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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BatteryMINDer Solar Charger Controller

The BatteryMINDer solar charger controller can keep up to six 12V or 6V batteries charged and maintained at the same time, without the worry of overcharging them. Whenever the sun is out, the BatteryMINDer is able to monitor your battery’s current voltage and it automatically shuts off when there is a reduction in sunlight, such as when the sun goes behind a cloud. It works well in nearly any type of outdoor environment, including high moisture areas, because of its splash proof, conformal coated circuitry. The output supplied to multiple batteries being charged at the same time mainly depends on the limitations of the solar panel. It should not be used with solar panels exceeding 15 watts.

The BatteryMINDer solar charger controller is able to work with nearly any type of battery, including deep cycle, maintenance-free, maintenance-type, sealed, AGM, gelled or dry-type batteries. In order to get the full performance from the BatteryMINDer,  the batteries should be in good condition, with no shorted cells. The solar controller should be mounted in a location where it is easily noticed and protected from the weather. Placing it in bright, direct sunlight may make it harder to see the LED indicators. The yellow LED is lit when the sunlight is enough to charge the battery. The red LED indicates reverse polarity and the green LED shows that the battery is being charged or maintained. If none of the LEDs are lit, then the sunlight is not sufficient enough for the BatteryMINDer to work.

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