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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Are You An RV Owner? You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch

weight distribution hitch

RV and camper owners are independent souls who like to travel in an unconventional way. They don't like depending on others for transportation or lodging, and they love to travel at their own pace. However, it also means that they have to take safety into their own hands to make sure their adventures always have a happy ending.

One of the most essential pieces of equipment every pull-behind camper owner should have is a weight distribution hitch.

Some people find that, when they connect their weight-carrying hitch to the hitch receiver at the back of their truck, and then couple it with their camper, their truck tends to point towards the sky and the rear axle gets crushed by the weight of their RV. This is usually a head-scratcher for many as they don´t understand why this can happen when they're not even near their truck´s tow capacity limit.

Towing your camper in this condition can be extremely dangerous as your front wheels lose grip and no longer have the same steering or braking capacity. Undistributed weight can also cause a lot of swaying and scary situations on the road. Additionally, you will notice your tires wear out unevenly. This means you need to get a weight distribution hitch.

What Is A Weight Distribution Hitch?

A weight distribution hitch is a carrying hitch that uses adjustable spring bars to distribute excess tongue weight to level your front axle back to its ideal position.

It is basically a lever that moves further rearward into the trailer frame and uses that levering power to crank down the front axle. The end result is that both the front tires and the rear tires of your truck will be carrying a more equalized weight when towing, eliminating that saggy look we get when using regular weight-carrying hitches. This eliminates a host of problems such as unpredictable handling, uneven tire wear, and trailer sway.

Most vehicle manufacturers are aware of the advantages of weight distribution hitches, so they all recommend one if you have a half-ton truck or smaller, especially when towing over 5000 pounds of trailer weight.

Of course, there are many out there who tow more than five thousand pounds with their regular hitch, and they think they don´t have a problem. However, we must remember that we´re not alone on the road and we need to drive safely to protect others too. Moreover, having your headlights pointing upwards severely decreases visibility. Plus, having to change rear tires more often is never a good thing, and watching your rear wheels sagging on the bump stops is not a good look. So, it is always better to move some of that weight to the front axle and keep things even when in transit.

Of course, there are a lot of options that help distribute that weight and give you more peace of mind while traveling with the family. There are two kinds of weight distribution hitches:

Round Bar Hitches

The spring bars are what make the leveraging effect possible. They go under the trailer and are attached to the trailer frame with a link chain. Round bar hitches have round spring l-shaped bars that move freely, allowing the truck to take turns.

Trunnion Bar Hitches

The spring bars of these weight distribution systems are square-shaped, and they run parallel with the trailer frame. They can carry slightly heavier loads, and provide a bit more ground clearance when compared to round bar hitches.

Bear in mind that, while a weight distribution hitch will make it easier to carry heavy loads, they do not grant your truck higher carrying capacity. They only allow you to load your truck to its maximum weight safely. In general, your towing system is only able to carry as much as your lowest-rated component. This means that you need to check your truck´s carrying capacity and your hitch carrying capacity and check which one is lowest before coupling them to your RV or trailer.

Where can I buy a weight distribution hitch?

Weight distribution hitches are not normally bought compulsively. They´re an investment and only a handful of distributors have them in stock at all times. Fortunately for you, we have the weight distribution hitch you need right here at RVUpgrades.com. We specialize in accessories and supplies for RV owners and are official Husky Weight Distribution Hitch distributors. We offer both round bar and trunnion bar options and have a lot of options to accommodate most trailer sizes and trucks. Moreover, we offer fast shipping options and returns are never a hassle.

If you have any questions about our products, contact our knowledgeable customer support center. They are able to answer all your RV-related questions and offer thoughtful solutions for any problem. Get your Husky weight distribution hitch from our store today.

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