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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RV Accessories That Will Help You With Winterizing Your Vehicle

Depending on what climate you’re in, you may not be able to use your RV all season long. If you plan on putting your RV accessories on hold for the winter, here are a few RV accessories you should really use in order to make sure that your vehicle is properly winterized and doesn’t sustain any damage while you aren’t using it.

Blow Out Plug: 
A blow out plug will allow you to connect your water lines and completely drain your RV of all water in preparation for winter. Using this device, you can connect an air pump and open all of your faucets and drains in order to get all of the water out if you decide to do this.
Pump Converter:
This gadget lets you hook up a bottle of anti-freeze and connect the water pump you already have in your RV in order to keep the vehicle good to go throughout the winter. It’s important to choose a pump that has a sturdy material for the valve, such as brass. Using a pump converter to put anti-freeze into your water system, will help make sure that the pipes in your RV don’t freeze and crack during really cold winter temperatures.  
By-Pass Kit: 
Stop wasting antifreeze while winterizing your RV's water system and get a water heater by-pass kit. This kit is made to by-pass the antifreeze, keeping it from going to the water heater. This will save you a lot of money by not having to use as much antifreeze. It gets installed for the winter and then when spring hits, remove it and reconnect the system.

For more information about RV accessories you can use for winterizing your recreational vehicle and other purposes, please contact us

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