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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Laundry Made Easy While on the Road in your RV

Wouldn't it be great if you could do your laundry in your home-away-from-home? Even if you're parked someplace with laundry facilities, it's more convenient to not have to carry baskets and supplies to a separate building, wait for machines to finish, and carry everything back to your RV before you can even start the task of putting away your clean laundry. How much easier and more pleasant is it to start a load and then relax with a magazine or a favorite TV show until it's time to put your nice clean clothes away mere steps from where you did them?
The Splendide XC Combo is a combination washer/dryer in a stylish platinum finish. It has many of the same features as standard laundry machines, is easy to operate, and even features LEDS to show you where the machine is in the washing or drying process. From your finest silk lingerie to soiled jeans, this unit can handle it all. If you forget an item, it even has a feature that allows you to add it part way through the cycle. The motor runs quietly enough that you can let it do your laundry while you're asleep; a process helped by the fact that it automatically dispenses laundry products.
If you need to do larger loads and have a bit more room, the Splendide Ariston Stackable RV Washer and the matching Splendide Ariston Vented Stackable Dryer may be just what you need. These full-featured machines are sturdily built for life on the road. Washer features include a delayed wash setting, electronic controls, extra rinse cycle, super quiet operation, and overflow protection. The dryer features an extra-wide door, easy-to-clean lint filter, several temperature options and timed drying cycles, an 'Auto' cycle that senses when the load is dry and stops automatically, and a generous 4 cubic foot capacity. The machines can either stack or sit side-by-side. 
If you would enjoy the convenience of having your very own laundry facility inside your home on wheels, contact us. We not only have the quality machines you'll want but all of the parts you'll need to get them up and running in time for your next adventure on the road.

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