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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Do You Really Need a Surge Protector For Your RV?

 This is like asking if you need a surge protector for your valuable and loved electronic devices in your home. Of course! To protect against power outages, accidents, and electrical surges, you absolutely need a surge protector for your RV.

You need a specific and consistent amount of voltage flowing to your RV for everything to properly function. Fluctuations and spikes in this voltage can irreparably damage not only your appliances and expensive devices like laptops and phones but the wiring of the RV itself.

Much like a common surge protector found in your home, they are an important safety measure that seems like no big deal until your house is struck by lightning and you’re out thousands of dollars in home electronics. A simple drop in voltage because of a temporary outage could potentially put your appliances at risk or cause a malfunction.

Part of caring for your RV and ensuring it remains in top shape year after year requires taking the right commonsense measures and precautions, and one of these is investing in a proper high-quality surge protector.

As you travel around and experience more campgrounds, you often encounter situations where electrical issues and service fluctuates or isn’t optimal. It’s not uncommon to get stuck in summer storms or other situations that show the necessity of certain safeguards like surge protectors.

Knowing that you need one is just the first step toward protecting your RV however. How do you figure out what is the right kind of surge protector to get, and where exactly can you get one that has powerful features you can rely on? Here’s some information that can fill in the blanks for you.

What is the Best Surge Protector for Your RV?
This will first and foremost depend on the voltage your RV requires, typically either 30 or 50 amps. RVs that take a 30 amp plug tend to be on the lower end of the load spectrum, while the beefier 50 amp variants require more power than average. You need a surge protector for your RV that matches your plug and power requirements.

You also should decide the level of protection you believe that you need. A basic 30 or 50 amp surge protector is really considered the standard or minimum amount of protection you should have for your RV.
Not having any kind of protection opens you up to the potential of losing valuable appliances and other complications, so this is essentially where you want to start. However, if you are interested in a more comprehensive surge protector solution, there are full-scale energy management systems that function a lot like surge protectors but are more powerful and include a wide range of features that ensure more protection.

Either way, your first step is figuring out your amp requirements, as there are powerful surge protectors and EMS options for both 30 and 50 amp campers. In both cases, you want to invest in a high quality, well-made product. There’s no point in getting a cheap or poorly made surge protector, because it won’t do the job when you need it most, and could even make things worse. Once you understand your amp requirements and decide on the level of protection you want, you’re going to want to find the right product through a reputable dealer.

There are certainly a large number of surge protectors and similar products floating around out there, so it can be a chore trying to piece together what specs you want and what brand sells what. You want the best for your RV to ensure that it is protected from any potential electrical problems, but where do you begin?

If you’re looking for the best in RV surge protection, we here at RVupgrades have gone out of our way to supply the best in the industry. When looking at the specs of a great surge protector, you want to consider factors such as the length of the warranty, if it is weather resistant and made specifically for outdoor use, and if it is thermally protected or not. The best surge protectors for RVs have a lifetime warranty and are designed to work outdoors, even in inclement weather conditions. You’re not always going to have sunshine and cozy temperatures when you’re exploring the great outdoors, so you’re going to need surge protection that works anytime, anywhere.

We recommend quality surge protectors such as the Progressive Industries SSP-50X Portable 50 Amp RV Smart Surge Protector or the 30 Amp variant from the same manufacturer. Equipped with thermal protection, weather resistance, LED indicators, and a helpful compact design, these top of the line products are what you need if protecting your RV is top priority. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty, making them a clear choice for your RV.

You can be sure that if you purchase your surge protector through RVupgrades that you are getting exactly the product you need at a competitive price and with customer service you can count on.
Don’t leave anything to chance with your RV or your electronics.

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