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Monday, June 20, 2022

All About Garnet SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems


SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems don’t just have a great pun in the name (try forgetting that play on sea level, why don’t you); they’re also invaluable instruments for monitoring the current levels of the various liquid tanks in your RV.

In this post we’re going to peel back some of the layers and take a closer look at Garnet SeeLevel tank Monitoring Systems; what they do, how they do it, what benefits they offer, and why their technology is superior.

What Is a Tank Monitoring System?
Most RVs have a freshwater tank, a gray water tank (wastewater from the shower, sink, laundry, etc.), a black water tank (sewage), and an LPG tank. Some of them have a galley tank as well, which contains gray water from the kitchen (galley). At any given time, each of these tanks will contain a certain amount of material, which will vary based on use or total volume.

A tank monitoring system is a system that tells you how much volume is left in each of these tanks. Some RV setups have monitors for all 4 water tanks, others for only 3 of the water holding tanks, and others yet only for black water. (Monitoring black water is crucial because it dictates when you need to take your waste tank to be drained).

Originally, RV tank monitoring systems were installed by cutting into the walls of the tanks and installing internal tank sensors that could take various readings to give a remote estimation of the remaining volume, but some modern tank monitoring systems (like SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems) use external sensors.

Do I Need a Tank Monitoring System?
Although a SeeLevel Tank Monitoring system can be extremely useful, it’s not necessarily imperative if you camp at a location with full hook-ups where you will not need to rely heavily on the contents of your water tanks and LPG tanks for daily living and amenities. If you’re connected to water or sewer hook-ups, and don’t need to use your tanks, a monitoring system is not as important.

However, if you dry camp, away from campsite hook-up services, a tank monitoring system becomes much more valuable. This is because your water tanks and LPG tank can only contain so much and can limit your time spent on site. A tank monitoring system can help you predict and budget water usage, helping you plan when you will need to fill up your fresh water tank, or to drain your gray or black water tanks.

External Sensors for the Win!
Some RV tank monitoring systems use internal sensors as detailed above to give a reading on the contents of a holding tank. However, despite their widespread use, internal sensors can fall prey to a number of different shortcomings.

Notable, they are difficult to install and it can be expensive and time-consuming to do so. However, the biggest problem arises from the fact that internal sensors must physically contact the contents of your tanks.

Over time, interior sensors (especially in gray and black water tanks, which contain a lot of solid matter) can become obstructed by debris. As a result, they are often prone to giving inaccurate readings.

Consequently, some companies have developed exterior tank monitors to overcome these shortcomings. SeeLevel is one of them; SeeLevel’s Tank Monitoring Systems use external sensing technology that eliminates common problems associated with debris buildup.

Known affectionately as “The Gauge That Works,” SeeLevel’s systems use state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate percentage-based readings on RV tanks, and are some of the most accurate, comprehensive monitors on the market.

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Display, Components, Features, Wiring

While the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems will vary in terms of specific features and functionality, including how many tanks they can monitor, they share a few features in common.

They all use a convenient monitoring panel that displays the percentage of your holding tanks (fresh, gray, black, and galley water tanks). This panel receives information from the sender (sensors) via a simple two-conductor wire (senders are wired in parallel). Once installed and wired, the system is easy to use; simply press the button to a corresponding tank to receive an accurate reading. Holding two buttons at once will prompt access to diagnostic functions. (More information can be found in the instructions on each of the SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System product pages).

The senders consist of flexible, adhesive circuit boards that are directly mounted to the outside of the holding tank. They must be cut to size before mounting to the tank and auto-calibrate themselves once mounted. In addition to providing accurate readings of tank content levels, the senders can diagnose issues such as a buildup of sludge inside the tank, or if the sender is damaged and needs to be addressed.

Can They Be Monitoring Remotely?
Some SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems are Bluetooth compatible and do not require you to be in front of the panel to access tank readings or diagnostic information. Using an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones, users can access tank-level information from up to 30 feet away (Bluetooth-equipped models only).

SeeLevel Tank Monitoring Systems

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System Is Right for Me?

Which SeeLevel Tank Monitoring System is right for you will depend on your unique needs, as well as how many tanks you wish to monitor. We offer 2, 3, and 4 tank systems, as well as Bluetooth enabled systems. We also sell separate monitors that can be used as a second console for use with an established system.

Most of these systems:

●Offer accurate tank level readings for up to 4 tanks (plus battery voltage).
●Are compatible with pre-existing LPG tank connections/sensors.
●Require a 12-volt connector (drain is less than 200mA).
●Come with a monitor, senders, display mounting hardware, and a pigtail (plus, they use common industry connectors).

For more information please consult the system specifics via the link above or contact our customer service team.

Questions? Contact Us!
Luckily, more of these Garnet SeeLevel Systems offer very similar functionality (it varies mainly in the number of tanks it allows to be monitored), so choosing one will more or less depend on the number and configuration of your tanks.

However, if you have any questions about the SeeLevel Systems we sell on our website, you’d like help choosing one, or you need to know more about product specifications, you can reach out to us directly for help. Get in touch with us by phone (or text us) at 866-332-7881.

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