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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tailgating Essentials Checklist

If you're anything like millions of other Americans, there's a good chance you've been spending your Saturdays and Sundays watching football on TV in your living room or a sports bar. As an RV owner, however, you have a rolling tailgating machine that is perfect for going and seeing the action live. In a previous post, we covered the best college football tailgating spots, but once you get to the stadium, you're going to need a few essentials to make the day a great tailgating experience. Check out our list of tailgating essentials so you can have the best party in the lot!


Seating is a must for any tailgate. You'll likely be on your feet a lot through the game and it's no secret that stadium seating isn’t the most comfortable. Take a load off feet before the game with outdoor seating. One of our favorites is the Coronado Series Recliner which is the next best thing to a La-Z-Boy. If you're planning on serving food, you'll also need an outdoor table or two to display your spread.

Other items to include: radio or sound system, outdoor TV, sunblock, bugspray, an awning or canopy

Cooking Equipment & Accessories

Speaking of food, what's a tailgate without a grill? Whether it's a simple economy grill or a top-of-the-line Kuuma Stow N Go, every tailgate needs a grill to feed the party. With plenty of portable grill options, there is a grill that will be perfect for your RV and tailgate party.

Other items to remember: fuel for your grill, matches or a lighter, disposable plastic ware, garbage bags, aluminum foil, pot holders


Playing a few tailgating games will help you get in the competitive spirit before the main event. Some of the most popular yard games include horse shoes and cornhole, mostly because they're easily played with beverage in hand. A fun alternative these games is washer toss, which incorporates elements of both games and uses washers in place of horseshoes or bean bags.


The weather might be cooling down, but it won't be cold enough to keep your drinks cold for another couple months. Investing in a quality cooler will last you for years, and with collapsible cooler options, they won't even take up a lot of space in your RV. Of course, it's also important to keep certain foods cool throughout the day, so make sure your cooler has enough space for everything!

Other items to remember: ice, bottle opener, koozies (can coolers), beverages

Can you think of anything else that should be included on our tailgate checklist? Let us know in the comments what you can't live without when you're tailgating!

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