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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

On the Difference between RV Stabilizing Jacks and RV Leveling Jacks

For RV owners with RVs that have their own leveling and stabilization systems, the difference between stabilizing and leveling jacks might not be apparent. However, there is a serious functional difference underlying these useful pieces of equipment for your RV. Although they perform similar functions, you must never use a stabilizing jack as a substitute for an RV leveling jack.

What Are Stabilizing Jacks? 

Have you ever had an RV set up in a campsite, but as you walked back and forth through the interior, or shifted furniture or appliances around within, it seemed like it was rocking or shaking? This perceived shaking or rocking could be attributable to a number of factors; ground that isn’t level, the suspension system, and of course, the fact that you’re moving around inside it.

RV stabilizer jacks are specialized jacks for your camper or travel trailer that extend from the frame of your RV to the ground in order to prevent both side to side and front to back swaying, rocking, or shifting. Many stabilizers take the form of hydraulic jacks like scissor jacks, though there are some tripod jacks as well.

Using a stabilizer, along with a jack pad to prevent the jack foot from sinking into soft ground, is the most effective way to prevent undue movement of your camper while it is occupied. 

Why Use Stabilizing Jacks? 

The thing about RV stabilizers and stabilizing jacks is that even on level ground, you might need to use them. Even without a slant, your movement inside of your RV can cause undue swaying or motion that is both uncomfortable and potentially damaging to your RV in the long run. Here are some of the reasons that there is value in stabilizing your RV:

     Increase comfort: For one thing, it is both unsettling and unpleasant when your RV rocks around when you’re walking or moving inside of it. Strategically placed stabilizer jacks will prevent this.

     Prevent wind from rocking your RV: It’s not only human movement that can cause an RV to sway. Strong winds can do the same; but a system of stabilizers jacks, fortunately, will prevent this. 

What Are Leveling Jacks? 

RV leveling jacks, levelers, and leveling systems are different from stabilizers because they are generally able to perform two functions. A leveling system is useful for both leveling and stabilizing your RV.

Have you ever been in camp and not on a paved surface? We’ll guess in the affirmative. We’ll also make the safe assumption that that campsite wasn’t perfectly level and so your RV was on a slight slant. To be fair, even many paved surfaces are not perfectly level. Leveling systems, and similarly, leveling jacks, are used to return your RV to a level resting position, which is very important to comfort and to your RV’s wellbeing. In short, your RV needs to be kept level, which leveling systems can provide.

Why Use RV Leveling Jacks? 

While stabilization is primarily a function of comfort, leveling systems go a little bit further. Whenever your RV rests on ground that is not level, it is imperative to return it to a level position before it is allowed to rest for any appreciable amount of time. Here are some of the reasons for this:

     Obviously, for reasons of comfort: First and foremost, there is the matter of comfort. It’s just unpleasant sitting, sleeping, or eating on a slant. A leveling system or leveling jacks will prevent this.

     Prevent things from shifting or rolling around: A leveling system will return your RV to level, which will prevent appliances and other items inside your RV from shifting or rolling around unduly.

     To prevent strain on your RV’s structure: An RV cannot be allowed to remain on a slanted surface for long periods of time without incurring damage to the structure; therefore, it must be leveled whenever it is on an uneven surface or a grade.

     To prevent damage to your RV’s fridge: Additionally, many RV  refrigerators can only be operated on a level surface or they will be damaged, involving costly repairs and replacements. 

Never Use Stabilizers As Levelers! 

As you can see, many levelers can both stabilize and level an RV, but the reverse is not the case. Stabilizing jacks lack the structural integrity to bear the weight of an RV, and so they must never be used as leveling jacks - if you have any questions at all about the safe use of equipment, make sure you get in touch with us and we’ll help you out. 

Besides, you can find the jacks you’re looking for here, whether you need the convenience of electric jacks or you’re alright using a jack with a manual crank. Check out our product pages and if you need any pointers on product specifications, give us a call at 866-332-7881.

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