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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Torklift Safe Step Protective Step Riser Guard increases safety on steps

Safe Step Riser Guards
If you have small children with you in your RV, or if you are bringing pets along, open entry steps can sometimes be hazardous for them. Likewise if you or someone in your group is unsure of themselves on stairs, you will want to make sure your entry steps are as safe as possible. Getting caught in the open gaps can lead to accidents or injury, especially if the traction on the stairs is not ideal. Pets can also sometimes be unwilling to climb open stairs. The Safe Step Riser Guards from Torklift help alleviate that issue by providing a means to close that gap.
These protective Step Riser Guards attach to almost any type of scissor stairs, including Torklift Glow Steps. Because it uses Velcro, these guards can stay on the stairs even when they are not in use. The guards will simply fold up along with the stairs. This keeps you from having to think about adding or removing them every time you stop. The UV protection means they will stay resistant to fading or cracking in the sun. Made from vinyl, these risers are durable and long lasting, as well as simple to keep clean. The Safe Step Risers come in sets of 3 and are made here in the USA.
With the Safe Step Riser Guards, you will be able to keep your family and pets safe on scissor stairs. The guards will be able to catch anyone's feet as they enter or exit, preventing any problems.

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