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Friday, August 14, 2015

Wheel Chocks and Locks Help Keep your RV from Rolling Away

Whether you are parking your RV, camper or trailer at a campsite, at home or in storage for the winter, you always want to make sure there is no possible chance that the vehicle will roll away. Besides putting on the parking brake, there are many RV accessories out there that are made specifically to prevent this. So if you are tired of worrying about your tires shifting, check out our wide selection of wheel chocks and locks.

What is the difference between a standard wheel chock and a locking chock? The standard chock can be used with just about any vehicle, it is a ramp that is placed directly behind the wheel, preventing the tire from rolling. Depending on the material that the chock is made of will determine what type of vehicle you can use it on. If it is a plastic one you may only want to use it on a smaller trailer or camper, but if it is made of metal then it can be used on larger trailers, campers and RVs. The locking chocks are more for the trailers with the double wheels in the rear. Just place the chock in between the two tires tighten it down and then lock it into place. This will secure both of the tires at the same time, giving it added security. Another neat product for trailers to help prevent rolling is the dock. It is like a chock but is for the tongue wheel. It goes directly under the wheel, locking it in place and also prevents dents in the driveway or the tongue from getting stuck in the mud.

If you have any questions about these products or would like more information on them, please feel free to contact us.

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