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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Covering Your RV During Winter or Summer Storage

So we are closing in on winter and your wondering if you should purchase an RV cover for your motorhome or trailer.   This is a huge topic on RV forums everywhere right about now and the answers are endless.  But here are a few things to consider as you make that decision.

RV covers are not as easy to install and remove as say a car cover would be.  So if you live in an area where you have the potential to get the RV out many times during the winter months it is something to be aware of.  Also it's a good idea to cover a clean RV and if that wont be possible after use it may not be wise to re-install on a dirty RV.  These covers will move around in the wind and the fabric rubbing on a dirty side wall can cause scratching.

Many people after a long camping season tend to forget about their camper once it has been winterized and
may not even step foot in it until spring.  An RV cover can be very helpful in keeping snow and ice melt during the winter from finding it's way into gaps or cracks in caulking and seams, then re-freezing eventually causing a leak. This could be a major problem for those RV'ers who do not do spot checks throughout the winter finding they now have some kind of water damage.  Although RV covers are generally not water proof they do have the ability to repel water giving some protection from possible water damage. Even with a cover, winter has a way of damaging an RV that is neglected and it is important to do periodic inspections to make sure your cover has not leaked and that excess snowfall is removed.

On the other end of the spectrum sunlight will deteriorate rubber and plastic parts of a camper. This includes the roof, roof seams, moldings, vents, window seams and tires. This results in more frequent maintenance and can also lead to leaks and an RV cover can definitely protect your motorhome or trailer from this type of damage.

Covers are available for every type of RV and are selected by your camper or motorhomes length and the area you live in.  Adco is a leader in the manufacturer of RV covers and has designed their Tyvek brand of cover for extreme sun and heat or snow and rain.  The Aquashed brand is a lighter weight cover that will resist moisture as well as UV rays.  Recently Camco has introduced their new lineup of RV covers which mimic the Adco brand with the Ultrashield RV cover for extreme locations and lower end Ultraguard RV cover.  All of these covers are available for motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, popup and truck campers.  If you cover the RV it's a good idea to cover the tires which will prevent them from checking and cracking prolonging the life of the tire.

An RV cover can be a great investment in keeping your motorhome or camper looking good and protected during those periods when it will be unused.  RVupgrades carries covers for all makes and models of RV and can assist you with obtaining the correct cover for your RV.

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  1. Great post, and I hope that this helps. But if anyone is having trouble looking for places for their rv storage. Then you could check out the local self storage facilities. Because they usually are able to store RV's but you would have to check in with the facilities to make sure.