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Thursday, December 30, 2021

9 RV Accessories for Safety, Convenience, and Happiness

Owning your own RV is never short of its trials and tribulations. The experience itself is second to none, as you can simply take your entire life on the open road with you whenever you see fit. However, there are a lot of mishaps that can occur and an abundance of precautionary steps are necessary to take.

While you need to properly stock your RV with the appropriate gear and tools for seamless riding and living, you aren’t granted much room for everything you need. That is precisely why you need to make sure that everything you have in your RV is extremely practical and serves an applicable purpose.

RV accessories can do just that. We have compiled a list of nine accessories for your RV or motorhome that are not only convenient but also highly functional to provide you with optimal RV living.

1.Extend-a-Shower Shower Rod
When it comes to showering in your RV, you shouldn’t have to feel cramped or uncomfortable. Showering is your personal time and you deserve to relax while doing so. That is precisely why the Extend-a-Shower shower rod has made it to our list. It provides about 30% more elbow room while showering, but can neatly inverse when it isn’t being used.

2.Rope Lights

Lighting is a vital step in making for a comfortable and enjoyable home. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to see in the dark? When decorating the interior (or exterior, even) of your RV, be sure to add some rope lights to your decor.

While these may not seem like “necessary” RV accessories, we believe that they are. When you are camped out in a dark location, getting around your RV or even outside of it entails convenient lights so you can appropriately see your surroundings. Not only that, but they also provide you with an unbeatable ambiance!

3.RV Air Conditioner Baffle
During the warmer months, you know that you depend on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool and comfortable while indoors. However, what about when you’re trying to sleep and the noise from it is simply driving you nuts, causing you to have trouble sleeping at all?

That is where the RV air conditioner baffle comes in. The baffle is extremely convenient, as it dampens the aggravating noise of the unit while also controlling its air flow. Having an RV air conditioner baffle is not only extremely convenient for you but also even necessary for your AC unit. Definitely don’t skip this accessory!

4.Mini Dish Drain
When you have your own RV, chances are you lack a dishwasher. Or, rather, you are the dishwasher. In order to ensure that your dishes dry properly after washing them, you should utilize a dish drain by placing it on your countertop. You could take this a step further by opting for a mini dish drain instead of a standard one in order to save you the most space possible.

5.Cupboard and Refrigerator Bars
Whilst driving around on the open road, you will no doubt occasionally hit some bumps and swerve a bit from time to time. When that happens, you need to focus solely on your safety and not on the breakable goods in your rig.

That is why we cannot recommend installing cupboard bars and refrigerator bars enough. These bars will efficiently keep both your dishes and food safely kept in their places instead of shattering all over the place, causing damage and even dangerous conditions!

6.Motion-Proof Clear Gel
Cupboard and refrigerators bars are all well and good for the items in those specific locations, but what about other more delicate items you have displayed in your mobile abode? Items such as glass vases and knickknacks on top of your cupboards, tables, and other flat surfaces?

Not to worry because we have the answer: motion-proof clear gel. Just a smidge of this clear and non-toxic gel can be placed on the bottom of these types of objects and voila– your glass decorations are safe and secure in your RV!

7.Cabinet Knife Safe
On the subject of things bouncing around and falling while you’re driving, the objects that make the top of the list for things you really don’t want to do are knives. Having knives flying around your rig while you’re on the interstate is the definition of a bad time.

That is precisely why we highly recommend you add a cabinet knife safe to your RV. These are seamlessly mounted to the inside of your kitchen cabinet. There, they will stay stationary while you’re driving but also will be kept out of reach of children, too. Plus, they’ll conveniently be located in your kitchen for easy access while cooking!

8.Expanding Broom and Dustpan
No matter where a person lives, they will undoubtedly accumulate dust, dirt, and other nuisance-like particles on their floors. When that happens, you need to, of course, sweep them all up and toss them out.

But, when you live in an RV, it can be difficult to have such a large, awkward object and find a convenient place to store it. In comes the expanding broom and dustpan. Easily expand it when you need it, then contract it when you don’t. Have the convenience of a broom and dustpan while finally being able to place it somewhere out of sight (and out of mind!).

9.Add-a-Drawer Under Cabinet Kit
Let’s be frank: the kitchen is nearly always too small in an RV. You could always use another cabinet, another drawer, or another space of any kind to store your kitchen accessories. Well, if you’ve ever felt this way, then behold your saving grace: the Add-a-Drawer.

You can conveniently and easily install the Add-a-Drawer under your cabinet. This will provide you with another location to store anything you need to in your kitchen without adding to any clutter or taking away any of your much-needed kitchen space. How do you like them apples?

Now that you have seen some of the best RV accessories for vastly improving your RV life, now you need to know where to get them. Be sure to visit our seemingly endless catalog of all things RV and motorhome. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or text us at 866-332-7881. Happy road tripping!

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