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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Which Style of RV Awning is Right For You?

Whether you are searching for a simple way to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your back while you’re relaxing at your campsite, or if you’re looking for a total solution to keep the summer bugs at bay, you will be able to address your needs with the right style of RV awning.

Being able to fully enjoy the outdoors is one of the reasons why people invest in campers and RVs in the first place. They enable us to travel to our favorite locations and experience life in a refreshing and fulfilling way. Of course, our experiences would be dulled somewhat if we weren’t able to bring a few modern conveniences and luxuries along with us. It’s one thing to “rough it” in the wilderness for a few days but you don’t want to do this all the time at every campsite and road stop across the country.

Part of being able to fully enjoy the outdoors while you’re traveling around in your RV is mitigating certain environmental factors. An RV awning gives you the ability to control your surroundings to a certain degree even while you’re outside of the confines of the RV itself. While it would be great to say that it’s easy to just sit outside at any time of the year and just enjoy nature for what it is, this isn't always going to be the case. In fact, depending on the time of the year and where you are camping out, it may actually be the exception to the rule.

Some of the Reasons Why an RV Awning is a Necessity

One of the main reasons why an awning is an essential RV staple is simple because of the sun. It may sound counterintuitive to want to spend time in the great outdoors on a camping trip or excursion, but the truth is, the sun can become brutal and make spending quality time outdoors more trouble than it’s worth.

While your location and availability of shade trees may dramatically change the conditions for when you may actually need an awning, you don’t want to risk being without one when it becomes necessary. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending far more time inside your RV than outside in the campground.

An awning provides crucial shade when the hot sun is overhead and as a means of cooling off during generally hot temperatures. It’s always going to be somewhat cooler in the shade, which means an awning is an easy, affordable, and energy-efficient way of finding relief from the heat.

If you are already sunburnt, you’re also going to want to stay out of the sun’s direct rays but you may still want to get some fresh air and spend time outside. In cases such as these, an awning comes in handy to provide that extra bit of shielding from the sun’s rays so you can still find enjoyment outside while you recover.
Similarly, an awning provides some relief during inclement weather, allowing you to spend time outside of your RV during light rain. After a hot summer day, being out in the rain feels amazing, but you may not want to actually get rained on. An awning gives you the option to enjoy a cool rainy evening without getting drenched.

Basic awnings range in size and come in several varieties depending on your needs. While some are simple and are designed just to block out the sun, others are equipped with screens to prevent front-facing sun glare and insects as well.

When a simple awning isn’t enough, you can upgrade to a full-screen room, which essentially adds a new enclosed space outside of your RV that is made of vinyl or similar material, and which is designed not only to provide relief from the sun by full protection against biting insects.

While we love spending time outdoors, the reality is sometimes we need extra protection against nature’s pests when we just want to sit and enjoy ourselves. Nothing is more aggravating than when you’re simply trying to immerse yourself in the outdoors while a horde of mosquitoes is trying to have you for dinner.

This is also an effective way to deter and block pests that are unresponsive to citronella candles, such as gnats. Don’t let insects keep you from enjoying the beautiful views and feeling of being in nature. An RV awning or screened room will allow you to enjoy the outdoors the way you want without having to deal with the negatives.

If you want to get this level of functionality for your RV, take a look at our amazing selection of awnings and screens right here in our store. We want you to get the most out of your RV and have the best possible experience while you’re enjoying the outdoors!

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