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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Perfecting Your RV Awning Setup

When you have finally parked and secured your RV and you’re ready to start making your campsite feel like home, extending your awning is often one of the first steps. Sitting under an awning is the perfect place to be to enjoy a little shade after a long hike or to keep dry during a storm. Here at RVupgrades, we have hundreds of RV awning products to make your current awning do more for you. If you plan on taking an extended camping trip, having the perfect awning setup can make a huge difference in how comfortable your campsite will be.

If having plenty of shade is important to you, we offer extensions to make your awning reach further. These fabric extensions attach to the end of your awning and extend them out straight to a set of poles that you stake down. These extensions are a great way to expand the footprint of your campsite’s patio space, allowing more people to enjoy the shade comfortably.

We also offer awning shades for those times of day when the sun is streaming in from the sides. You can’t always park your RV at the perfect angle to create a consistently shaded patio space. Adding shades to your RV awning is a perfect way to keep the family outside to enjoy the day, even when the sun is glaring. These sun shades install easily on the roller bar of your awning and can be staked in place. Because they only cover one of the three open sides of your awning, you can still enjoy the breeze without all of the glare from the rising or setting sun. If the sun isn’t an issue, these shades can easily be removed to keep your patio space open and airy.

If you want to take blocking out sunlight to the next level, you can turn your awning into an additional room for your RV. We have several awning room kits made by Carefree of Colorado. These “rooms” are easy to install and require no drilling or special tools. Simply hook them up to your existing awning and you can have the three fabric walls set up in minutes. The walls are made from lightweight tent fabric and there is no built-in flooring. Once you set this room up you can adjust the privacy panels to open or cover the screen windows and door. A perfect option for eating outside and keeping out rain or insects.

For keeping the area under your awning nice and clean, we have an assortment of awning mats. These mats help to turn the patch of ground outside your RV into more of a patio space. Many of these mats are designed to allow air and water to pass through to prevent damaging the grass during extended use. We also offer options with a weather-resistant marine backing to keep your space dry. All of our mats are made from water-resistant lightweight materials to make cleaning and storage a breeze.

If you notice damaged or missing components on your RV awning, we also carry hundreds of awning parts and accessories. From new stakes to easy to install stabilizing rafters, you can always find the perfect options for your awning. We also have plenty of products you probably didn’t know you needed. Tired of hitting your head on an awning arm? Check out our velcro LED strips that you can turn on at night to make the arms clearly visible. We even have patch kits or complete fabric replacements to give an old awning a new look.

Once you have perfected your RV awning, you have to think about what you need to put underneath it. We carry a huge range of supplies to make your home away from home a little more comfortable. If you need some new seating or a nice blanket for the kids to play on, you can find them in our outdoor living section. We also have supplies like portable grills and firepits for the space beyond your awning. If you need to add a little extra comfort to your camping experience, we can help you find the perfect options.

Before you set off on your next RV trip, it's important to give your RV and supplies a good once over. If you notice anything wrong with your awning or anything else on your RV, visit RVupgrades and let our team help you find the parts and supplies you need. We have been serving the RV community for over a decade and we know RVs inside and out. Get the best deals on your RV products and we’ll ship them out to you fast so you’re sure to be in ship-shape before your next trip. When you have RVupgrades in your corner, you can hit the road with confidence every time.

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