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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Easy Way To Making Mountain Pies With A Rome Pie Iron

When was the last time you had a great tasting mountain pie (also know as pudgie pies, hobo pies &  pie shams) cooked over the fire? We started making mountain pies early on in our camping careers and in the beginning things did not always turn out so well. Initially, we would just add pie filling to a couple of pieces of white bread and depending on my patients level would burn them or they would be under cooked. Either way the kids where usually disappointed in Dad's abilities as a pie iron chef.
But through the collaboration with friends and years of trial an error we really have perfected the art of making great tasting mountain pies. And not just desert pies, we make sandwiches using jalapeno bagels or pretzel bread, pizza pies and so much more. So for any of you newbies to mountain pie making here are some helpful pointers to making the family or just yourself the perfect mountain pie.

First, get the double cast iron pie iron from Rome Industries if you don't already have one. You can certainly use any of the different types of pie irons, but this Rome pie iron is big enough to do bagels and larger breads or 2 sandwiches at a time. And the cast iron metal holds in the heat and distributes it more evenly than the aluminum pie irons do. Remember new pie irons need to be seasoned which is a process of removing the wax coating used to keep the iron from rusting before initial use. And also gets it ready for years of cooking over the fire without rusting. Here is a great video on the process of seasoning your pie iron.

We have found buttering the outside of each piece of bread or bagel will help crisp the bread much better than just using a non stick spray or oil. Be sure to pre-heat the iron, I actually like to get the iron pretty hot so that the pie will start cooking even with the iron off the fire. I do not bury it in hot coals but prefer to keep it above the the heat flipping and checking the pie often. Since the pie iron was hot to start with, all I am really doing is keeping it hot. The pie will burn fast if it gets to hot so better to take a bit more time cooking it then blasting it with high heat. Taking this time will also cook the inside of what ever your making, do it to fast and it will still be cold in the middle. I will also pull the iron from the fire a little before it is completely done, again allowing the heat to get to the center of the pie before the outside gets burnt.

When your done be sure to spray the iron with some non stick spray or use a little vegetable oil which will help it from rusting in humid moist climates or if it will not be used for long periods of time. I am sure there are as many different techniques to making a great mountain pie as there are types of pies you can make. But this simple procedure has worked very well for us over the past 10 years and produced some great tasting mountain pies.  

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