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Friday, October 1, 2021

A Primer on Keeping Dirt Out of Your RV (with Patio Mats and Other Best Practices)

For die-hard RVers and other campers, camping season is a year-round season. That puts more of the year at your disposal, but it also means that you need to reckon with the dreaded mud season in some parts of the country.

A muddy RV interior is a morale dampener. Beat the mud and dirt with these tips and tricks. 

1.    Be conscientious about your choice of location

The first step you can take towards safeguarding the cleanliness of your RV interior is sort of a passive one. Just be smart about where you park your RV.

We get it. You can’t always choose exactly where you want to park. After all, you need to park somewhere safe, reasonable, and ideally level, and those locations are not always mud-free. Realistically, parking areas at campsites are often very muddy expressly because of the high traffic that keeps grass from growing.

You can’t always avoid mud and dirt, but if you can, you should. Wherever you end up parking, the people with you will have to walk through to get in and out of your RV. Simply choosing a space that’s less muddy can help you in the long run.

2.    Leave muddy shoes outside, by the door - or have a dedicated space for them inside

For those times when you can’t avoid the mud, the next best thing is to enact a rule for all fellow campers to observe: leave boots and shoes outside.

You can’t keep all mud, dirt, leaves, gravel, and other debris outdoors, but by observing this simple rule, you’ll keep the lion’s share of mud out of your RV interior. It’s also an easy habit to observe and enforce. Just get into the habit of taking off your boots and shoes and leaving them outside by the door.

What can help with this effort is if you bring along a dedicated pair of indoor shoes, slippers, or sandals. That will mean you rarely need to bring your outdoor shoes indoors, except when you’re packing up and traveling. And, by the way, when you are on the road, have a dedicated, waterproof bin for outdoor shoes.

3.    Get a boot brush and boot tray

If you can’t leave your outdoor shoes outside or it doesn’t make sense to do so, then you should get a boot brush and a boot tray.

Get in the habit of using the boot brush anytime you plan on entering the RV, and be thorough about it. Most boot brushes have bristles that are poised to clean the sides of your boots as well as the treads on the soles, which is a boon because mud sometimes tracks up to the tops of boots.

You should also have a boot tray somewhere right along or inside the vestibule of the RV. Have occupants brush off and then remove their boots before entering and placing them in the tray.

4.    Bring along a whisk and broom

Being prepared for mud entails more than mud prevention. You need to be ready for when mud and other dirt make their way into your RV. Bring along a whisk and a full-sized broom to help you be better prepared. A whisk will help you spot clean small areas that have noticeable dirt; as for the broom, use it to brush off the steps of your RV periodically, from top to bottom.

5.    Have a small vacuum at the ready

While both whisks and brooms can be instrumental at spot-cleaning and keeping your steps clear of dirt and mud, sometimes it gets into corners and on rugs. It’s pretty hard (if not impossible) to clean these surfaces with a broom alone, so you’ll want a small car vacuum or a vacuum with attachments that will help you clear it out.

6.    Use RV patio pats in and around your outdoor living spaces

If you’re going to spend a lot of time living outdoors at the campsite, such as around a fire ring or under your RV awning, make it a point to bring along RV patio mats. Many patio mats are carefully designed to prevent dirt, mud, sand, and more from being tracked into your RV.

Many RV patio mats are made with a unique weave that allows dirt and sand to filter through one way but prevents them from coming back up to the surface. Just using outdoor area rugs like these in areas with high foot traffic can help prevent dirt from getting tracked through your RV’s interior.

Plus, RV patio rugs are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns for your outdoor spaces, and many are stain-resistant, fade-resistant, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. Many of them can be easily swept or hosed right off, and are resistant to UV, mold, and mildew! Some of them are even reversible, and there are plenty right here on our site that are available in a wide range of unique patterns and colors, for any setting.

Dirt Is the Enemy! 

Armed with these tips and tricks, you should be better prepared to keep mud and dirt from getting tracked through your RV, which, by the way, is not just a cosmetic issue.

Yes, dirt and mud are unattractive and can make your indoor carpets and floors look drab and worn out, but over time, dirt and mud can adversely affect the value of your RV, potentially even impacting resale.

Take these steps and be proactive about keeping your RV clean and clear of mud, sand, dirt, and other debris. You’ll enjoy your camping trips more and you’ll be safeguarding the long-term value of your investment!

Contact Us! 

Whether you’re looking for an RV outdoor patio mat or another outdoor rug, a boot rack, or a vacuum, you can find most of your mud-fighting equipment right here at RV Upgrades!

Take a look through our collection and if you have any questions or would like more suggestions or recommendations, get in touch with our customer service team at 866-332-7881.

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