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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The HitchGrip Hitch Coupling Tool bears the weight of the hitch

Moving a trailer hitch can be awkward process and can even cause a strain on your back if it cannot be lifted properly. Handling the hitch can also leave a lot of grease and dirt on your hands, which is bit of an inconvenience to say the least. Using a device such as the HitchGrip Hitch Coupling Tool can eliminate those problems.
The HitchGrip takes away the hassle and the mess by providing a way to easily attach the hitch, saving you from handling it directly. There are no moving parts, so there is less worry about a key component breaking down at a critical moment. It is very simple to use and understand. Once the tips grab onto the hitch ball, the HitchGrip can maneuver and lift the trailer hitch. This tool distributes the load evenly, making the process safer for you and easier on your back. It is designed with materials that are made to last and can be used comfortably. Your hands are also kept clean, as you no longer will have to physically touch the hitch. It also makes the task of moving the trailer hitch much faster, leaving you more time to enjoy your RV trip.
Using the HitchGrip also works well if you have physical limitations that would prevent you from correctly lifting and attaching your trailer hitch. It is compatible with any Class III, IV and V weight distribution hitches, such as those used for RVs and boats. To further ensure its durability, the HitchGrip comes with a lifetime warranty and is made here in the USA.

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