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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Some Important Additional Motorhome Accessories

Going camping is a great time, whether you hook up in camp to a power and water supply or take what you have with you off the grid and find your own place in the wilderness to camp. It’s a great way to reconnect with important people and keep what matters in life in mind. However, being off the grid in a camper is kind of like being at sea in a boat. You need to bring what you need with you before you leave. Once you’re out there, you can’t always head back to port to pick up some essentials that might have only cost 50 cents. At RV Upgrades, we’ve already compiled some lists of essential motorhome accessories, and here are some more. As an RV owner, you may have seen some of these camper accessories mentioned already, but if not, add them to your collection of essentials. 

Leveling Blocks
If your RV has an auto-leveling system, then you might not really have a need for leveling blocks. It is, however, critical to keeping your RV level at all times to keep stress off of the frame. It is also important to keep the RV level if you have an absorption fridge, so if your RV does not have its own leveling system, check out some of our solutions for jacks and leveling here on our site.

Replacement Light Bulbs and Batteries
The middle of a camping trip is no time to find out that an easily replaceable light bulb somewhere within your camper was just about to go end-of-life. It’s also not a time to be caught in the dark, which can happen with the failures of lights in your camper even if you are still hooked up to power. In addition to keeping spare lights, you should keep flashlights and assorted spare batteries in your camp as a preparedness measure.

Roof Tape
Roof tape might be a little thought of component in any collection of motorhome accessories, but it’s one you’ll certainly wish you had if you ever have an actual need to use it. We offer plenty of different types of RV roof tape at RV Upgrades from great brands like Eternabond and Camco, and many of them are completely waterproof, UV stable, and effective in the face of some extreme temperatures. If your RV roof springs a leak in the woods, you’ll be glad you had it.

Spare Hoses

Fresh water management is a critical component of any camping trip and with an RV it gets even more complicated. You will need separate hoses for potable water, gray water, and wastewater, and you must never use dedicated hoses for anything but their intended purpose. For that reason, we sell plenty of different hoses that you can mark and keep as spares. It’s not something you can afford to get away without.

Fire Making Essentials

Whether you prefer matches or a lighter, it’s important to have redundant measures to create a fire when you are camping. Even though your camper may have a stove and a number of other ways to create a fire, when you’re in the woods, preparedness is important. Plus, you might want to have a cookout the old fashioned way, and at that point, you’ll be glad you brought some additional means of creating a spark.

Solar Panel
Not necessarily a must-have in a collection of essential motorhome accessories, a solar panel is still a nice addition to a collection for those who really want to get out there but don’t want to give away their ability to use power. A solar panel can make it easy for you to capture energy and store power off the grid for a truly rustic camping experience away from an electrical hook up.

Holding Tank Treatment
If you’re going to be camping anywhere removed from a location wherein it will be easy to drain your holding tank, you’ll want to keep spare tank treatment on hand. It can prevent a very smelly situation and potentially enable you to go longer between drainings.

Extra Toilet Paper
You can’t make more of it, and you can’t really go without it. It’s sort of something you take for granted until it’s no longer there. It’s also cheap and doesn’t take up too much space. It’s also not glamorous like a solar panel or a fancy leveling system, but you will be glad you brought extra if you ever come to a point that you need it.

This is not a complete list; only a collection of important RV accessories, that, without which, your life in camp might be less enjoyable than it could be. We keep many different options in all of these different accessories right here on our site, and if you want some more information on the additional accessories and RV supplies that are essential for a relaxing, enjoyable vacation, give us a call at 866-332-7881. We’d love to hear your feedback and to offer additional help.

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