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Monday, August 29, 2022

5 Top Portable RV Waste Tanks [with Features]

Portable RV waste tanks are a lifesaver for campers parked on sites without direct sewer connections.

Basically, they serve as temporary reservoirs for wastewater, and they can be removed and emptied at dump stations, without needing to move your entire camper.

Portable RV waste totes can be a big time-saver for those who camp at sites without sewer hookups for extended stays. Chances are you’ll fill your black water tanks more than once over the course of a couple of weeks.

With portable tanks, you won’t need to move the whole rig when it’s time to dump them out - that way, you can dump your RV without moving it.

Check out our portable tanks like these top 5 options from our website.

Thetford 40951 4-Wheel Titan Tote Portable Waste Holding Tank (27-Gallon)

The Thetford 40951 4-Wheel Titan Tote Portable Waste Holding Tank is loaded up with features, all of which improve its ergonomics, ease of use, and practicality.

This tank features a large capacity with a built-in hose that stays connected for easy, sanitary use. It also features a low fill height, streamlining emptying.

It features a 90-degree elbow for superior control while emptying, and horizontal emptying capabilities, so there’s no need to tip the tank to dump it.

It also features integrated side handles, a ladder hook, heavy-duty wheels, a sturdy tow handle, and a large wash-out port for easy cleaning.

And, at 27 gallons, it’s one of the larger options out there, making it ideal for extended camping trips.

Barker 30844 42-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank

The Barker 30844 42-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank is the largest capacity portable RV waste tank, but it’s not just great because of its size.

It features an extra-sturdy, seamless design, thanks to its construction from blow-molded polyethylene. This creates an extremely durable, leak-proof design.

Thanks to its pneumatic wheels with axle bearings and grease fittings, swiveling double front wheel configuration, and steel tow handle, it is smooth-rolling and easy to maneuver and tow.

It also features a bobber gauge to prevent potential spills, as well as a 3” waste valve for easy, quick, efficient dumping.

It’s also made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 2-year warranty - so this smooth-rolling, large-capacity portable RV tank is a sure buy.

Barker 28191 16-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank

Need a slightly smaller, more manageable option that is still highly durable and easy to maneuver and tow? The Barker 28191 16-Gallon Tote Along Portable Holding Tank may be the perfect choice for you.

This model has a lot of the same features that make the previous Barker a sure bet. It also features blow-molded polyethylene construction, as well as durable, resilient, zinc-plated steel and aluminum hardware.

Towing is easy, thanks to the durable rubber wheels and a swiveling front double wheel system. Even with a full tank, moving and positioning this portable tank is a cinch.

It comes completely assembled, is easy to control, tow, and manipulate, and has everything you need to make dumping a breeze, including 2 bayonet hose adapters, clamps, and 5 feet of 3” sewer hose, along with 3” and ¾” caps.

Thetford 40501 SmartTote2 18-Gallon Portable Waste Holding Tank

The Thetford 40501 SmartTote2 18-Gallon Portable Waste Holding Tank is another great option and one of the most popular models on our website.

While it may be smaller than some of the aforementioned options, it features front leveling support and a molded-in handle as well as a number of other features that make it fairly easy and straightforward to use.

For instance, it also features an AutoStop Level Gauge and Vent that prevent overfilling and eliminate guessing. It also features a “PermaStore” sewer hose that stays connected to the bottom of the tank, helping to eliminate spills.

The tank is easy to attach to both the RV and to the dump station. Simply extend and connect, then return to the cradle when finished, for storage or transport. It’s easy and mess-free.

It features a low-profile design as well as smooth-rolling, rugged rubber wheels that make maneuvering, positioning, and transport easier - nice traits to have for any portable RV waste tank.

Barker 28508 15-Gallon Tote Along for Folding Tent Campers

Looking for a smaller portable RV waste tank for shorter trips? Or perhaps you need something that can fit into a space-restricted environment? Enter the Barker 28508 15-Gallon Tote Along - specifically designed for folding tent campers, and ideal in situations where you just don’t have a lot of space.

This Barker portable RV waste tank might be small in size and low in profile, but it is anything but small on features!

It requires minimal ground clearance and is designed to fit right under tent campers and other RVs - but its design features blow-molded polyethylene construction that is just as tough and durable as several of the other portable tanks on this list.

Moreover, it has an integrated handle and smooth-rolling wheels that make it easy to take it to the dump station when needed and it can be pulled by hand or towed behind a vehicle via the integrated tow bracket.

It also features a 3” bayonet cap and straight adapter as well as a 3” by 5’ sewer hose with a clamp for easy dumping - like the other portable RV waste tanks featured here, it allows you to empty your RV’s black tanks without having to move your whole rig.

Adding to the convenience, this portable waste water tank comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use from the very second you get it.

Questions About These or Other Portable RV Waste Holding Tanks?

Not seeing a solution that works for you among these top picks? While these are some of the most popular portable RV waste tanks on our website (and represent some of the largest and smallest models) we carry others.

Simply follow the link above to see our full collection of RV portable waste tanks and get in touch with us at 866-332-7881 if you have any questions or would like special recommendations.

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