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Monday, January 27, 2020

RVupgrades Has the Camper Supplies You Need

Embarking on a camping trip with an RV is a little bit like taking a boat out on the water for an inshore trip. Sure, you’ll be able to head back to port for essentials like fuel and other supplies, but when you’re on the water you don’t want to get caught without the supplies and replacement parts and gear you need at the moment.

Sometimes when you’re really off the grid at primitive campsites with minimal facilities and no electricity, it really is like you’re out on the water. You’re only as prepared as you’ve made yourself, and the oversight of essential gear can quickly become an annoyance that everyone you’ve brought along on the trip will feel.

Usually, lacking a few essentials or just redundant copies of them is a minor hassle, and all it requires is for you to take a note of what you’re missing and just remember to stock up on it before your next outing. At other times, the lack of essential camper supplies can make itself much more pronounced. Without some essentials, you could set yourself up for a much less enjoyable trip than you’d otherwise have had.

Here at RVupgrades, we understand that sometimes we’re all human and sometimes you can forget a thing or two. But we also love the satisfaction that comes with setting up camp and making new memories, and we have a lot of experience in it. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of some of the essential camper supplies and RV accessories that you can find right here on our site to make your next trip as enjoyable as it can be. Though this is not a comprehensive list, it will get you well on your way to the makings of a successful and enjoyable journey.

Towing and Stabilizing Essentials
Probably the most visible of the essentials you’ll need for just about any RV trip is a suite of hitching equipment and essentials for setting up camp. Naturally, these will be directly tied to the equipment you’re using and some may not be applicable to your specific situation, but we offer a full suite of hitching necessities to make your trip not only possible but as comfortable as can be. Camper supplies such as jacks and levelers help to make it much easier to get your camper hitched and unhitched and in many situations it’s a matter of necessity to level your camper. On top of the fact that it’s a mild (to a major) inconvenience to be going about your day on a slant, you run the risk of permanently damaging your absorption refrigerator, if you have one.

Jacks make it possible for you to hitch and unhitch your trailer, which will make it easier for you to pick a campsite and then to set up. We offer powered jacks to make it easier to handle the load of raising or lowering your connections on your camper. We offer stabilizing jacks from Ultra-Fab and BAL as well as hydraulic jacks from BigFoot to give you a little extra power when you’re working with your camper. We even offer you your choice of levels so you can check the actual level of the camper and get the perfect set.

For towing and mobility, we offer receiver hitches, fifth wheel hitches, hitch couplers, adapters and more. You can also find hitch pins and locks right here on our site, and it never hurts to double up on some of the smaller parts. Smaller parts have an odd habit of disappearing at the most inconvenient of times.

Awning Care and Awning Accessories
Your RV awning probably gets a lot more use than you think, and it certainly takes it on the chin from the elements. When you’re outside but still in the comfort of the camp, your RV awning keeps the sun out of your eyes when the weather is clear, and the rain off your back when it isn’t. It takes a whole lot of radiation from all the sunlight it gets subjected to, in addition to any weight it has to carry in snow. If it gets windy, that awning and the awning arm have to put up with all those stresses too.

Over time, awnings get terribly worn and might not offer the same protection that they did when they were new. We offer the care products and accessories that you can use to prolong the life of your awning with the right love and attention. For ongoing care and protection, we offer 303 Fabric Guard to help your awning repel dirt, grease, and water. It helps keep your awning dry and creates a barrier against the elements. We also offer Camco Awning Cleaner and Awning Waterproofer, both of which will add to your awning’s longevity. Keeping your awning waterproofed doesn’t just keep you comfortable and dry when you’re under it. It helps prevent premature decay of the fabric too. We also offer awning cover kits and cinch straps to keep your awnings properly stowed and stored, and awning hardware like knobs, locking pins, springs, and tensioners.

By the way, for those times when you’re enjoying the outdoors under the cover of your RV awning, we offer awning mats to help keep the interior of your RV clean and dry. Many of our awning mats allow dirt and sand to sift right through, keeping you clear of the ground and also helping to prevent you from tracking it through your RV.

Freshwater Products
Some of the most essential camper parts and accessories are the ones we use to treat and handle water, including drinking water. Regardless of where your campsite is and what type of access it offers you to potable water, water is something you’re going to need on a daily basis, and not just to drink. You’ll be using water to clean your dishes, keep your camper sanitary and maybe even to wash your clothes, depending on your stay.

Here at RVupgrades, you’ll find hoses you can designate for use with the freshwater that you’ll need for cooking and drinking, as well as hoses that you can designate for wastewater. We offer hose fittings and regulators that you’ll probably want to keep on hand to ensure that you will be able to fit your hose to the water source and protect your plumbing from any excesses of pressure. We offer water pumps to make it easier for you to get access to water, as well as plumbing necessities and sinks and faucets. For those times you need to make repairs to any portion of your plumbing or to swap out parts when you have time back home, we offer Hardware Express and Lasalle Bristol pipes and fittings to make sure that your plumbing flows smoothly.

For your drinking water supply, we offer water filter systems and cartridges that will render water safer for you and your family to drink during your trips. Our filter cartridges and systems from Aqua-Pure can help minimize particulate matter, lead and unwanted flavors or odors from your water. We also offer faucet aerators to reduce your water usage while you’re in camp.

Another consideration you want to make to improve the quality of your water supply for consumption is the need for an RV water softener. Hard water, which is prevalent throughout much of the United States, doesn’t only offer unwanted flavor. Allowing hard water to run through your lines and appliances will result in a buildup of scale over time, which can damage the performance of your plumbing and fittings, compromise the function of your appliances and overall have a negative effect on the value of your RV or RV trailer. We’re proud to offer not only the testing equipment you might want to check the chemistry of your water but also water softener systems from On The Go and replacement resin refill. They are incredibly efficient and are a very economical way to prevent unnecessary damage from prolonged exposure to hard water.

Wastewater and Sanitation Supplies
You don’t only need access to fresh water for drinking and cleaning, though. You’ll need access to water to handle your sanitation needs, and you’ll need the tools and accessories to manage and dispose of your wastewater. Here at RVupgrades, we offer the tanks, hoses, adapters, and treatments you’ll need not just to manage your wastewater, but to be comfortable in your campsite.

Every camper needs to have a holding tank that not only fits within the camper comfortably but offers the capacity you need. It’s helpful when your tank makes it easy for you to empty it and offers other user-friendly features. Here at RVupgrades, you can find everything from Barker’s 5 Gallon Tote-Along RV Waste Tank to their 42 Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank. On the one hand, you have easy portability in a convenient profile that will be easy to stow out of the way. On the other, you have an extremely rugged holding tank with great capacity that is easy and comfortable not only to transport but to empty. We offer options for holding tanks on these ends and for every need in between. We offer tank rinsers that are clear so you can see if your tank is actually empty, sewer hoses and fittings to make sure that you’ll be able to easily empty your tank as well as repair parts for when you need to make a quick fix or two.

We also offer you the chemicals and treatments you need to make sure that your system is healthy and doesn’t present undesirable odors. We have treatment to help your system digest the tissue you use, keep the tank from smelling, and facilitate decomposition.

Electrical Accessories
If you want the convenience of electricity at your campsite, and you probably do, you’re going to encounter one of two situations. Either your campsite offers you access to electricity, or it is a primitive one that does not. You’ll probably need a shore power cord, either way, to hook yourself up to the camp’s power source or to a generator if you need to provide your own. Here at RVupgrades, we offer power cord sets and adapters to make sure that you never need to go without the comfort of power.

We offer battery chargers so that you never need to experience the inconvenience of dead or dying batteries, and generators so that you can power your setup even in an unpowered campsite. In addition, we offer solar power systems so that you can really go off the grid. In addition to being useful, solar power gives you the freedom to go your own way, especially in areas that get a lot of sunlight. You can also find adapters and replacement parts for electrical accessories here at RVupgrades to make your trips more comfortable and to cover you in the event that a part breaks, goes missing, or is incompatible.

Lots of Other RV Supplies and Camper Accessories
Here at RVupgrades, you’ll find these camper supplies but also so much more. We offer appliances for the interior of your RV like ranges, furnaces and washing machines so you can bring the comforts of home on the road. We offer covers for your RV and tires to protect them from the elements as well as cleaners for the inside and outside of your camper. We even offer lighting and outdoor living accessories to make your stay in camp more enjoyable. You’ll be in good hands when you come to RVupgrades to find your necessities like electrical accessories and water treatment, but you can find just about anything you’ll need for any trip or for repairs in homeport right here on our site. Don’t forget - we offer all this because we know about it. We’ve lived the life, so if you aren’t sure what you need or what you’re looking for, call us at 866-332-7881 to talk with a representative. We’ll help you get to the bottom of what you need.

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