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Friday, August 7, 2015

Adjustable Telescoping Accessories to Make Washing your RV Simple

Washing your RV can be a chore and without the right cleaning supplies, it can make this job very difficult. Your RV is probably tall and you can't possibly wash it by hand from the ground, so what do you do. Some people choose to use a ladder, but that can be tiring, going up and down constantly to reach the top. So if your tired of this, check out all the adjustable telescoping accessories we have, to make washing your vehicle more simple.

One of the best products for making this task easier, is the Adjustable Telescoping Flow-Thru Wash Brushes. They are made by a few different manufacturers including Camco, Adjust-A-Brush and Mr. Long Arm. With this brush you don't have to worry about the hose because it can be attached to the handle and has an on and off switch to control the water. So all you have to do is suds up your RV, then flip the switch and rinse while scrubbing at the same time. If your the type that likes to have different head attachments to perform different duties, then maybe you might want to go with a standard adjustable pole and buy the individual heads. There are many including a variety of brush heads, mops, squeegees and much more. Another telescoping product that works great is the squeegee. It adjusts to the size you need and is perfect for removing the excess water off of the windows of your RV, so you don't end up with streaks when it dries.

Now that you know these products, the last thing to consider when trying to make this job easier, is which chemical solutions you want to use. Each cleaner has specific uses and what they are able to clean, by using the proper ones you will remove dirt and grime much faster. If you are not completely sure as to which ones to buy you can always start out with the Best 5 Piece RV Cleaner Starter kit that comes with everything you need to keep your RV clean.

To find out more about these cleaning accessories and determine which ones are the best for you, please feel free to contact us, our customer service representatives would love to help.

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