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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eternabond Tape Review

As fall and winter approach, patching up your RV's leaky roof is more important than ever. If you live in dryer parts of the country, summer might not be a huge concern for keeping your RV's interior free of water, but once the rain and snow start rolling in, you'll wish you had addressed it in time. Whether you professionally repair roofs or you are a do-it-yourself handyman, Eternabond sealant tape makes patching up a leaky roof a job that won't break the bank.

You might be concerned that using tape to patch up your roof won't be effective in the long term. In fact, Eternabond was developed as a permanent solution to roof repair. The company backs its RoofSeal, WebSeal, AlumiBond, and DoubleStick products with a 15 year warranty, making them some of the most reliable products available both in quality and company guarantees.

RoofSeal: RoofSeal is Eternabond's basic roof repair product, but its tough construction makes it perfect for all sorts of RV roof repairs including reseaming and making water tight seals. Whether you need to make repairs before the fall or need to keep a roll for emergencies on the road, RoofSeal is a quick, perfect solution for repairs.

WebSeal: Designed as a waterproof roof coating solution, WebSeal's MicroSealant technology is great for using as a sealant in places that need a bit of flexibility. Roofs, ductwork, awnings, and gutters will expand, contract, and contort based on the weather they are facing, and this tape is flexible enough to stay adhered and keep water out.

AlumiBond: AlumiBond is used for heavy duty applications, such as repairing damaged or cut trailers and resealing seams and rivets. The 4mm thick aluminum backing is thicker than the typical 2mm, making AlumiBond a great option when you need to protect against abrasion or corrosion. This tape is also used for roofing, repairing storage tanks, in ductwork, on boats, and a number of other applications.

DoubleStick: Eternabond's version of double sided tape is the perfect solution for binding overlapping materials on your RV such as skylight and window flanges. With the same long-term guarantee as the rest of Eternabond's products, DoubleStick is great for making these types of repairs permanently.

Get your RV's leaks patched and ready for the upcoming seasons. Visit our Eternabond page at RVUpgrades.com and receive a 10% quantity discount when you order three or more Eternabond products.

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