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Friday, August 9, 2019

The Importance of Having an RV Portable Waste Tank

Before you set out on your next RV adventure, it’s always important to double-check what utility hookups your campsite will feature. If your campsite lacks sewer hookups but has a wastewater dump station, it’s time to invest in an RV portable waste tank. These tanks make the process of emptying your waste quick and easy without the need to break down your campsite.

Full utility hookups with a sewer line can make camping extremely convenient. These hookups allow you to typically leave your greys open and make draining your black tank as easy as opening the valve once the tank is full. Sadly, these hookups are not available at every campsite, and sometimes you will stay long enough to fill your tanks mid-trip.

If you find yourself with full tanks, but without a sewer connection, you will need to find a dump station. These locations typically consist of a concrete pad with a channel or hole to drain your tanks into. Simply insert your hoses, empty your tanks, and then you can rinse up any spills caused during the process.

While dump stations are a convenient way to empty your tank, you still have to drive to them. This means you have to break down your campsite and, if you use a trailer, reconnect your camper to your towing vehicle. Once all of this is done, you drive to the dump station, empty your tank, return to your campsite, disconnect your camper, and set up camp again. You can avoid having to break down and set up your campground by using an RV portable waste tank.

These rugged portable tanks feature wheels and allow you to simply drain your RV’s waste tanks and then wheel them to the dumpsite. No need to move your trailer or break camp, just wheel away your waste and you’re good to go. If you need to dump both of your tanks, it’s advisable to dump your black tank first. Your black tank should be full before emptying to ensure there is enough water inside to push out any solids. If you attempt to empty the tank early, a portion of the solid matter will most likely get left behind.

If you are dumping each tank separately, your grey tank should always be done second. Grey tank waste water includes the runoff from doing dishes and showering, so it has a high soap content already. This means that when you dump your greys, they will help wash out the dump station from dumping your blacks. This can help save water when cleaning up the station.

When shopping for an RV portable waste tank, the first factor to consider is capacity. If your portable tank is smaller than your RV’s tank, you are going to end up in a tricky spot when the portable tank is full and you have to disconnect a full hose from it. Make sure that your tank either matches or exceeds your RV’s capacity. Draining both tanks at once will obviously require a portable tank that exceeds their combined volume.

The next consideration is the wheels on your tank. There are two main designs for these portable tanks. The first design, ideal for smaller RVs, has two wheels and operates similar to a rolling suitcase. Water and waste weigh in at about 10 pounds per gallon, so as tanks get larger, having to lift while you transport them becomes challenging. Larger portable tanks will feature four wheels and often resemble a plastic wagon. This design makes it easy to drag your waste to a dump station no matter the distance.

If you tow your camper or have access to a truck or other vehicle, you can greatly simplify the process by towing your portable tank to the dump station. Many of these tanks include a tow handle for this purpose. If you choose to tow the tank, be advised that the wheels are not designed for speed. You will want to drive at basically walking speed, but it will still be easier than pulling a few hundred pounds of waste by hand. If you have a truck and the manpower to load the tank into your pickup, driving to a dump station can be quick and easy, though slower driving is still advised to avoid spills.

Be sure to pick up an RV portable waste tank before your next trip. If you are in the market for one of these portable holding tanks, RVupgrades has plenty of options to choose from. Our RV experts can help you find the perfect tank for your RV. We also offer thousands of parts and supplies for your RV and a huge selection of camping supplies. Whatever you need to make your next trip perfect, you can find it at RVupgrades.

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