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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Camping Accessories: Vented Wok Opens Up a World of Options

When most campers think of campfire veggies, ears of corn and potatoes come to mind. That’s all well and good. However, there is a world beyond those campground chef staples. The best way to reach it is to invest in camping accessories such as non-stick vented woks and baskets.
When shopping for campfire accessories capable of grilling veggies to perfection, there are several things that you should look for. For starters, the basket should be non-stick and able to withstand direct heat. You’ll also want to select one with high sides and small, even holes. Otherwise, you could end up losing ingredients or having the veggies cook unevenly.
We have found that the Mr. Bar B.Q. Non-Stick Wok is just the right size and quality for this purpose.  It is dishwasher safe, 3 inches deep and 12" inches all around. So it should hold enough grilled veggies for a family of five. To use it effectively, place it onto a grate and have potholders handy. They’ll help you keep the vented wok from sliding around while you stir the veggies.
You’ll also want to prepare your veggies properly. We’d suggest placing them into a re-sealable bag with some marinade and letting it sit overnight. The list of good marinade choices includes Italian salad dressing, sesame oil, soy sauce, olive oil and red wine vinegar. As long as the dressing is oil based, it will keep the veggies from initially sticking to the wok’s hot surface and help add flavor.
Once your campfire is hot and ready, put the vented grilling wok directly onto the grates and let it get hot. Next, add the veggies to the wok along with any additional seasonings that your family may enjoy. You might even want to sprinkle them with some cheese. If you do want to go with the cheese option though, don’t add it until the end. Failure to do so could result in a hot, cheesy mess.
After the veggies are in the vented wok, let them cook to the desired consistency. You’ll most likely have to stir or toss them around in the process. When they are perfectly cooked, scoop them onto a plate with the rest of your campfire foods, serve and enjoy. To learn more about non-stick grilling woks and other camping trailer accessories, please contact us at (866) 332-7881.

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