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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Why On The Go Water Softener is a Must For Your RV

Hard water may seem like a non-issue, but over time, it can compromise the integrity of your pipes, create an annoying residue on your dishes, and even negatively impact your skin. If you want to properly maintain your RV and get the best possible experience, you will want to look into ways to properly soften your water.

On The Gowater softener is a smart choice here if you want an easy and effective means of taking care of your RV’s water system. This convenient product allows RV owners to quickly manage the water they are using and help prevent the numerous side effects of hard water.

If you hate dealing with hard water and are actively seeking a solution, this quick guide will help you see why On The Go has the answer you are looking for. Let’s take a closer look at why hard water is such an issue to begin with, and what advantages On The Go provides with their portable product.

The Downsides to Hard Water in Your RV

For those of us who love being on the road and spending time outdoors, hard water simply comes with the territory. Depending on the hookup you have available to you at a given site, the water quality can vary drastically. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid dealing with hard water in certain parts of the country, because it all comes down to the kind of mineral deposits present in the available water supply.

Sometimes you just have to hold your nose (literally!) and deal with it, as it’s not like there are any alternatives. In the moment, hard water may not even seem all that bad. As long as you don’t intend on taking super long showers or anything, that is.

However, the reality of hard water tells a different story and certainly makes a strong case for always having a way to soften the water you are using in your RV. What might feel like a minor inconvenience can actually pose a threat to your RV and even your health. While these are the extremes, hard water poses numerous other issues as well.

Unsightly Scale Build-Up

It’s enough work taking care of an RV and making sure it stays clean and operational, without adding extra tasks to the equation. Excessive hard water creates scaling on faucets and showerheads over time, which isn’t exactly a world-ending problem but isn’t something you want to deal with either. Scaling not only looks disgusting, but it can also impact water flow and even damage the fixtures if left untreated. Scaling is also not the easiest thing to clean off, either. This is one great reason alone why using a reliable water softener is worth it.

Water Staining

Another seemingly light issue that is actually more trouble than it is worth. The minerals in hard water can lead to staining in sinks and tubs that is obnoxious to get rid of. Why add to the workload of taking care of your RV when you don’t have to? Not only is water staining difficult to remove, it simply detracts from the beauty and quality of your RV. No reason to let it happen if you are equipped with a high-quality water softener on board!

Damage to Pipes

The same scaling that you see forming on faucet heads is occurring inside your pipes as well if hard water is present. While this isn’t an immediate problem if you are only dealing with hard water for a short amount of time, over the course of several years that can severely damage the inside of your pipes. At the very least, it can restrict water flow and encourage clogs, which is just more hassle you don’t need to deal with. In order to keep your RV fully functional, it’s worth investing in a way to soften your water.

Can Hard Water Cause Dry Skin?

Yes! The minerals in hard water can actually deprive your skin of its natural moisture, which can lead to drier skin over time. Again, it’s one of those issues you may not notice at first or over a short period of time, but after a few years of continuous exposure to hard water, you certainly might notice a problem developing.

Make The Right Choice For Your RV

On The Go water softener is portable, easy to use, and quite effective at mitigating the effects of hard water, and you can find this convenient solution right here in our store. Rather than risk compromising your pipes or having to scrub scales off of your faucets, invest in a quality water softener and you won’t have to worry about such issues.

Fast hook up, lasts up to 20 days without needing to be regenerated, works without any extra tools or even any electricity, is nice and compact, and quite affordable as well. There’s no reason to go without the proper water in your RV when you have an On The Go water softener readily available right here at rvupgradestore.com. Take a look through our catalog of RV supplies and you will find everything you need to ensure that your RV is running smoothly, including all the essentials to tackle your hard water issues!

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