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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

3 Best Water Softeners for Your RV

Is there any better feeling than when you’re driving your RV on the open road and the wind is whipping and whistling through the open windows and onto your face? It’s a moment entangled with freedom, leisure, and unadulterated bliss. The road and even the world is yours. However, you will need to take plenty of breaks during your blissful road trip in order to explore, sleep, eat, and use the facilities, whether they be in the RV or not. Therefore, it’s imperative that you are prepared for each one of these occasions.

You will need to be prepared for anything on your road trip. Having updated and functioning appliances in your RV is an important step in your preparation. That’s where we come in at RVupgrades. We understand your love for RV life, but also understand your necessity for safety and comfort when inside your RV. We are here to supply you with all the necessary equipment and other objects you need for flawless and hitchless road traveling.

One aspect of your RV you need to constantly be wary of is your water. Having a water softener is something every RV should have within it. This is because it can extend the life of appliances, prevent rust stains and hard water, improve the taste and color of your water, and improve your skin health. Why wouldn’t you want that in your RV?

You should know the best water softeners for your RV so you can be one big step closer to finding the right one for you. Here are the best three water softeners for your RV so you can get yours faster, then hit the open road sooner.

1.  FlowPur M7002 RV Pro

This is one of our most popular water softeners to date and it’s no wonder as to why. The FlowPur M7002 RV Pro Water Softener is easy to install, as its included head fitting makes the process quick and painless, so you can get to enjoy its benefits sooner rather than later. It has a 10,000-grain capacity and has a high flow rate of four gallons per minute (GPM) without affecting the water pressure. It’s also at a comfortable weight size of 26 pounds, while its overall size is also convenient at 20½ inches in height and eight and ½ inches in diameter.

Its regeneration time is another impressive aspect. It is already regenerated when you first install it, which makes for one alleviated concern. When it does need to be regenerated, it will only take twenty minutes and requires either potassium chloride or table salt. There is also a convenient instruction manual with clear-cut instructions on how to successfully accomplish this. The warranty on the tank is also an astounding five years, while the head is for one. You really cannot go wrong with equipping your RV’s kitchen and bathroom with this water softener.

2.  On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Double Standard Portable Water Softener

The On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Double Standard Portable Water Softener is an excellent option for affordability, function, and dependability. It provides soft water to your RV for 10-32 days and can be used with any RV. Its 16,000-grain capacity allows for superb filtering and softens 500-1600 gallons before regeneration is necessary. When regeneration is indeed necessary, it usually only takes around 30 minutes to complete. One of the greatest aspects of this water softener is that it requires salt, but it isn't too picky on what kind you use for regeneration. It could be potassium chloride or table salt.

Its GPM is impressive, too, at an impressive 4.5, making the pressure strong enough to shower, wash your hands, and wash dishes effortlessly and potentially joyfully. It's also one of the most convenient sizes for these products. It weighs 32 pounds and is 22 inches by 9.5 inches. Your RV, its water, and even you will certainly be happy with this water softener.

3.  On The Go OTG4-StdSoft Portable Standard RV Water Softener

On The Go strikes again with yet another sensational water softener to better your RV and its water. If you are looking for practicality with proper function, then this is the softener for you and your RV. Carrying will be simple with this one, as it has an easy-to-carry handle at the top and weighs 24 pounds full, but only 18 pounds empty. It’s also 22 inches in height and 6 ¾ inches in diameter, making for an excellent and easy fit for any RV. The design of this softener focuses heavily on being compact and lightweight. Therefore, whether you’re installing it or simply moving it elsewhere in your RV, it’ll be easy to both carry and move. This softener takes your efforts and energy seriously, but also your drinking and cleaning.

The positives don’t end there. It has a spectacular lifespan of 7-10 years, so you won’t need to worry about it for a long while. This fine softener takes either potassium chloride or table salt during regeneration, and the regeneration process only takes 15 minutes. Through each regeneration, you will be provided soft water for 20 days, but specifically 320 to 800 gallons of it. You really cannot go wrong with this softener, as it is one of the best water softeners for your RV.

Purchasing add-ons and other exciting appliances for your RV can be an exciting experience, but it can also be daunting because there are just so many options available to you. However, you should take the water within it seriously because you use it on your body and in it through cooking and drinking. Therefore, adding any one of the above best water softeners for your RV is good practice. Whichever one you decide to choose, you can take comfort in knowing that your RV and its water are in good hands so you can focus more on that relaxing and freeing drive and less on your water.

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