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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Go To RVupgrades for Your Next Trailer Tongue Jack

There’s something that no trailer can do without. No, it’s not tires, lights or brakes; it’s the trailer tongue jack. That’s the device that lifts and drops the trailer’s tongue so you can get the hitch ball underneath it to connect the tow vehicle to the trailer. Large or small, new or old, every trailer needs a smooth, easy to operate trailer tongue jack. If yours is old, rusty, and hard to crank, it’s probably time to invest in a new one.

RVupgrades Has You Covered
Running out to find and purchase a new jack isn’t going to be at the top of everyone’s to-do list, but if you have a broken or old jack, you know how hard it is to get the trailer mounted onto the hitch ball without a lot of pushing, pulling, and lifting. If you are a senior citizen, a delicately built lady, or a kid with few muscles, you need the help a trailer tongue jack provides. Running around town to find the right jack isn’t a fun exercise unless you like traffic, parking lots, and encountering others who are on the same mission. That’s where RVupgrades can help solve the problem; we have jacks available on our website so that you don’t need to run around and stress about finding one.

Time and Money Always Matter
Owners of RVs already know how quickly prices can escalate for even the most basic items on their RV shopping list. Dealers of RV equipment and distributors as well can often mark up products they handle by 40% to 50% or even more. What exactly are those customers paying for when they walk in the door to purchase a trailer tongue jack? Brick and mortar businesses cost a lot in maintenance and pay. After all, the folks waiting for your order behind the parts counter don’t work for free. That’s where RVupgrades makes the most sense. Running around town trying to find the best deal is a complete waste of time in most cases. Saving money while getting the exact part you’re looking for is always important, whether you are purchasing a trailer tongue jack or something else.

Go Online and Get Happy
When customers go to RVupgradestore.com, they encounter a very user-friendly site with everything they could possibly need for their RV or camper, all in one place. On our website they will find:

•    RV Appliances
•    Automotive Products
•    Sun Awnings
•    Carriers and Haulers
•    Electrical and Electronic Products
•    Hitches, Jacks, and Levelers
•    Repair Parts
•    RV Accessories
•    Lighting
•    Ride Control Products
•    Wiring Products
•    Wheels and Brake Products

Customer Support Second-to-None
What most customers like about RVupgrades is the level of customer support they receive from our professionals. As an online provider of quality RV equipment and parts, our staff understands that what matters to our customers is getting the products they want at prices that can’t be beaten with customer support that solves problems, answers questions correctly and demonstrates how much we care about our customers with each and every contact. Customers who would like additional information or who may have concerns about their order can go to our website and submit an inquiry using the form provided on our contact page. Customers can also submit an email to our support staff at sales@rvupgradestore.com or they can speak directly with a staff member by calling 1-866-332-7881.

Great Website For Great Customers
Our website has much more than trailer tongue jacks and other items for sale for RV and campers. We also have a Q & A section that answers many questions RV travelers and prospective RV owners have about purchasing, operating, and maintaining their RV or camper. There are videos covering ownership and usage of RVs as well as tips on things like RV traveling with pets. There’s a section highlighting new products and a section with special deals and clearance items for sale. Customers can sign up to receive emails with news about RV living and special offers and discounts on products.

Creating Value With Each and Every Purchase
Customers love the total value they receive when they purchase their RV products from RVupgrades. It’s more than the low prices and it’s more than the quality of the products; it’s the overall experience customers have when they do business with us. When purchasing items, getting advice on installing products, or just looking around at what is available online, customers know they’re getting the attention and care they expect. Simplifying the process of finding, ordering, and delivering the right products makes doing business with RVupgrades a real pleasure. It can be difficult to place a dollar value on something like care, but when it comes to monetizing the value of people who care about your business and who want to be your one-stop resource for everything RV, the value can be priceless.

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