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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Which 5th Wheel Hitch Should You Choose

Part of the outdoor lifestyle is having an RV or trailer that you use to get certain items to your destination. Having an RV is like taking a little slice of home with you on your travels. A trailer can help you bring along a boat, bikes or other outdoor vehicles for activities.

But it’s all in how you get it there, and choosing the right 5th wheel hitch for transporting these items can make all the difference.

Choosing a 5th wheel hitch has very little to do with what you are towing and more to do with the truck being used to pull everything. It becomes more comfortable and smooth when you use the right hitch. There are different styles of hitch available that can fit different makes and models of trucks. Today, we will review these hitch types and help you determine which one you should choose.

Sliding Hitch - A sliding hitch is a recommended choice for a short bed truck. The hitch mount is over the rear axle of the truck and the hitch slides forward when pulling. When moving backward, the hitch slides back to the rear position. The sliding motion allows for protection for the truck. Without it, the trailer would hit the truck cab when making sharp turns, so the sliding hitch makes for a much better, smoother driving experience.

Gooseneck Adaptable Hitch - A gooseneck hitch is the other hitch that can be used in a truck. The difference between a gooseneck hitch and 5th wheel hitch is that the gooseneck hitch uses a ball and couple to connect to the truck bed. This is commonly used on trailers that carry horses. You can get an adapter that goes over the gooseneck hitch, since there are no permanent mounting bars like with the standard hitch, that allows you to hook up a fifth wheel without needing a new hitch.

Standard Hitch - A standard hitch is common for trucks that will be primarily used for towing. These are usually used on long bed trucks where the turning radius is larger and for truck owners who are not going to use the bed of their truck for anything else. A standard hitch has two bars that are mounted to the truck bed permanently and the hitch attaches to the bars. You can remove the hitch from the truck bed, but the bars will always remain in the bed.

For rides that are bumpier and over uneven driving surfaces, perhaps an air ride hitch is the choice for you. The air ride hitch has an air shock that helps to keep the ride smooth and puts less stress on the truck and hitch so you get a smoother ride despite the conditions.

No matter what you need to make your travels smoother, you can turn to RVupgrades to make it possible. RVupgrades has everything you need to get your 5th wheel hitch set up, from parts to full models from brands like Reese, Pullrite, and B&W. Your selection is not limited to options for pulling a fifth wheel either. There are all sorts of hitch parts and accessories that make transportation that much easier and make any repairs or replacements much less stressful since you will always be getting the right part.

That’s what we are all about at RVupgrades. We know that your time on the road is precious; you want to have the best experience possible and you want to enjoy the time you have on the road. That’s why we want you to get on your way and be stress-free from start to finish.

Since our beginning in 2002, we have put the focus on offering four things. We offer quality products that take care of business for you, whether that is a trailer hitch, rail mounting or just a small part that keeps everything connected. We want you to find that once you replace a part and do it right and with a quality product, you won’t have to think of it again. We offer low prices, and we offer fast shipping. We also give out detailed information on all of our products so you can proceed to purchase with the knowledge that you are getting exactly what you need.

Through it all, we give you the best customer support possible, offering three methods for contacting us so you can get the answers and advice you need to all of your questions. Give us a call, use our chat feature or send an email and know that you will get a quick response from one of our expert staff members.

Let RVupgrades be your source for parts, accessories, essentials and more for your RV so you can stay on the road and enjoy the trip.

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