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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Shopping for RV Portable Waste Tanks: Make Your Life Easier


Portable RV waste tanks may not be the most exciting of RV accessories, but they certainly do play a big part in ensuring comfort when you’re out on the road or in camp. Waste holding tanks that are manufactured to a high standard of quality, especially larger ones, can minimize your trips to the dump station and help contain odors. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for a new RV portable waste tank.

Capacity Counts 

Possibly the most important feature of RV portable waste tanks is capacity. It’s a low tech feature, but all of the other attributes we mention in this article won’t be worth very much if your wastewater tank just isn’t big enough.

Four main factors will influence how much space you need in a portable waste tank: How many campers will be along for the trip, how long the trip will be, the space you have in your RV, and the size of your holding tank.

Obviously, you can’t choose a tank that is too large for the space you have allotted to it. You should also ideally choose one that is large enough to carry the entire contents of your gray or black water tank, if possible. 

Integrated Handles and Tow Brackets Save the Day 

Let’s not forget that you need to transport your RV portable waste tank from your RV to the dump station. Even if your portable waste tank isn’t a 42 gallon or a 36-gallon behemoth, water is heavy. A “small” 16 or 25-gallon portable tank will still be really heavy when full.

That’s one of the reasons that integrated tow handles are so valuable. They make it a lot easier to transport and dump your RV’s portable tank at the dump station, and some of them even include tow brackets so you can tow the tank to a dump site instead of lugging it over there by hand. 

Pneumatic Tires for Effortless Transport 

Pneumatic is just a buzzword for a tire that is full of air instead of being made of solid rubber. While solid rubbers are tougher and require no maintenance, pneumatic tires roll more smoothly and absorb some of the bumps of uneven roads.

They also tend to have a larger diameter, which means they are much more capable of rolling over rough terrain. While solid rubber wheels are acceptable for smaller RV portable waste tanks, it makes sense to get pneumatic tires with a larger model. 

Blow Molding and Plated Components Go the Distance 

Since RV portable waste tanks have to carry a lot of weight and are subjected to a lot of other forces while transporting them, sometimes fewer components are better. Read the fine details: many portable waste tanks are made with blow-molded polyethylene and feature plated hardware.

Blow molding is a trusted plastic manufacturing process that creates tough plastic shells and shapes with stronger seams (or, depending on the item, no seams). Plated hardware is also a bonus because it is less subject to corrosion. The tougher, the better; you don’t ever want to experience the failure of a portable waste tank. 

Look for a Level Gauge and Avert Potential Spills 

Level gauges are used to detect the levels of liquids in all sorts of different tanks. In waste tanks, the same principle applies; level gauges help you determine how full a tank is and helps to eliminate guesswork.

In some situations, lack of a level gauge might just be an annoyance, but with the sanitary concerns surrounding waste tanks, a level gauge is a really valuable feature. Determining the level of a portable waste tank can help you prevent overfilling them, which in turn can prevent spills. Check the product features in our collection of RV portable waste tanks and choose one with a level gauge - especially if you get a larger model. 

Choose a Model That Has Everything You Need  

Some of our RV portable waste tanks come with a bayonet cap, a sewer hose or sewer connections, hose clamps, and adapters - in other words, everything you need to fill, transport, and then empty the tank at the dump station. Buy an all-in-one unit and save some time down the line. 

Word to the Wise: Have Holding Tank Treatment on Hand 

One more note. You should consider buying a holding tank treatment. Some treatments like the Camco TST Holding Tank Treatment are 100% biodegradable, safe for septic tanks, and can easily keep a lid on odors for up to a week. They’re worth the few dollars they cost. 

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