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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Keep your RV cooler with the Fan-Tastic Power Vent

Fan-Tastic 2250 Power Vent
While the summer may be winding down, but for most of us the warmer weather is far from over. Making sure your RV stays ventilated is one way to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. This is especially true on days when you do not wish to run your rooftop air conditioner. Maintaining proper ventilation is also a good way to combat odor build-up by circulating more fresh air inside. Powered vent fans provide a fast, easy way to generate fresh airflow into your RV. To that end, the Fan-Tastic 2250 Power Vent comes with several features to ensure that your motorhome remains comfortable.
The 2250 Power Vent is made to run as quietly as possible, and is designed to fit the standard cutout dimension of 14" square. The manual lift allows you to control the operation, while the fan can run at one of three different speeds. It has a thermostat, so the fan turn on when the inside temperature gets too high and shut off once it has cooled down. The 2250 has a reversible air flow, so the air is circulated in whatever direction you need, which is helpful if inside odors become a problem. This power vent is also intended to run without consuming an excess of power. It works quickly, so stale air does not linger inside for a long period of time. When closed, the 2250 is able to stay protected from outside elements. Whether you need to regulate the inside temperature, or simply clear the air, the Fan-Tastic 2250 is able to take care of the issue.

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