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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Top 10 RV Accessories to Improve Your Next Road Trip

Your RV or motorhome is almost ready for your nearing road trip. You’ve checked the engine, it’s been inspected and registered, you’ve compiled all of your emergency supplies-- all is right as rain. However, there are specific pieces of equipment that your RV requires for seamless living and traveling that are missing.

Fortunately, we at RVupgrades have you covered. We happily supply all of our RV and motorhome-owning customers with the proper materials and equipment for high-quality living on the road. We have an endless supply of such materials that both you and your RV need and offer expert advice.

Some of our most popular items are our RV accessories. We have items to cater to both your every desire and need. Because we have so many options, it can be a bit daunting and overwhelming to decide on which are best for you and your RV on your next road trip. Let’s have a look at the top ten RV accessories for more comfortable living on your next road trip!

1.Water Filter
In order to get the most out of your RV’s water system, you should be able to use it for everything. Washing dishes, washing your hands, brushing your teeth, showering, using the toilet, and even drinking. However, you should have properly filtered water to take full advantage of your water safely.

To accomplish this, you should accessorize your RV with a water filter. Our water filters remove specific pollutants and chemicals while also improving the taste, clarity, and odor. Most water filters last a good while (usually 3-4 months, but could be longer depending on which you get), so you can attach it and forget about it!

2.Outdoor Games
Road trips are supposed to be fun, right? You can have fun both on the road and when you’re off. While you are parked and have some time to kick back and relax, indulge in a fun outdoor game either with friends or strangers who are soon-to-be friends!

There is a load of different outdoor games you could play in order to really amp up your outdoor area. Some options are cornhole, horseshoes, lawn frisbee game, tumble tower, giant dice set, and birdie set. These are some excellent options that don’t require too much space nor much learning. They are simple, yet fun games to play with anyone anywhere you go!

3.Refrigerator Brace Bar
We know that unforeseen things happen on the road. Sudden movements can be catastrophic to various items in your rig, so bracing them properly will put a stop to any unnecessary breakage. That’s where the refrigerator brace bar comes in. By placing this within the refrigerator right above the edge of a shelf, you can stop everything from that shelf from shifting, sliding, and potentially breaking.

4.Electric Fireplace

Is there anything more relaxing and comfortable than a fireplace on a chilly evening? If you intend on road-tripping during a time or in a place that has the potential of being cold and your home has the space, then adding an electric fireplace in your RV or mobile home can really improve your experience. You will truly be living in luxury at the end of every long travel day with a fireplace! It could even be enjoyable in your outdoor space along with your indoor space.

5.Camping Dish and Glassware
To get the most out of your RV’s kitchen and your camping experience, having appropriately themed dishware and glassware will only further improve your road trip and RV living. There are a plethora of options available for you, such as mugs, wine glasses, beer glasses, plates, and tumblers. Accessorizing your RV with these pieces will make your meals, snacks, and drinks easier to enjoy and relax with, whether you’re traveling or enjoying your campsite. You could also have a convenient and quaint dish set to properly celebrate your road trip!

6.Welcome Mat
If you want to spruce up the outdoor area of your campsite, then you should definitely consider adding a welcome mat on either the first step to go inside your RV or on the ground before the door. This welcome mat is ideal for achieving an at-home feeling for you while also being inviting guests. Not only that, but it deters others from dragging dirt into your clean and comfortable home.

7.Cabinet Knife Safe
As we mentioned earlier, it is very easy and common to have your items move around in your RV while you are driving. Some items that you certainly don’t want flying around behind you while you’re driving are your cooking knives! To stop that potentially dangerous scenario from happening, you should invest in a cabinet knife safe. This is a perfect place to store your knives in both a safe and convenient location on the door of one of your kitchen cabinets.

8.Laundry Bag
While you are road tripping, there will come a time when you will have to wash your clothes. Before that time comes, however, you should store your soiled clothes in one convenient location to keep your RV tidy: a laundry bag! That way, once it’s filled, you can easily lift the now filled bag and carry it to the laundry machine!

9.Sunshield Reflective Door Window Cover
When you are traveling during the warmer months, it can feel especially stifling and uncomfortable in your RV when the sun shines through your door’s window. In order to dodge that nuisance, you can use a sunshield reflective door window cover. This perfectly blocks the strong sun rays from entering your RV and keeping it cool, ultimately regulating the temperature inside.

10.USB Charger
In this modern era, we must keep all of our devices charged and ready to go. You can use this USB charger in your cigarette lighter to charge your phone or GPS device while you drive. You certainly never want to be without any of your modern devices if you can help it!

While these are ten important RV accessories to have on your next road trip, they certainly aren’t the only ten you should have available. Also consider other options, like outdoor carpets, decorative lights, flag poles, outdoor chairs, and plenty of others. No matter what accessories you require for your next road trip, be sure to browse our many options in order to find what you’re looking for so you can keep on truckin’!

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