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Monday, April 27, 2020

You Need a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

With all the things for which you need to be prepared while you’re planning an RV or a camping trip, it sometimes seems like a hassle to tack more onto the list. You’ve already made provisions for extra batteries, wastewater storage and disposal, water softening, backup lighting and much, much more. The list could go on and on and fill up pages. Then, you come across something like a tire pressure monitoring system. You might think it’s just another thing to add onto the list, even some fat you could get away with trimming off but make no mistake about it, it isn’t. You need a tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS, for your recreational vehicle.

There’s a reason that most cars come with tire pressure monitoring systems to alert the driver to undue rises or drops in pressure, among other things. Your safety is at risk. Pressure discrepancies are the number one cause of blowouts on the road, and being prepared is the first step to preventing them.

That’s just with cars, which are much lighter and carry much less expensive, precious gear than your average RV. On top of that, your RV carries everything you need to make a camping trip or a stay away from home possible. If the RV is crippled, the trip might be cooked. Tire wear isn’t the only thing that can precipitate a blowout; so can rapid shifts in tire air pressure. Even properly inflated tires can sometimes overinflate due to rapid shifts in temperature. Keeping ahead of the changing conditions your tires experience absolutely necessitates investment in a TPMS.

A tire pressure monitoring system can help prevent any of that from happening and is your first line of defense against blowouts occurring as a result of sudden, undue changes in tire pressure. What you’ll get with most systems, however, is more than the peace of mind that comes with a system to keep track of tire pressure, as many systems will track more than just tire pressure, are easy to use and even compatible with smartphones and other technology.

A TPMS will measure your tire pressure continuously to keep you prepared and to help you prevent any sudden blowouts. This is enough to justify the investment in a system outright, but many systems come with much more functionality to make them easy to install and use and much more.

Systems like the 6-piece Blu Bluetooth TPMS come with more functionality than many RV owners could probably ever use. It is the first Bluetooth tire pressure monitor and makes it amazingly easy to keep track of the tire pressures across many tires on more than one vehicle - up to 99, in fact.

This system comes with external pressure sensors that can easily be mounted to a vehicle’s wheel valve stems and even lock to prevent theft. The app, which is available for free, that is compatible with the system enables you to choose the vehicles that are being monitored and see relevant data for all of them. You can set the system to send you alerts such as low-pressure warnings and low battery alerts so you know when you need to make adjustments to pressure or switch out the batteries.

The app doesn’t even need to be open for it to be working; it will continue monitoring pressure and temperature in the background in order to send you important updates and alerts. It’s an effective, convenient system to pair with your RV, and an important one to put into place to protect your safety and your property.

Other systems like the TireMinder TPMSAPP6 Smart TPMS with 6 transmitters are another excellent option in a TPMS to ensure that everything is running smoothly and as it should. This system is also capable of sending updates to your smartphone and detects blowouts and temperature and pressure changes, updating every six seconds. A TireMinder system is an excellent system for keeping track of tire pressure and receiving real-time updates as well as receiving alerts for rapid leaks, slow leaks, and high-temperature warnings.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t take up every preventative measure against such unfortunate events as blowouts which are almost entirely preventable. With any of the many tire pressure monitoring systems that we offer here at RVupgradestore.com, you can be much better prepared to address conditions that require you to attend to over or underinflated tires or to take other actions to protect yourself, your family and your RV or camper.

If you have any questions about how they work or which systems are best for your unique situations, please contact us at sales@rvupgradestore.com, or via a text or a call to our toll-free number 1-866-332-7881. RVing is our passion and we love to help our customers enjoy a better time out on the road and in the great outdoors, so don’t be shy about contacting us with questions!

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