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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Better Towing With Husky Weight Distribution Hitches

If you want a smoother ride when towing your trailer, it might be time to add a Husky weight distribution hitch to your trailer. These unique hitches help to distribute the trailer’s weight more evenly across the frame of the trailer and the towing vehicle. Adding one of these hitches to your setup will give you a more level ride and increase the ease of towing in almost every way. In some states, you might even have to use one of these hitches if your trailer exceeds certain lengths or weight limits. No matter what your reason for using a weight distributing hitch, you can’t go wrong with a hitch from Husky towing.

Husky’s unique design makes installation a breeze. Hooking up your trailer is nearly as simple as using a standard ball hitch and these hitches are typically ready for use right out of the box. Your first time setting up your distribution hitch will involve some measurement and adjustment, but once your brackets are properly oriented, you should be able to continue to set up your trailer by simply securing the ball hitch and then securing the bars to your trailer’s brackets.

The open ball hitch design makes it easy to attach your trailer without having to add special steps to the hookup process. Simply use your tongue jack to lift the front end of the trailer and secure the ball hitch normally. Attaching the additional arms will give the hitch its superior weight distributing properties, but the ball hitch is the first step when securing any trailer.

These Husky weight distribution hitches also feature sway control platforms. This is a crucial safety feature, especially when dealing with larger trailers. The sway control bar is installed on the left or right hand of the central ball hitch and adds an extra level of stability, preventing swaying from sudden gusts of wind or passing vehicles. Not all models will come with a sway bar, but Husky does sell sway bars that can be added to their hitches quickly and easily.

The hitch heads on husky weight distribution hitches are compatible with different swing bar designs. This allows you to use the same hitch with different swing bar capacities so you don’t have to buy several complete hitches if you own multiple trailers. This modular functionality makes Husky hitches extremely versatile. You don’t need to fill your garage with piles of hitches just to meet your towing needs when you use these wonderful hitches. Simply swap the sway bars as needed and you will be ready to hit the road.

The swing bars are also interchangeable across the left and right sides of the central hitch. This means that when you are setting up your hitch, you won’t have to second guess yourself as far as the orientation of the swing arms. You won’t have to worry about driving down the road and suddenly wondering if you hooked the arms up backward. With Husky, you know that whenever you attach your trailer, your hitch is going to be hooked up correctly no matter how you assemble the swing arms.

When attaching the hitch to your trailer, the lift brackets make the process incredibly simple. Once you have installed these brackets on your trailer, the installation process is as easy as attaching your swing bar to the bracket’s rest and then securing the bracket with a locking pin. For chainless systems, this process will require an included bar for leverage that will make seating the bar a breeze.

Every hitch Husky sells also features a black polyester finish. This coating not only keeps your hitch looking clean, but it will also keep it strong and secure. The polyester coating is resistant to chipping and flaking so you will not have to repaint it. This special coating also resists rust and prevents corrosion to the metal. As long as the coating remains in good shape, you won’t have to worry about rust issues compromising the integrity of your hitch.

When you purchase a Husky weight distribution hitch, all of the needed hardware and chains are included. Assembly of these units is minimal, and most models are practically preassembled and ready for safe towing straight out of the box. If you value both reliability and stability in your hitches, you really cannot go wrong with Husky products.

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