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Friday, October 23, 2015

Upgrading your RV Interior Lights

When remodeling your RV one of the first things you may consider in the process is upgrading your interior lights. If you are still running on the old standard bulb light fixture or the ones you have are just old and dull, then maybe its time for a change. Checkout our wide selection of different fixtures that are sure to match your decor and give you the light you need in any area of your RV. 
There are many things to consider when upgrading the lighting in your RV. One thing is, what is the theme or decor style that you are trying to achieve with this upgrade. Lighter color themes, you may want to use brushed nickel finished fixtures, versus darker colors, you might want like a bronze finish on the lights. Second, where are they getting placed in the RV? If you need lights for the ceiling, most likely you are going to want a round flat light or an overhead light. The more decorative ones would be the reading, wall or even the dinette light. The reading and wall lights are perfect for the bedroom and or the living area in places where you need less light or directional light. Dinette lights are great for the kitchen, we also have vanity lights, best for brightening up the bathroom. Third is, what type of light bulb are you looking to use? Incandescent have softer light but are not energy efficient, fluorescent is brighter but is also not energy efficient, or LED which is bright, long lasting and saves energy. Some fixtures can only use certain types of bulbs, so be aware when choosing. Last would be your budget, making sure you choose great looking fixtures and a decent price.

Speaking of decently priced, check out the newly added ITC RV Light Fixtures. These designs are not only gorgeous but they are functional and low priced. They include everything from overhead, reading/directional, pin up, under-cabinet/dinette, vanity and many more other light fixtures to choose from. Still can't find what you want check out our other brands like Gustafson, Progressive Dynamics or Diamond Group to find what your RV needs.
If you have any questions or need help finding or choosing the best light fixtures for your RV interior remodel, please contact us and we would be glad to help you.

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