flashlights and Utility Lights 
If you have an accident or engine trouble at night, you will be incredibly grateful for a flashlight or utility light in your camper. This is a necessity if you are repairing a tire, fixing something under the hood, or just investigating outdoor conditions. Be certain to have extra batteries, as well. A utility light does you little good if it can’t turn on.

#2: Fresh Water Supply 
Every motorhome has the ability to store fresh drinking water for overnight drinking, cooking, and restroom uses. However, a motorhome owner should also keep extra fresh water on hand in the camper. Some incidents require more than a simple repair, and that could leave you stranded for an extended amount of time. Even if this occurrence seems unlikely, it is something that an RV owner needs to consider. Whether it is a roadblock, engine trouble, or another accident in a deserted or unreachable location, you should always have extra fresh water in your camper.

#3: Jumper Cables 
Motorhome batteries die for a number of reasons, many of them not apparent to a RV owner until it is too late. However, this is an easy problem to fix with the right equipment. Instead of letting a dead battery ruin your entire road trip, have your motorhome back up and running within an hour by keeping jumper cables accessible.

#4: First-Aid Kit 
Every vehicle should contain a first-aid kit, but it is even more important in a camper, where your family spends a considerable amount of time. The band-aids, gauze, medical tape, and medications that you keep in a first-aid kit prevent a small problem, such as a cut or scrape, from becoming a disaster for your trip. Untreated, these minor inconveniences can lead to infections and worse. This is one of the first camper supplies to toss in the bathroom cabinet or glove box of your motorhome.

#5: Proximity Tester 
This is one gadget that isn’t going to help you in the event of an accident but could prevent a major problem for your motorhome. A proximity tester is used to determine the strength and consistency of power provided by a campsite or other power source. If you hook up your RV to a power source prone to surges, it can be very damaging to the appliances in your motorhome. Therefore, having a proximity tester in your camper is a must.

#6: Utility Knife 
Many of the supplies that are must-haves for your camper have a variety of uses. On this list is definitely a utility knife, which can be used for cutting, sawing, stripping wires to fix electrical issues, and more.  Of course, if you have small children, this is one tool to keep out of reach or locked away.

#7: Tire Repair Kit 
A good RV owner is always prepared for the unfortunate circumstance of blowing a tire. While it is acceptable to have AAA on speed dial for incidents like a flat tire, you should also be capable of handling the repairs on your own. In the event you are without cell phone service, keeping a tire repair kit in your RV and knowing how to use it could be crucial.

#8: Super Glue and Duct Tape 
Super glue probably isn’t the first item that comes to mind as a must-have in your camper, but it can be used for a wide variety of purposes and fast fixes. Whether it is fixing your favorite coffee mug or repairing the leg on a folding chair, super glue is your go-to item. Even if super glue doesn’t offer a permanent repair, it could hold a part together throughout your trip or, at least, until reaching the next town. Next to the super glue you should keep another household item, duct tape. Similarly to glue, duct tape can provide temporary fixes for items on the inside and exterior of your motorhome.

Finding All Your Camper Supplies 

The best place to locate the high quality camper supplies that you need in the event of an accident or emergency is RV Upgrades. RV Upgrades is an online store that specializes in campers and motorhomes, and it carries the best in RV parts, equipment, and accessories. It is the perfect place for a passionate motorhome owner to shop!

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