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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray allows you to store heavy equipment

Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray
When needing to decide what to take along on a road trip, sometimes you may have to compromise and leave something behind. This is especially true in the case of larger, heavier objects that take up a lot of space. You also will want to reduce the risk of losing your equipment during transport. This is much more likely to occur when it is mounted in the rear of the trailer.
The Stromberg Carlson Trailer Tray is a must have for the RV’er on the go, and features a unique design that provides greater convenience. This cargo carrier for trailers easily supports up to 300 lbs allowing you to carry all of your heavy gear like generators, compressors, coolers and firewood.  The trailer tray mounts right on top of the A frame portion of the tongue extension giving you more choices on how and what to pack.  Because this trailer cargo carrier mounts up front, your tow vehicle's suspension guarantees a soft ride and your gear is less likely to end up on the road. The top platform is adjustable, in the event that you need to gain access to the propane tanks or anything else that would be beneath it. The front support becomes useful when needing to transport especially heavy objects.
Rather than having to make a difficult decision on what to take, this trailer tray gives you additional room to take more of what you want. This trailer tray is compatible with most A-Frame trailers and comes with all the hardware needed for installation.


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