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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

How to Shop for an RV Patio Mat

Think of your RV as a home that you can take out into the brush. Think of it as a sort of a luxury home, if you will, by virtue of the fact that it can go where other homes can’t. Your RV will enable you to travel the country and see sights and scenes that no other home can, all the while keeping you comfortable.

You’d do everything you can to keep your traveling home in top shape, and as clean as possible, wouldn’t you? Even if that meant investing in something as simple as a plain RV patio mat? If you agree, then you’ll be happy to know that even a little detail like the use of an outdoor rug or RV patio mat can go a long way towards keeping the interior of your RV clean. 

Do You Really Need an RV Patio Mat? 

First off, to address the big question here, no, you do not absolutely need an RV patio mat. You can hit the road and go camping without one and you won’t be the worse for wear. However, dropping a patio rug under your outdoor areas will benefit your RV in a surprising number of ways.

RV patio mats are highly versatile, easy to care for, and stylish, and when you add one to your outdoor arrangement, you’ll have plenty of reasons to be glad that you did. They’re great at keeping your outdoor spaces as well as your indoor spaces clean, but they’re valuable for many other reasons than that. 

How an RV Patio Mat Can Help? 

The prime reason that area rugs designed specifically for RV patios are valuable is that they help keep dirt from being tracked through the interior of your RV. Many of them are created from durable, stain resistant materials and will allow dirt, dust and sand to filter through one way, while simultaneously not allowing it to travel back up through the weave. This helps shed dirt and prevents the interior of your RV from becoming dirty.

Many RV patio mats are also made from durable materials like PVC and polyester that are abrasion and wear resistant and UV protected as well, to prevent them from breaking down under the influence of sunlight. Some of them are easy to clean, and what’s better is that many of them are reversible and can be flipped over, ending the need for daily cleanings.

Many of these rugs, which are ideal for high traffic and outdoor seating areas, like an RV patio, are made in a delightful range of colors and patterns to suit any setting. With a wisely chosen rug, the purchase can be as much about form as it is about function.

Things to Look for 

If you’re willing to front the money for a new patio mat, here are some top traits to look for in your search. They’ll help ensure you get the most value out of your investment. 

-       Pick a reversible model

Many outdoor patio mats are reversible, which gives you a few distinct benefits. One is that you may be able to get two designs for the price of one. The other is that you don’t need to clean them as frequently, especially if you just want to shake them out to release dirt. Simply flip it over!

-       Tough materials are worth the price

Many patio mats are made with tough materials like polyester and PVC which are resistant to a whole range of adverse environmental factors and weather conditions. The tougher the better, the longer they will last. People do step all over mats, after all.

-       Choose one that is easy to clean

Although many patio mats are reversible, you’ll have to clean them eventually, especially before you roll or fold them for storage. Most of them can be easily cleaned with a hose and soap and water, and air dried.

-       Look for reinforced grommets and hemmed edges

People do tend to beat up but indoor and outdoor rugs, since they are made to be walked on. Reinforced grommets will help to prevent eyelets from tearing at the point at which you secure your rug, and hemmed edges will help stave off fraying and premature wear.

-       Look for UV, mold and mildew resistance

Many patio mats are made from UV-resistant synthetic materials, which helps prevent them from breaking down prematurely. Others are also resistant to mold and mildew, which is a big bonus, considering these mats spend a lot of time laying on the (potentially) wet ground.

-       Resistance to stains and fading

Finally, get a rug that is resistant to stains and fading, since inevitably you’re going to spill something on it at least once over the course of its lifetime!

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