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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

7 Space-Saving Tips on Making Your RV’s Bathroom Homier

RV sinks

Being a full-time RVer is an experience that can be gratifying in countless ways. From having ultimate freedom to live wherever you choose, to being surrounded by stunning nature on a daily basis, your RV lifestyle is a unique yet not-often-enough relished lifestyle.

RVers are continuously learning valuable lessons in their day-to-day life, and that includes learning to balance minimalism and emanating an inviting home environment. RVs are significantly smaller in square footage than typical “stationary” homes, which means those who live within them are required to make the most out of every space they have.

That includes the bathroom. Bathrooms in RVs tend to be a relatively tight squeeze, but the specific dimensions are stringent on the particular vehicle type and overall design. Some can be exceptionally small (22 x 38 inches!) but others can be much larger, especially on Class A RVs. While RV bathrooms may be small, you are still worthy of having a cozy bathroom in your home!

That is precisely why we have created this list of 7 invaluable tips for making your RV’s bathroom homier, from RV sinks and showers to curtains and storage containers!

1.Add a Brightly Colored Shower Curtain on an Expanding Shower Rod

RV sinks

One of the most elementary additions to any bathroom is one of extreme importance for your RV’s, too: the shower curtain. You should only opt for those shower curtains that have lighter colors in their design, as this will assist in inviting more light into the bathroom and provide a sense of comfort and openness.

However, while your shower curtain should be aesthetically pleasing to a certain degree, it should also not get in your way while you are showering. That is why we cannot recommend adding an expanding shower rod enough. This extends outwards and provides about 30% more elbow room!

But, not to worry: it conveniently inverts when you aren’t using it so it won’t “clog” your bathroom’s space when you aren’t in the shower.

2.Hang a Circular Mirror Above the Sink
No bathroom is truly complete without a mirror. For one, you need to admire yourself every day while washing your face and brushing your teeth. Secondly, you need something to assist in illuminating your bathroom and give the illusion of extra space.

We suggest a circular mirror, as this can assist in balancing the hard angles of your other bathroom fixtures while also giving your entire restroom a more modern “vibe.”

3.Install a Single Handle (and Attractive) Faucet
Some RV sinks might not have enough room for hardly anything– and that might even include two handles and a faucet. You can instead install a single-handle faucet to your sink for an optimal space-saving yet practical solution.

And, no, not all single-handle faucets appear like those used in a highway rest stop. You can have one that is designed with style, functionality, and convenience in mind. One great example is this matte black faucet, and yet another example is this bronze faucet.

4.Floating Shelves Are Your Best Friends
Your bathroom undoubtedly requires appropriate locations for both storing and displaying your “stuff,” like your decorations, toothbrush holders, and other items. You can properly do such with the help of floating shelves. With the assistance of floating shelves, you can have a unique decorative element that serves a vital purpose: holding and showing off your important items.

But, they don’t have any of that extra “hubbub” that normal shelves have in order to stay on the wall, making them the ideal shelves for saving space.

5.Hang Baskets Above the Toilet
There is likely a great deal of space on the wall above your toilet in your RV’s bathroom– and you should absolutely take advantage of it to the best of your ability. That is why we suggest hanging quaint baskets from there in order to hold your clean towels, washcloths, and other toiletries. Remember to roll your towels to save even more space!

6.Hang a Towel Bar and/or More Baskets on the Door
Don’t forget to use your bathroom door for serious space-saving and aesthetically-boosting elements! You can use the back of your door for installing a towel bar along with extra baskets for even more storage!

Bonus tip: try hanging a spice rack on the back of your door to hold any and all of your smaller items, like nail polish and makeup!

7.Place a Curtain Under the Sink (and Discreetly Store More Stuff!)
RV sinks tend to be quite similar to traditional residential sinks, which means you will have unutilized space beneath yours! You can drape a curtain around the bottom of your sink for an added attractive element to your entire bathroom while also conveniently covering up the storage space below your sink.

In that storage space, however, be sure to add extra shelving and/or bars to stop items from sliding around.

And voila– you have a drastically more enjoyable, homey, and storage-optimized bathroom! For all your RV needs, whether you are replacing your RV sink or adding RV accessories, you can trust us here at RV Upgrades to supply you with what you need! Browse all of our items today and complete your mobile abode today!

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